Much Lumber, Little Drama

14 April 2021

Today is Wednesday 14 April 2021, and I got a few shots of some Port Rail action in Lake Charles this morning. The rainstorms today were dramatic, with the lightning and the sound of bowling above, but this storm caused some fatalities, as, tragically, a boat in the Gulf Of Mexico near Grande Isle capsized. […]

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Holy Saturday April Third Westbound And Eastbound

3 April 2021

Jimbaux is not and simultaneously is a 21st Century digital boy. The Train Was Westbound, While I Was Eastbound Well, look at this! It’s an out-of-order post, done so because it is short and easy. I climbed up the bridge for the train and noticed that the sign had fallen. April 3 has often been […]

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Light And Wind

1 April 2021

Today is Thursday 1 April 2021, one year to the day after I got my “Just A Fool To Believe” post, and, today, I got the kinds of pictures that I had hoped to get yesterday. Two days ago, I got a memorable “hat trick” of Acadiana Railway action on the branch from Eunice to […]

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April 2011 Sampler

1 April 2021

Greetings, and welcome to the April 2011 Sampler, a glimpse into a time that simultaneously was important and was unimportant. Each of the images in this set is from either the US state of Virginia or from the adjacent District Of Columbia. Sunday, The 3rd Here is a westward view along North Carolina Avenue in […]

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Beginnings And Endings – A Variety Pack

30 March 2021

Today is Tuesday 30 March 2021, and I came today to Lake Charles for the first time since February 10. Beginnings And Ends I left the homestead right at 07:00 CDT, bound for Eunice. The sky was overcast, humid, and cool. It’s beginnings and endings. I’m trying to get her off of my mind, I […]

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This Means Something

22 March 2021

Today is 22 March 2021, and these pictures were taken at or near the rice-mill structure in Abbeville, Louisiana. The rice mill closed almost a year ago, and this area has been dormant since then. These views are looking west toward Bayou Vermilion, which is just past those trees, and this railroad line from New […]

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March 2011 Sampler

1 March 2021

Greetings, and welcome to the “March 2011 Sampler” essay, which will have more than twice the nutrients that the “February 2011 Sampler” essay had. All of the images in this sampler essay were made in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, all from either the District Of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia. Friday, The 4th As I wrote […]

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Everything Makes Sense Now

22 February 2021

Jimbaux wants to be – and wants you to be – something you love and understand. Today is Monday 22 February 2021, and everything makes sense now. I survived the big freeze last week that killed dozens of Texans, Rush Limbaugh does not survive, his hateful ideology is thriving, a bigoted person whom I have […]

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More Domestic Fog And Imported Lumber

10 February 2021

Wet And Scratched So, today, Wednesday 10 February 2021, a day after I photographed a lumber movement on Port Rail for the first time, I photographed another lumber movement on Port Rail. I got wet and scratched in the process. Yes, we’ll get to the pictures, but, first, you must see some tweets from friends! […]

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Domestic Fog And Imported Lumber

9 February 2021

Today is Tuesday 9 February 2021. Yesterday morning, I chased the Port Rail train out of the Port Of Lake Charles, hoping to have seen a loaded centerbeam flatcar that I saw and photographed moving empty to the port on Friday. First, I present to cell-phone snaps from the port before I present any DSLR-camera […]

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Lumberless Monday Port Train

8 February 2021

Jimbaux hangs his head, Drowns in fear, Till you all just disappear. Today is Monday 8 February 2021, and my goal this morning was to see and photograph a Port Rail train hopefully carrying lumber in the centerbeam flatcar that I saw moving to the port on Friday. This morning was the first time that […]

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Misty Port Rail Hop

5 February 2021

Jimbaux is a man who thinks, not a man who drinks. So, please let him live his life. Today is Friday 5 February 2021; one year ago today, I made a big Abbeville Branch chase in misty skies, and, today, I made a chase of the Port Rail job in the mist! I have to […]

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Revelation Day

2 February 2021

Today was a really difficult day. All that I will say about the difficulty is that I learned today of the Melbourne-Evans Collision and my personal connection to it, and I can tell you that trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real thing. The pictures that I took today, Tuesday 2 February 2021, were […]

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February 2011 Sampler

1 February 2021

Hello, and welcome to the February 2011 Sampler. This will be brief, unlike the “January 2011 Sampler” essay, which I hope that you enjoyed, with its both quantity and variety of images. I have only three images for you today, all from late in the month. Some of my images from that time are lost, […]

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Education Versus Credentialism

30 January 2021

Just as I did 15 days ago, when I foamed the BR Job and witnessed a grade-crossing collision, I executed a plan today, Saturday 30 January 2021, that I had had in mind for a while: I made a return to Schriever. It’s Not The Same As I was staring at the eastern sky this […]

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Lame Pictures And A Grade Crossing Collision

15 January 2021

Jimbaux knows there’s indecision when you know you ain’t got nothing leftWhen the good times never stayAnd the cheap thrills always seem to fade away. Today, Friday 15 January 2021, for the first time in my I-now-don’t-want-to-admit-how-many years of watching trains, witnessed an often-discussed railroad phenomenon: a collision between a train and something that is […]

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Tabletless InterMetroArea Foaming

5 January 2021

Jimbaux knows that slow change may pull us apart. Think Of The Tender Things That We Were Working On Well, so begins life without my Samsung Galaxy Tablet that I got only in November 2019 as a replacement from my 2015 tablet that finally crapped out, but at least I am getting a replacement one […]

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How 2021 Starts

4 January 2021

Jimbaux heard one guitar, just blew him away.He saw stars in his eyes. Hello. I don’t know why I am saying that this is “how 2021 starts,” since today is Monday 4 January 2021 and since I got some pictures yesterday in DeQuincy, but here we are. Today ended on a rather disturbing and disappointing […]

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DeQuincy – More Like Fishing, Less Like Hunting

3 January 2021

Happy new year. Let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020 was. We still have a few weeks of a Trump Presidency left, but we’ll be dealing with its effects for ages, Biden is kind of a loon and not all that trustworthy, and the planet is burning. Just as I did six days ago, I […]

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January 2011 Sampler

1 January 2021

Welcome to the January 2011 Sampler essay. The are a couple of notable thing about this sampler essay. The first is that it is the first sampler essay that includes pictures taken during the lifetime of Jimbaux’s Journal, which was launched in January 2011. So, some of these images have been published before, but, with the […]

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Keep On Foaming In The Free World

31 December 2020

Jimbaux got fuel to burn, got roads to drive. I thought that I had used that title already. Today is Friday 31 December 2020, the last day of a crazy year. I moved out of New Orleans permanently, I got probably my last pictures in Mobile, I got maybe my last pictures in Gulfport, a […]

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I Guess That I Can Learn To Live With This

28 December 2020

Today is Monday 28 December 2020, the Monday after Christmas. This is the third post that I make in the last week, when I hadn’t posted anything since the end of November, which was the first post since late October, and it’s related to my project of wanting to get a few “firsts” in before […]

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Ten Texas Years Gone

26 December 2020

Jimbaux knows that though the course may change sometimesRivers always reach the sea. Today is Saturday 26 December 2020. Four days ago, I made a big chase of the train on the Acadiana Railway branch from Eunice to Crowley, getting a colossal amount of pictures in the process, my first-ever chase of any train on […]

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Crystal Ball And Chain

22 December 2020

Jimbaux is all alone and trapped in time. Won’t You Tell Me Please, Before I Go? Today, for the first time in my life, I photographed a moving Acadiana Railway train, the Crowley Branch train. I scoped out this area for the first time on the Monday after Thanksgiving. I learned from Donovan that the […]

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December 2010 Sampler

1 December 2020

Greetings, and welcome to the December 2010 Sampler essay. As was not uncommon for me at that time of the year at the time, the first decade of the Third Millennium, I took plenty of southeastern Louisiana pictures in the last month of 2010, though not a huge quantity of them but a decent quantity […]

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This Is The World We Live In

30 November 2020

Jimbaux accepts that these are the hands we’re given. I Must Have Dreamed A Thousand Dreams Hi. Today is Monday 30 November 2020, and here are some pictures that I took today. I actually don’t like much of this post, but it’s educational where it’s not entertaining. This Is The Time, This Is The Place […]

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November 2010 Sampler

1 November 2020

Greetings, and welcome to the November 2010 Sampler photo essay. The year 2010, especially the last few months of it, was, so to speak, the end of the beginning of my time living in New Orleans. As seen in the October 2010 Sampler photo essay, on October 23, I broke a three-month streak of not […]

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22 October 2020

Jimbaux comes as he is, as he wasAs you want him to beAs a friend, as a friendAs an old enemy. Cavities? I suppose that I could make some pithy and even insightful analogies between the reason that I literally was returning to the homeland today, Thursday 22 October 2020, for the first time in […]

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Delta, Della, The Dead, The Dentist, And Detours

13 October 2020

Jimbaux doesn’t have to live like a refugee. Today, Tuesday 13 October 2020, two days after we trekked eastward to the aunts due to Hurricane Delta, it was time for The Choir Director and I to head back west, away from our homeland to the homestead, an end to our Hurrication Delta. The Godmother had […]

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Eastward Refugees

11 October 2020

The highway song is as lonely as the road that Jimbaux is on. Hurricane Delta struck us on Friday evening. Today, Sunday 11 October 2020, we ventured eastward to the homestead, which sounds silly, but it’s true. It’s also silly. Anyway, here are some shots from our journey, and, as a first here on Jimbaux’s Journal, […]

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October 2010 Sampler

1 October 2020

After a dormant August and September (and even early October), which was after a colorful and tumultuous July, I made a comeback in October, in late October, 2010. Sunday The 3rd I was driving East-Bank-bound on the Huey P. Long Bridge and looked downriver and saw this. That’s neat. Friday The 8th This is Nashville […]

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Autumn Of 2020 Is Here

30 September 2020

Return Of The Track Hi. I am “back,” I guess. Today, Wednesday 30 September 2020, I took my first train pictures and my first DSLR-camera pictures in more than three months. I have not had any new posts with new material here in a long time, I know. If you want to know what is […]

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Clouds And Cats – 23 August 2019

23 August 2020

Here is a brief set of images that didn’t make it into my postings from real time in August 2019. Having to go to Imperial Calcasieu for a bittersweet family-resource experience, I wasn’t able to see or photograph the Abbeville Branch train of Wednesday 21 August, and I really wanted to see it, after seeing […]

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Lake Arthur Cell Phone Snaps

20 August 2020

Back in elementary, Jimbaux thrived on misery. Hey, how are y’all doing? There is so much to discuss! Did you read my recent update on Patreon? I still am not ready to reactivate the Facebook page; there is still work that I need to do before I do that. I stopped in Lake Arthur today […]

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August-September 2010 Sampler

4 August 2020

This was a very strange and difficult period for me, a period of transition. The few pictures in this essay, both individually and as a whole, are relatively insipid, and it’s a reflection of how defeated I felt at the time. I started the month of August 2010, the month after the month in which […]

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Storm Light And New Boxcar – 31 July 2019

31 July 2020

On Wednesday 31 July 2019, 10 years to the day after I photographed Canadian National Railway trains on Yellowhead Pass, I made a few images with the storm light in the somewhat less-dramatic area of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Perhaps I was scoping out the Abbeville Branch in the hopes of finding and photographing a train […]

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Morning Light On Railroad Cars At The Abbeville Rice Mill – 28 July 2019

28 July 2020

Me being around the Abbeville rice mill early in the morning is rare, and I knew that, with early morning summer sunlight, a lit view of the mill and the railroad cars parked at it would be great. I just needed to get myself there! And get myself there I did, one day after I […]

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July 2010 Sampler

1 July 2020

This One Will Be Different! Greetings, and welcome to the July 2010 Sampler.  The year 2010 was a year of painful transition for me, and much of it hinged around explosive events that happened in July, which also happened to be a very photographically memorable month. Plenty of events were tied together.  Plenty of highways […]

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Lonely Southern Diversion

16 June 2020

Yesterday, we went to Beaumont, and I got some shots of Union Pacific’s job on what remains of the SP Lake Arthur Branch in Lake Charles. With those tasks done, today, Tuesday 16 June 2020, I returned to the homestead in the afternoon via a long, circuitous diversion via places that I had not visited […]

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Extra West But Local Still

15 June 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different I got some new shots today, Monday 15 June 2020, and I went to a place that I hadn’t visited in more than a decade. I had to bring the ‘rental units – I said “‘rental units,” not “rental units” – to Beaumont this afternoon. Hours before that, though, […]

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June 2010 Sampler

1 June 2020

The year 2010 was tumultuous for me personally. I am reminded of such as I look back on these images, and I seem myself and my strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Tuesday The 1st I was still going to events and taking pictures and interviewing people at the events for a publication that I had […]

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They Could Have Just Scrapped The Tank Car

14 May 2020

Today is Thursday 14 May 2020, and, today, for the first time since April 21, a train went through the communities of Delcambre and Erath and into the eastern fringes of Abbeville, but not into Abbeville proper itself, to get the tank car that was delivered to Coastal Chemical on April 15. Let’s recap. For […]

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May 2010 Sampler

1 May 2020

This will be one of the most insipid sampler articles that you will see here, just as insipid as the one from one year ago this month. Here, on Saturday The 8th, is a view down Bayou Lafourche at the Bellevue bridge south of Lockport, where I was for some family gathering. That is home. […]

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A Lighthearted Encore – The Real Last Train From the Planters Rice Mill in Abbeville

21 April 2020

So, something really weird happened today, Tuesday 21 April 2020. Last week, one week ago today, the 14th, what I thought until last night was the last train to the Planters Rice Mill in Abbeville came to the mill with two hopper cars, pulled the three cars that were there and put them on the […]

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Everything That Dies Touches Me

15 April 2020

The End Of An Era – An Emotional Day EDITOR’S NOTE:As I learned only five days later, this would, in fact, not be the last freight train to the Planters Rice Mill.  That happened on the 20th, and I was fortunate enough to chase and voluminously document the return trip the next day.  However, this […]

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The Last Run To The Rice Mill, For Now

14 April 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: As I learned only six days later, this would, in fact, not be the last freight train to the Planters Rice Mill.  That happened on the 20th, and I was fortunate enough to chase and voluminously document the return trip the next day.  However, this website is, above all other things that it […]

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Are You Serious?

3 April 2020

April 3 has often been a weird or memorable day in my life. So, too, was it this year, today, Friday 3 April 2020. I went to Walmart, to the pickup thing, due to the coronavirus. Then, I went by the rice mill in Abbeville and got three cell-phone pics from the truck. Yes, it […]

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Just A Fool To Believe

1 April 2020

Jimbaux was just a fool to believe that a train would come to the rice mill today, April Fool’s Day. I am not like the wind, though. Or Am I? The last time that I photographed a train on the Louisiana & Delta Railroad branchline to Abbeville, Louisiana, was on Monday, March 9th, which was […]

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April 2010 Sampler

1 April 2020

My life changed due to a cometic force that entered my life in April 2010 and left it only a few months later. I was still lying to myself and to the world, or, more forgivingly, I just didn’t know who I was, and I was, as I have been saying for these last few […]

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It Could Be The Beginning Of The End

9 March 2020

Jimbaux wants you to try walking in his shoes. But Before You Come To Any Conclusions Today is Monday 09 March 2020, I went to the gym today for the first time in more than a week, and I have some potential bad news to report regarding the subject matter of the photographs here. It’s […]

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March 2010 Sampler

1 March 2020

Greetings, and welcome to the March 2010 Sampler essay. I hope that you enjoyed the first two sampler essays of 2010 – January and February – with my foray into trying to be someone I am not, which continues here and will for the next couple of months with intensity and continue in spurts for […]

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Trains, Cane’s, Karl, Coffee, Gumbo, And A Bad Hub

29 February 2020

Today is Saturday 29 February 2020, Leap Day; I went to New Orleans today, the first time that I go there since permanently moving out of there a month ago. I stopped in Baldwin and shot the L&D power parked there. Next, I stopped in Morgan City and finally saw a car parked on the […]

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Distractions, Attractions, And Protractions

27 February 2020

I had a hunch that today, Thursday 27 September 2020, would be train day on the L&D Abbeville Branch, because there was a train one week ago today. I was helping The Duke move a chest freezer, and I heard the horns while helping. My arrival at the track was delayed because I was helping […]

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With So Much Drama In the OMV

20 February 2020

I got out of the Office Of Motor Vehicles, and I heard horns. I got to Delcambre and got this shot of the Abbeville Branch train heading back to New Iberia. Well, I missed the inbound train, dammit! Michael Bloomberg’s debate intro was last night; that guy is so crass. I didn’t have to deal […]

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Misty Rice Mill Hop

5 February 2020

Jimbaux is telling the same old story, doing the same old song and dance. Today is Wednesday 5 February 2020. The impeachment acquittal, it was a joke, happened today. Yeah, maybe you could try him for so many more things, things that actually matter far more than something that was indeed impeachable that he did […]

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February 2010 Sampler

1 February 2020

Welcome to the February 2010 Sampler, where and when I continue the look at the part of my life in which even through my photography I was, out of intense societal neurotypical pressure, pretending to be something that I was not. Saturday The 6th Saturday 6 February 2010 was election day in New Orleans and […]

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31 January 2020

Jimbaux is a 21st Century digital boy. Today, I permanently moved out of New Orleans. I moved to the city more than a decade ago, not long after Hurricane Katrina after taking a job in the metro area and deciding to move to the city before Katrina, but, only a few years later, I left […]

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My Last Night In New Orleans

30 January 2020

The Pictures Here Don’t Match The Headline I certainly wish that I had found a way to get a picture of a moving train in New Orleans this morning before I rolled out of town on my second-to-last morning awakening in New Orleans, because it would have been the only time ever, probably, that I […]

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Westbound From New Orleans and Boomeranged Back

29 January 2020

Today is Wednesday 29 January 2020; two days from now, I will permanently move out of New Orleans. I awoke today in New Orleans, made a trip to the homestead with my truck loaded with plenty of my stuff, and returned to New Orleans this evening after getting a couple of new train shots today. […]

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25 January 2020

Jimbaux knows that – and accepts that – this is the end, This is the end, beautiful friendThis is the end, my only friendThe end of our elaborate plansThe end of ev’rything that stands The End This is the end. Yesterday, Friday 24 January 2020, I returned to New Orleans from the homestead, as I […]

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Buffalo Ranch Crude Oil

24 January 2020

Jimbaux you don’t recognizeDesensitize and paralyzeSabotage headquartersBut your bloodlines we sterilize. It’s Not The Same Today is Friday 24 January 2020, and, as I am in the process of permanently moving out of New Orleans and retreating westward to the homestead after losing my home a year ago, I went eastward again to New Orleans […]

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What It Is Now

22 January 2020

Jimbaux wonders how everything tied his hands. My time in New Orleans is coming to an end, and I am now spending most of my days moving my excessive amount of stuff. I left the homestead this afternoon for the city and, of course, went and checked out the L&D Abbeville Branch – the old […]

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Securing The Bag

20 January 2020

I had to go west this morning, Monday 20 January 2020, because I accidentally left my camera bag with the newer camera in The Duke’s automobile. Almost there, I used the old camera to get some shots of the hopper cars at the Farmers Rice Milling Company facility. This track is basically the old Missouri […]

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7 January 2020

After the delightful surprise two nights ago when I witnessed a job of the Kansas City Southern Railway switching the Port Of Gulfport after my day in Mobile, I decided to return to Gulfport just in an afternoon, just to try to get that same port action again, this time with a tripod and also […]

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Telling The West Bank Goodbye

6 January 2020

Still quite tired from my big Mobile-Gulfport day yesterday, I got up this morning on this Monday 6 January 2020 to do more saying goodbye to the New Orleans area. I left the crib just after 08:00 today. I checked out what remains of Bernadotte Yard. These are self portraits at what remains of a […]

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Mobile And Gulfport

5 January 2020

My time in New Orleans, the city and metro area that, in my early adulthood, I decided would be the place for me to chart the course of that part of my life, will come to an end at the end of this month. I secretly never envisioned myself growing old in New Orleans; so, […]

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Almost, Close, Not Really

4 January 2020

Today is Saturday 4 January 2020, and I went eastward from the homestead to New Orleans in preparation for heading east to Mobile tomorrow, one of the last chances that I get to do this now that this is my final month in New Orleans. Here is the LDRR 1500, the last CF7 on the […]

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January 2010 Sampler

1 January 2020

Hello, happy new year, and welcome to the January 2010 Sampler essay, which picks up when and were – in the Mexican state of Nuevo León – the December 2009 Sampler essay ended. Friday The 1st Just like we did three years to the day prior, my friend Arnulfo and I along with another friend […]

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Because People In The Weight Room Were Hogging The Benches That I Needed

30 December 2019

Hi. Today is Monday 30 December 2019, and, today, for the first time since my epic flying trip over the metro New Orleans area with Porkchop 11 days ago, I took out my SLR camera to take some pictures, and it would not have happened had people in the weight room not been hogging the […]

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Whoadies Air Foaming

19 December 2019

Today, Thursday 19 December 2019, my pal The Cajun Porkchop and I finally did something that we talked for years about doing. We hopped in an airplane, just the two of us, and flew around the metro New Orleans area and a little bit beyond it and got plenty of pictures. Well, actually, he did […]

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Life There Goes On Without Me

15 December 2019

Today, Sunday 15 December 2019, I went to clean the last of my personal items out of the storage unit, meaning that, rather significantly, the last of my personal possessions has left my homeland. I stopped in New Iberia and saw that the Union Pacific Railroad has delivered three empty rice mill hopper cars.  The […]

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MC and RC

7 December 2019

Hi. Today is Saturday 7 December 2019, and this will be a weird post, like another weird post that I made five years ago today; there are plenty more cell phone pictures than there are SLR camera pictures in this essay. Here is the cat. He’s not my cat, but he is the closest thing […]

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Resurrection Thursday

5 December 2019

“One hopper car! Two hopper cars! Three hopper cars!” – I said, driving southbound on State Street before turning right to get ahead of the train, today, Thursday 5 December 2019, as Terry was videoing the train’s passage of the same spot! The L&D Abbeville Branch is back! The LDRR 1709 has brought five empty […]

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December 2009 Sampler

1 December 2019

Hi, and welcome to the December 2009 Sampler essay.  The year in which my passport got more use and in which I traveled more miles than I did in any other year came to and end with me in a country other than my own. What Does It All Mean? As I mentioned in the […]

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A Different 1503

26 November 2019

Today is Tuesday 26 November 2019, and I am in New Orleans. This will not last, which is a(n at-least) double entendre. That is some work being done around Saint Peter Street in New Orleans. Anyway, I went foaming on the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, and I found this. Yes, this is a job […]

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The Loneliest Number, In A Cold November Rain

14 November 2019

Jimbaux knows that it’s hard to hold a camera for a cold November train. Today is Thursday 14 November 2019. There was a lonely train on the Abbeville Branch today, and then I got stuck. The LDRR 1717 came to town without any cars. That this train, the first train here in about three weeks, […]

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It’s The Same, But It’s Not The Same, And It Never Will Be

10 November 2019

Jimbaux hears the sounds of silence. Silence I listened to no music today, hence the choice of today’s song. These are my bell peppers. These are locomotives in New Iberia. This is the Louisiana & Delta Railroad. This is an eastbound BNSF Railway manifest train coming through Morgan City. Yes, I went eastward today. This […]

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Rice, Cane, And Salt

1 November 2019

The morning, Friday 1 November 2019, was quite frosty. I feel things. Upon discovering that all of the cars by Mill #2 had been removed, I went to New Iberia and ended up skipping the gym. I saw this Cotton Belt hopper car that appeared to be loaded on the runaround track at the beginning […]

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November 2009 Sampler

1 November 2019

Sorry To Have Been Away, And Sorry To Be So Brief Now, But Greetings, and welcome to the November 2009 Sampler essay, which means, welcome back to the “Sampler” essays after the three-month – or, depending on how you want to define it, the two-month – hiatus that was foretold at the end of the […]

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Olga, Camellia, Sugar Mills, And Western

26 October 2019

Jimbaux hears the dogs of doom are howling more. They Carry News That Must Get Through Hi. Today is Saturday 26 October 2019, and Tropical Storm Olga just came through New Orleans. It was rather windy and wet! I got out this morning and got some pictures of the debris. The RTA streetcar is just […]

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Bienville Street And Basin Street, A Walk

23 October 2019

Yesterday, I returned to New Orleans. Today, Wednesday 23 October 2020, I walked from the crib down Bienville Street to Basin Street and took some cell phone snaps. All of the pictures in today’s post are snaps from my very cheap and weak cell phone. Like many things in life, this post seemed like a […]

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22 October 2019

Jimbaux, though complex, is a simple man. There were 10 empty rice hopper cars at the rice mill in Abbeville this afternoon as I returned to New Orleans today, Tuesday 22 October 2019, and I stopped in Schriever, the sacred place. Wow, the old chairs are gone, and this bench, recently installed, replaced them, apparently! […]

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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

17 October 2019

I walked outside to go to the gym today, Thursday 17 October 2019, two days after I returned to this land, and then, at 13:51, to my great surprise, I heard train horns. I then uttered the sentence that is the title of this post. I guess that the gym will have to wait. So, […]

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Calcasieu Byes, Vermilion Skies

15 October 2019

So, after a weekend in that crappy city, I returned eastward, and I once again stopped at the Lake Arthur Sonic, once again for a Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster, and once again was treated well. Later, David Perkins got this neat shot of a KCS military train going up the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge. […]

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Dragged And Drugged

12 October 2019

Abscesses And Absences, Racists And Races, Geuydan And Lake Charles The Duke was emergencily hospitalized, with an abscess that could have killed him; so, today, when Louisianians went to the polls to determine who the governor would be, I drove from the homestead to Lake Charles, my first time driving my own automobile on this […]

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10 October 2019

Finality No, it’s not the end of this branch or the end of my life or the end of the world, but there was finality, in more ways than one, on this day, Thursday 10 October 2019. For the first time in 13 days, the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s Abbeville Branch was served. As I […]

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Death And Trains – More Rationalizations, More Absence Of Relief

8 October 2019

Death And Stupidity Today started with death – well, more accurately, with the dead, but, more broadly, with the concept of death weighing on the mind – and ended with human stupidity. Nihilism is a terrible philosophy, but the rest of humanity surely does validate it for me. The Duke and I ate shrimp poboys […]

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Rationalizations, But No Relief

4 October 2019

It’s Friday 4 October 2019, two days after my big, memorable chase of the neat UP 1015 leading the New Iberia Turn from Avondale to Saint Mary Parish and five years to the day after my “Reliefs And Rationalizations” outing. My knee is feeling better. Because the last Abbeville Branch train ran one week ago […]

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Wounded Knee, Don’t Stop Me

2 October 2019

I Still Got It These pictures were made on Wednesday 1 October 2019, and this was a heck of a day, very memorable – and very long – with an injury, a visit to some friends, a long chase of a train led by a neat locomotive, and a chance drive-by encounter with another southern […]

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Weird World

30 September 2019

Jimbaux is still living with your ghost. Yes, I am publishing out of order, and, yes, I am aware of it, but it’s the end of September, and I have gone for all of 2019 without making a 2019 blog article, as I am so busy adding to the backlog, working on so many pictures, […]

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What Are You Taking Pictures For?

27 September 2019

Today, Friday 27 September 2019, five years to the day after Weekend Whoadification Won, I photographed the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s Abbeville Branch train. Here it is, behind the LDRR 1846, at South Young Street in Abbeville. There was some industry here served by the railroad years ago, and there is still piece of track […]

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Work Between

26 September 2019

Jimbaux is terrified of these four walls,These iron bars can’t hold his soul in. Impeach Me Yeah, I am posting this out of order. Sue me. It’s the least that I can do lately with my dwindling capacities, even as I strengthen in other areas. Actually, no, I am not posting this out of order. […]

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25 September 2019

Disenabled I had to write a letter to The Duke. I lost that job. This brutal neurotypical society is literally killing me and other people. I just can’t do this. I feel defeated. I was good at what I was doing and liked it, and I asked for help, but me not “getting it,” like […]

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Still Kickin’

12 September 2019

Peartree Is Still Kickin’, But Is Jimbaux? The Abbeville Branch was served just three days ago, on the same day that I chased the UP New Iberia Turn into New Iberia and discovered that the branch had been served, but, since that UP local train brought four empty hopper cars to New Iberia, I figured […]

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Chasing The New Iberia Turn

9 September 2019

Bernadotte and The Berrie Today is Monday 9 September 2019, and am headed back west from New Orleans to Bayou Vermilion, after a workshop for a new job on Saturday and after a strange encounter at the Tchoupitoulas Wal-Mart; there have been shades of the year 2012 in my life in the last few days, […]

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Both St. Mary Parish Branches In One Day

6 September 2019

Ending A Wide-Angle-Lens Week It’s the afternoon of Friday 6 September, and I am ending, if we count this past Saturday, a week in which, contrary to my usual heavy reliance on the telephoto lens, most of the many pictures that I took were with the normal lens and shooting wide-angle. I am heading back […]

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Anticlimactic Abbeville Branch Catch

5 September 2019

Today is Thursday 5 September 2019, and the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s Abbeville Branch was served today afternoon for the first time in nine days.  LDRR 1846 arrived in Abbeville late in the afternoon with two empty hopper cars, one of which had arrived in New Iberia on the Union Pacific local train on the […]

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I Tried

4 September 2019

Well, what a heck of a month August was, right? Four days after I chased the Union Pacific Railroad’s New Iberia Turn westward as I was on my way from New Orleans to the homestead, I was, today, Wednesday 4 September 2019, trying to get a shot of it and its neat lead locomotive again, […]

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Again And Again

31 August 2019

Jimbaux is prepared now. Today is Saturday 31 August 2019. This is already getting to be a habit, this same old routine of shooting pictures in New Orleans in the morning and heading west in the afternoon, and part of the reason that I am actually stepping it up even as I feel that it […]

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Ersatz Something

28 August 2019

Hi. Today is Wednesday 28 August 2019, 12 years to the day that I photographed a traffic jam on Fourth Street in Gretna, and I am headed east. Because I had to be in that crappy city far to the west for a “closing,” I wasn’t able to see the next Abbeville train after the […]

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