Bogalusa To Brookhaven – 11 January 2014 – Part 1

11 January 2015

[Jimbaux sent himself searching.] A Rare Find 11 January 2014 ‘Twas a special day indeed!  Knowing that my chance to do these long, out-of-the-way, day-long foam trips well into Mississippi would soon come to an end, and wanting to really see and photograph some action on most of the former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad […]

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More Gifts And Gratitude At Gulfport, Hattiesburg, and the Gulf – 9 January 2014

9 January 2015

[Jimbaux is no longer afraid of the gift you have given him.] All of these pictures were made on Thursday 09 January 2014, and all are presented in chronological order. Retry I still had a window of time to get over to Gulfport to chase the KCS Hattiesburg Turn, and I now knew that I […]

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Lafayette, New Iberia, and Cypremort – Amtrak and L&D

7 January 2015

[Jimbaux never wanted to be sick of life.] After yesterday’s big day on the Abbeville Branch, it was, on Wednesday 7 January 2015, time for me to make my way back east.  This article has ‘only’ 50 pictures; that’s plenty, but it’s only half the number of pictures from yesterday, and, in a coincidental consistency, […]

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Big Train To Abbeville On Ex-SP Midland Branch

6 January 2015

Big Train To Abbeville On The Ex-SP Midland Branch Jimbaux’s Journal! Photography and random writings from some crazy Cajun with a camera! Big Train To Abbeville On The Ex-SP Midland Branch by admin on 2015/01/06 This is a big, huge, long article, with plenty to say – including news about Jimbaux’s Journal itself and its […]

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Unexpected Gifts After Disappointment at Gulfport – 4 January 2014

4 January 2015

Hello.  On Saturday 4 January 2014, Deacon Nitro of Nitro Pics fame and I ventured to Gulfport, Mississippi, in the hopes of chasing the Kansas City Southern Railway’s turn that operates from Gulfport to Hattiesburg and back, which I had photographed several times before, perhaps most notably in December 2008.  Things did not eventuate quite […]

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Sometimes, Education Trumps Photography

7 December 2014

[Jimbaux hopes to fight the good fight, even if there are better fights to fight.] Warning: Not Even Close To Being My Best Pictures There is an optimistic saying among railroad photographers that “there are good days, and then there are learning experiences,” but this is true for so much more than for railroad photography!  […]

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Back Sabbath

29 November 2014

[Jimbaux is taking a sentimental journey.] Hello.  Yesterday, you ‘enjoyed’ pictures from Acadiana, and, today, we are “back” in Whoadieville.  I have some pictures for you because, as I said recently, despite my decreased interest in taking pictures, it’s about all that I can do right now. We start with this stopped eastbound BNSF manifest […]

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Black Foamday

28 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that the word on the street is that the fire in his heart is out.] Hello.  Here are some pictures from the day after Thanksgiving taken in Lafayette, Duson, Elks, and New Iberia. We start at the Whataburger on Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, because, you know, I am in Lafayette and just must eat […]

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Relics And Survivors

19 November 2014

[Jimbaux is walking away from things that he can’t hide . . . or find . . . or something like that.] My e-mail backlog has grown large once again, and this situation will get worse before it gets better for two reasons that I do not yet care to mention but that probably will […]

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Onions, Metal, Sweat, Rain, and Cold

13 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that it is hard to take a photograph in a cold November rain.] Here are pictures from two days in one article, all because the pictures from the first day don’t deserve their own article, and I’m blogging far more lately than I had thought I would be doing. Please do not forget […]

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You See Only What Only You See

10 November 2014

[Jimbaux is in the flesh, baby, but you can’t see him, nor can you see much else.] Chances are, you have many times in your life been unfairly judged, and, chances are, you have done the same thing to others (usually without realizing it, else you might not have done it.)  Today’s photo essay, in […]

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Remember, Remember, Or, Better Yet, Forget

5 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that sometimes when you are out of rope, the way to climb back up is unclear.] Jimbaux Is No Guy Fawkes, Neither Are You, And Those Are Good Things Hello.  How are you?  Are you settling in for winter hibernation?  Do you like the idea that you are? I have a few barely […]

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Same And Different

29 October 2014

[Jimbaux wonders what he has become.] HTFYI? Hello.  Here’s a weird set, not one of my best, but different enough to be good.  These pictures were all taken on Wednesday 29 October 2014 (which I say for future readers who might care about such things, but remember that all caption information for pictures on this […]

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Noodles To Avondale

20 October 2014

[Jimbaux wants you to please just let him be, as he finds it hard to breathe.] Let’s Do This This article will be very similar to and shorter than the “One Or The Other” article from nearly a month ago because the pictures from this article and the pictures from that article are taken in […]

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Weird Wednesday

8 October 2014

[Jimbaux wonders if this is just real life, or if this is just fantasy.] Thanks to some osint in the foam world, I was alerted to the fact that Norfolk Southern’s Go-Rail locomotive, which I photographed in New Orleans in April, was leading a Kansas City Southern Railway military train into New Orleans on the […]

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Rock Bottom

6 October 2014

[Jimbaux has plenty of reason to think that at this point, if not for back problems, things can only get better.] Good morning.  Good afternoon.  Good evening.  Whatever. After and eventful but painful weekend that saw me chasing the IAVLB from St. Charles to Berwick followed by a trip to Slidell to work on a […]

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Go East, Young Man

5 October 2014

[Jimbaux is digging his way to something better.] I went to Slidell today – Sunday 05 October 2014 – to meet with my videographers to work on my “That’s How We Survive” music video that we started videoing two weeks before, a project that I will need to yet again shelve due to yet again […]

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Reliefs And Rationalizations

4 October 2014

[Jimbaux can breathe again.] The Start Of The Holy Season Today, Saturday 04 October 2014, had (you know that I’m not really writing this “today”) such a great sense of relief for so many reasons, but it had me rationalizing some possibly-not-good decisions away. Relief We awoke this morning to cool weather, and it felt […]

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Très Bien Ensemble

29 September 2014

{Jimbaux needs to make you see . . . ] Hello.  How are you doing?  Wasn’t this weekend gloriously photographic? especially yesterday?  I think so. Tres Coming off of a much more photographically climactic weekend, I did manage to get a few not-so-inspiring pictures this afternoon.  Let’s see them. A Different Same View We start […]

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Weekend Whoadification Too

28 September 2014

[Jimbaux knows that Mom’s going to flush it all away.] Glory Be Today, Sunday 28 September 2014, was a glorious and memorable day in New Orleans, a place that continues to stir within me various emotions, many in perpetual states of conflict with each other, as it did to me this weekend.  These pictures are, […]

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Weekend Whoadification Won

27 September 2014

[Jimbaux knew that they could never tear us apart.] Or can they? whoever “they” are? Some New Orleans Non-Frontin’ Frontin’ This is the first day of a special weekend.  In positive ways, it was something of a taste of the past and simultaneously a likely taste of the future; this weekend is a mountain in […]

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One Or The Other

24 September 2014

[Jimbaux somehow gets by.] It was either the 393 or the 345; I don’t know which train it was, but it was one or the other.  I caught it coming across the river on the Huey P. Long Bridge late in the afternoon today, Wednesday 24 September 2014. Absent from this train today are the […]

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Steamy Yellow Dusk

15 September 2014

[Jimbaux says, “Don’t ask me; I don’t know.”] What, no non-railroad-related and non-photography-related comments on the previous article, with the new views and all of the “views” discussed after the views? Railroad Pictures Damn, It’s Hot Fall showed no sign of approaching today, as the heat and, especially, the humidity were quite oppressive.  Before I […]

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Foamin’, Frontin’, and Frustrated On Tuesday

9 September 2014

[Jimbaux is feeling miles away.] New Views From the NS Back Belt I just love, love, love that song! Feeling Like A Candle Burning At Both Ends In response to some goofy middle-of-the-night text message about whoadies that I had sent out to a few whoadie-friends over the weekend, Captain Sal replied that “he who […]

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Static Miscellany

3 September 2014

[Jimbaux knows that today is not the past and that he doesn’t need to relive it.] Not That Much This brief article of pictures that I took today – Wednesday 3 September 2014 – will likely not be pleasing to those of you who come here for good photography, but it might be okay for […]

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Repeat Rebirth

27 August 2014

[Jimbaux knows that all these places have their moments, with lovers and friends he still can recall.] Sobrevivo Todavía Estoy Aquí Hello.  I am alive and mostly okay.  Today, Wednesday 27 August 2014, I got my first pictures since before the surgery that I had two weeks ago, the second such surgery this year.  Thanks […]

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8 August 2014

[Jimbaux is on that painkiller, painkiller, painkiller.] Yes, I’m Alive, But Not Necessarily Well Friday Frontin’ Hi.  This is the first post of new pictures on the blog since early May.  I hope that you enjoyed the 2004 Mexico series; I put plenty of effort into it, and I’m glad that it is all done!  […]

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Back In The USA, Southern Texas – 18 July 2004

18 July 2014

[Jimbaux just needed . . . to realign.] Repatriated Hello.  After an intensely memorable last day in Mexico in which I left Monterrey, drove on a two-lane state highway to the border, got pictures of trains, and crossed into the USA well after dark, a new day dawned, and it was time to trek across […]

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Leaving Mexico, Ending a Life-Changing Experience – 17 July 2004

17 July 2014

Goodbye, Monterrey It was time to go home.  A life-changing, mind-stretching, formative experience was now coming to an end.  It was an emotional day, as I would leave one world and re-enter another world, forever changed by my experience of being away from it. Saturday 17 July 2004 started just as the previous day ended: […]

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Last Full Day In Monterrey – 16 July 2004

16 July 2014

[Jimbaux did not want to waste time like it was free.] The pictures here were taken on Friday 16 July 2004.  Perhaps more important than the pictures, though, is the story after the pictures, the story of my last night in Monterrey, spent with some of the railroad enthusiast friends that I made in the […]

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Cañón Huasteca – 15 July 2004

15 July 2014

[Jimbaux is alive, for you, awake.] On Thursday 15 July 2004, one day after the Ray of Beast and I visited El Obispado and I photographed some interesting TFM action at Salinas-Victoria, my Mexican-Canadian friend Joel and I visited what is perhaps the most spectacular natural wonder in the Monterrey area. These pictures are shown […]

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El Obispado Y El TFM – 14 July 2004

14 July 2014

[Jimbaux knows that the spiral never ends.] The afternoon of Wednesday 14 July 2004 was a very photographically productive and personally memorable one.  A paisano and I went to visit a major historical site of international importance in Monterrey, and then I got some of my better train pictures from that summer.  So, this relatively […]

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TFM Action and Getting Reported For Being Suspicious – 8 July 2004

8 July 2014

This is the story of my afternoon adventure photographing TFM trains (Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana was a Mexican railroad created in the mid-1990s when the Mexican railroad system was privatized, it was 49%-owned by the Kansas City Southern Railway, and it became the KCSdeMexico in 2005 when KCS acquired it in full) north of Monterrey and […]

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A Vist to Señor Oscar’s Business – 7 July 2004

7 July 2014

Señor Oscar invited me to his shop to take some pictures on Wednesday 07 July 2004.  I was delighted to get a first-hand look at a Mexican small business and to see what my host family did for a livelihood. He operates a custom glass and window shop, but according to him and his son […]

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Acción de TFM – 5 July 2004

5 July 2014

[Jimbaux  is craving everything that he thought was alive.] Determined, after an emotional weekend of telling my roommate goodbye and giving a railroad slide show to local railroad enthusiasts and of introspection partially prompted by passing an American holiday outside of the country, to get some railroad action pictures in the limited time that I […]

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Cuatro de Julio en México – 4 July 2004

4 July 2014

[Jimbaux just needed . . . to realign.] Experiencing an American holiday in another country was weird – in a good way.  On the previous day, I said goodbye to my roommate Michael and then went and gave a railroad slide show a to a group of local railroad enthusiasts.  A question posed to me […]

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My Roommate and El Club – 3 July 2004

3 July 2014

[Jimbaux listens to the rail falling day by day by day.] Apparently, I took no pictures at all in the two week period between the second day of the Zacatecas trip on Saturday 19 June 2004 and the day that I had to say goodbye to my great roommate on Saturday 3 July 2004, the […]

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Zacatecas, Día Dos – 19 June 2004

19 June 2014

[Jimbaux knows that we rot away, live again, here forever, the spiral never ends.] Previously, on Jimbaux’s Journal, we arrived in the Mexican city of Zacatecas on Friday 18 June 2004 and took many pictures.  It was the farthest place south I had ever been until the next day when we went a few dozen […]

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Zacatecas, Día Uno – 18 June 2004

18 June 2014

[Jimbaux is alive, for you, awake.] Two weeks after arriving at ITESM, a weekend trip to the historic mining and mountain city of Zacatecas, organized by the university’s international student program, approached.  You have seen so far that we had done some day trips or afternoon trips, like a visit to Parque Chipinque, a visit […]

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La Casa Y La Calle – 14 June 2004

14 June 2014

The date in this case is not really all that important, but on Monday 14 June 2004 – or lunes 14 junio 2004 – I photographed a couple of scenes on the street where I lived in Monterrey. You can see a foreshortened view of Cerro de la Silla.  That is my truck parked at […]

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García Y el TFM – 12 June 2004

12 June 2014

[Jimbaux drags you through his wasted life; are you forever dead?] On Saturday 12 June 2004, I made two trips out to the mountainous and desert area west of Monterrey, the first with a group and the latter on my own, during which I got my first real train action pictures in Mexico. The Roommate […]

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Gran Plaza – 10 June 2004

10 June 2014

[Jimbaux is searching for nothing, wondering if he’ll change.] After class one day, the day after some of us went to MARCO, I took Dan and Matt to the Gran Plaza, also known as the Macroplaza, the middle old part of Monterrey.  Here they are, respectively. That tall thin thing at right is the Faro […]

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MARCO – 9 June 2004

9 June 2014

[Jimbaux was finding a way to be.] After class on Wednesday 9 June 2004, or miercoles 9 junio 2004, some of us took an ITESM-organized trip from campus to MARCO – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – downtown.  Modern art is by its nature usually is unintelligible to many of those who attempt to imbibe it, […]

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Una Visita Al Parque Chipinque – 05 June 2004

5 June 2014

[Jimbaux sees all these faces, changing their shape . . . ] Ayer Before I get to the pictures from 05 June 2004, I have one to show from the previous day.  This image did not warrant its own post, but it is of the first train that I photographed in Mexico. The light wasn’t […]

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Señora Gloria’s Graduation – 03 June 2004

3 June 2014

[Jimbaux enjoyed a prelude of good regiomontano things.] Meet my host family!  On only my third night in Monterrey, while beginning my brief studies as a student at ITESM, I attended the graduation ceremony – at the same academic institution where I was studying – of my host mother Señora Gloria.  Like many even middle-class […]

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Goodbye, USA – Bievenidos A México – 01 June 2004

1 June 2014

[Jimbaux just needed . . . to realign.] I awoke the morning of 1 June 2004 in Laredo prepared to enter Mexico for two months, rested after a long day of driving from Bayou Lafourche from shortly after midnight and ending with some pictures of trains on the international bridge over the Rio Grande (or […]

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Laredo, A Gateway In Many Ways – 31 May 2004

31 May 2014

[Jimbaux was running blind on 31 May 2004.] Here it is!  This is the first post of the two-month-long series of pictures from my 2004 experience at and going to and from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and all of the ancillary things I did while in the Monterrey area.  I had […]

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Old And Now – A Tapestry Spanning a Decade and Two Mediums

28 May 2014

[All Jimbaux wants is to feel this way, to be this close, to feel the same.] Et Cetera And It Won’t Matter Now Hello.  How are you doing?  We’re going to do something very different this time.  I will show some more scanned slides from 2001-2003 interspersed with cellular telephone pictures from late 2013 and […]

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Foamy Finals Friday

9 May 2014

[Jimbaux must have been . . . high . . . he must have been . . . so . . high.] Getting High Is Not Necessarily Reckless Hello.  How are you doing?  Here are some pictures that I took today at different times during the course of the day in New Orleans, probably my […]

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‘Wegoadie Gone – Alimia Day

30 April 2014

[Jimbaux experienced the glorious send-off of a whoadie gone, and he is sharing the pictures with you here.] Gratitude This is an illustrated story about life, death, service, reconciliation, friendship, community, and hope; these are the pictures that I took of the day that Philip Vincent Alimia, a public servant and the father of my […]

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A Hammerhead And Metalheads

21 April 2014

[Jimbaux is reminded that overthinking, overanalyzing separates the body from the mind.] Yin And Yang Today – Monday 21 April 2014 – was a mixed day in many ways.  Both despite and because of a good Easter weekend and the changing of seasons, I was agitated and cranky today, not running on full cylinders both […]

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New Orleans Introduces To The World – 17 April 2004

17 April 2014

[Jimbaux liked those big-city – or Mid-City – nights.] Accompanying one picture, this is a story about, among many other things, jealousy, desire, life goals, Mexico, New Orleans, personal growth, Hurricane Katrina, money, learning, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, experiencing life, railroads, and existentialism.  The vagueness of the title of this post is mostly a reflection of […]

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The Way That It Is Today – NS Back Belt and NOPB Action

14 April 2014

[Jimbaux wants you to say you will, say you won’t, make up your mind tonight.] A Difference of A Decade Is A Difference of Place, Habit, Priority, Identity, and Perspective This morning, 10 years to the day after I shot a pair of westbound trains at Thibodaux Junction back home in bayouland and five years […]

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Two Westbounds at Thibodaux Junction, One With a Cascade Green Leader – 14 April 2004

14 April 2014

[Jimbaux knows – and wants you to know – that there is more to the picture than meets the eye. ] My, My Hello.  Here are some pictures – more scanned 35mm slide film – of a couple of westbound trains at Thibodaux Junction, a location that you have seen here before and that was […]

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NS GoRail Locomotive and Detouring CN Trains

9 April 2014

[Jimbaux is back in the saddle again.] A Day To Be Remembered Wow, what a day today!  This will be day long remembered.  (The Mid-City Marine would probably tell me that it is not wise to say “this will be a day long remembered” for the same reason that it is not wise to say […]

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Stacks, Arches, and Cypress – 4 April 2009

4 April 2014

These pictures were taken on Saturday 4 April 2009, the day that I helped Saint Jude buy his bicycle. We see a Union Pacific Railroad intermodal train descending the eastern approach to the Huey P. Long Bridge. That McDonald’s had recently been built where a Shoney’s restaurant once was, and I knew one of the […]

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Thibodaux Junction Meets – 3 April 2004

3 April 2014

These pictures – more scanned 35mm color slides – are not among my best, but they show the westward view from the no-longer-publicly-accessible Thibodaux Junction location that I have recently shown. On the morning of Saturday 03 April 2004, I got to the track in Schriever (mp 55, Lafayette Subdivision) at around 07:30 and saw […]

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Lone-Car Train on the Lockport Branch – 31 March 2004

31 March 2014

[Every mother’s son had better hear what Jimbaux said.] There Is No Place Like Home Yes, friends, we are back home on the Lockport Branch, the no-longer-active 14-mile (the first mile in Raceland is still in use) former Southern Pacific Railway branch down the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche, and we are looking at scanned […]

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Bernadotte Line and Engineer Black – 29 March 2009

29 March 2014

[Jimbaux loves those Mid-City, Mid-City nights.] Usually, the NS Bernadotte Line – an urban railroad branchline in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans – is served sometime between midnight and dawn (and usually on Mondays.)  On the evening of Sunday 29 March 2009, the line was served a few hours before midnight, and I took […]

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New Orleans Trains – 28 March 2009

28 March 2014

[There are many things that Jimbaux would like to say to you, but he doesn’t know how . . . ] Here are some pictures of trains taken in New Orleans (or nearby Metairie) on Saturday 28 March 2009.  They are generally my typical fare, not too great but not terrible either (well, they wouldn’t […]

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Waggaman and Raceland, Foaming Home – 22 March 2009

22 March 2014

[There Jimbaux goes, on the road again.] All Along The Lonesome Highway . . . The Mathews Foamer’s father died in a car accident in late March 2009.  On the afternoon of Sunday 22 March 2009, one day after I photographed Union Pacific train QLISNL at Elysian Fields Avenue, I left New Orleans to spend […]

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Two Westbounds, One With A Conrail Leader, At Thibodaux Junciton – 7 March 2004

7 March 2014

[Jimbaux is not living in the past; you want to laugh.] One of my favorite regular places to watch and photograph trains on the Lafayette Subdivision was known as Thibodaux Junction on Acadia Road in northern Lafourche Parish one mile east of Schriever (which is in Terrebonne Parish.)  I say “was” because the location is […]

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NS Back Belt and The Mid-City Marine in New Orleans – 28 February 2009

28 February 2014

[Jimbaux gets by with a little help from my friends.] Friends, by definition, are a valuable part of one’s life, and on the last day of February 2009, I got to spend time in New Orleans with a friend near whom I had intended to live.  The Mid-City Marine and his wife JMS were displaced […]

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Newseum, Canadian Embassy, Pennsylvania Avenue, Capitol – 13 February 2009

13 February 2014

Our Close Up week was ending, and Friday 13 February 2009 was the day that we would go home, but we had a late flight out of IAD, meaning that we had time to do some things before we left. One of my students was interested in going to college for journalism (and has since […]

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Arlington, Virginia – 12 February 2009

12 February 2014

Day 4 of our Close Up 2009 week was Independent Study day.  It was a Thursday, and the length of the program had been reduced by one day from years past.  Capitol Hill Day, which we had wonderfully experienced the day before, had historically been on the Thursday with Independent Study day on Friday and […]

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Capitol Hill Day – 11 February 2009

11 February 2014

The crux of the experience of the Close Up program is Capitol Hill Day, when students and their teachers go to Capitol Hill and have meetings with their members of Congress or at least members of their member’s staff; the Close Up Foundation arranges the meetings.  While not meeting with their members, students and teachers […]

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Antietam National Battlefield – 10 February 2009

10 February 2014

The bloodiest day in US history took place on 17 September 1862 near the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland, at a creek called Antietam. On Tuesday 10 February 2009, five days after I had witnessed what I knew to be the second-to-last train on the former Southern Pacific Railway branchline down Bayou Lafourche and the last […]

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First Day of 2009 Close Up – 9 February 2009

9 February 2014

I don’t have time to make this one deep.  So, if you want to know more, you’ll have to research the Close Up Foundation on your own! This was, however, the fourth and last trip that I took on this program as a teacher, a program that truly changed my life and led to the […]

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Foggy Fickle February Super Sunday Sermon

2 February 2014

[Jimbaux thinks that he is making progress, but maybe he actually has an illusion of progress.] Greetings, and welcome to Jimbaux’s Journal, be thee friend or foe; for those who missed many of the January offerings, a check of the January 2014 archives will reveal some interesting posts. Hello Yes, kiddies, this is my first […]

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Bogalusa Line Catch – 31 January 2009

31 January 2014

Return And Redemption On Monday 29 December 2008, I went to Bogalusa, Louisiana, for the first time as an adult (my father informed me after the publication of the pictures taken that day that he and my mother had taken me there when I was too young to remember it, as my mother had an […]

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Baggage, Memories, Knowledge, Identity, and People

29 January 2014

[Jimbaux wants you to let him live his life alone, or maybe not.] If you are here only for my high-speed rail initiation proposal, scroll down until after the last picture to find that essay. Welcome To 2014, Good Netizens Many of you have already seen a sampling of my southern Mississippi work from early […]

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Bernadotte Line Train and Trainmen – 25 January 2009

25 January 2014

On Sunday 25 January 2009, I caught the Bernadotte Line being served in daylight, something very rare, and this gave me the opportunity to photograph it and get some good pictures of the crew. Here we see NS 5501 and two loaded boxcars arrive at Bernadotte. The track now ends in this weeds before North […]

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Norfolk Southern Train 393 By LSU Dental School – 17 January 2009

17 January 2014

Same Old, Same Old Hi.  Here are a few repetitive pictures taken on Saturday 17 January 2009. This is Norfolk Southern Railway train 393 slowing to a stop for a crew change at Bayou St. John in New Orleans. These pictures were taken in front of the LSU Dental School on the NS Back Belt. […]

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NOGC And T&P In Gretna – 13 January 2011

13 January 2014

These three pictures were taken on Thursday 13 January 2011 in Gretna, Louisiana, USA, the parish seat of Jefferson Parish just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. We see parked in the former Texas & Pacific Railway yard a train of the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway with NOGC 504 and NOLR 2180 […]

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Acadiana and Baton Rouge – Amtrak, L&D, UP, CN, and KCS – 4 January 2009

4 January 2014

[Jimbaux knows that this house is not a home.] These 21 pictures – nearly all of which were taken of locations heretofore not seen here on Jimbaux’s Journal – were taken on Sunday 4 January 2009, two years to the day after a very memorable day in western Nuevo León. Something Different Hello.  A cousin’s […]

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Sunset Of A Year, and Of Innocence – 31 December 2008

31 December 2013

[Jimbaux wonders how he can blame you when it is him he can’t forgive.] A Sour Ending To A Monumental Year We close 2008 thus, with four images, the first two at Schriever, the second at the Atchafalaya River in Berwick, and the finale at Bayou Sale, which might better be called Garden City, but […]

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Bogalusa Line Action, ex-GM&O – 29 December 2008

29 December 2013

[Jimbaux knows that the highway song is as lonely as the road he’s on.] Now For Something Very Different On Monday 29 December 2008, I traveled to a part of the southern part of my home state to which I had until then never visited, and my goal was to visit an obscure railroad line, […]

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Trains, Trees, Plantations, Shacks – 26 December 2008

26 December 2013

[Jimbaux wants you to hear his words that he might teach you.] Another late December day in 2008 starts out with another picture – or, in this case, set of pictures – of Amtrak’s westbound Sunset Limited, but at least there will be more to this post than trains. Yes, there are both passengers and […]

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Amtrak And Sugarcane-Burning At Chacahoula – 24 December 2008

24 December 2013

[Jimbaux wishes you comfort and joy.] Happy Christmas, people.  On Wednesday 24 December 2008, I got a few pictures at Chacahoula, one of a train and three of a sugarcane fire.  First, here is the train, Amtrak’s westbound Sunset Limited, which I have photographed here many times. Also, one year to the day prior, I […]

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Change And Sameness On The L&D in Raceland 10 Years Later

23 December 2013

[Jimbaux will not take these things for granted.] What A Difference 10 Years Does and Does Not Make Since today was the 10-year anniversary of an epic and stormy day on the Lockport Branch, since I was (and am) in town, and since the LDRR 1850 was again based in Schriever as it was exactly […]

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Patience And Persistence on The Lockport Branch – 23 December 2003

23 December 2013

[Jimbaux would like for you to do as he did and experience the warmth before you go.] The Essence, The Genesis, The Soul Tuesday 23 December 2003 was one of the most memorable days of my photographic and railroad enthusiast life; back then, I was still shooting on this ancient medium known as film, and […]

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The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

21 December 2013

[Jimbaux knows that life starts now.] Yes, really, every day is the first day of the rest of your life, but, as I have known for some time and suspected for much longer than that, this is far more true today – Saturday 21 December 2013 – than it normally is.  I am finally done […]

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November Newness, A Rebirth

17 December 2013

[Jimbaux is playing another game of putting things aside, as if we’ll come back to them sometime.] Hey!  How are you doing?  Let me know. This is the first posting of new material in a long time, the last time being in September when I published some June and July leftovers; everything else that I have published lately […]

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New Orleans, the Huey P. Long Bridge, and the Bonnet Carré Spillway – 7 December 2008

7 December 2013

So, after he had wanted just KCS action when he was in New Orleans a year before, and after we chased the KCS Gulfport Sub Local in Mississippi the day before, now BobE had his southern reaches KCS fix, and it was time for me to just to show him general New Orleans area train action. […]

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Southbound KCS Hattiesburg Turn, CSX at Bay St. Louis – 6 December 2008

6 December 2013

My pal BobE arrived in New Orleans via air on the evening of Friday 5 December 2008 in advance of a work-related conference the next week, just as he had done the same weekend the year before when we met up so that he could see what action KCS had to offer in the New […]

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The SUNSET LIMITED Arrives in New Orleans – 30 November 2008

30 November 2013

[Jimbaux rises, falls, is down, and rises again.] What Don’t Kill You Makes You More Strong Yes, we are listening to more from Death Magnetic, since we are looking at pictures from when the album was new, just as we were at the beginning of this week.  Here are some pictures taken in New Orleans […]

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Four Railroad Lafayette Sub Afternoon – 26 November 2008

26 November 2013

[Jimbaux was spending his time waiting for the one . . . or the four . . . or the five.] Another 2008 Thanksgiving Week Day on the Mudbug Sub We are back where we were yesterday, with local trains and such on the Lafayette Subdivision, and, yes, we have more from Death Magnetic. 4 […]

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Schriever Local West, Chip, and BNSF – 25 November 2008

25 November 2013

[Jimbaux wonders how he can be lost if he’s got nowhere to go.] Ah, yes, Metallica’s Death Magnetic, which had just been released when these pictures were taken on Tuesday 25 November 2008, provides today’s song, an appropriate song indeed; I listened to that album plenty in late 2008, including the week that these pictures […]

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Amtrak on NS, KCS on NOPB – 22 November 2008

22 November 2013

Where were you when the 45-year anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination took place?  If you are like Jimbaux (and pity to you if you are), you were foaming, and that’s what we see here in these pictures taken on Saturday 22 November 2008, my first train pictures in almost a month, the previous being the […]

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NS Bernadotte Line Served Again – 28 October 2008

28 October 2013

[Jimbaux saw a thousand angels go singing, here making a thousand voices while flying.] Two days after I shot the Bernadotte Line getting served in a rare daylight move, I got to see and photograph it again, this time in its more usual nocturnal workings.  What fortune I had in seeing and photographing this neat […]

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NS Bernadotte Line Served – 26 October 2008

26 October 2013

Classic New Orleans Railroading Today’s visual trip to the past takes us to the Norfolk Southern Railway’s “Bernadotte Line” that diverges from NS’s “Back Belt” line across New Orleans at a place called East City Junction.  The Bernadotte Line, under NS successor Southern Railway, once had a roundhouse at Scott Street in Mid-City and went […]

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When The GP38-3s Were New To The NOGC – 14 October 2008

14 October 2013

I’m not sure of exactly when the GP38-3s first arrived on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, but this is one of my first – if not my first – shot of one of them, the HLCX 1011 on the point of this parked NOGC train, taken on 14 October 2008. The HLCX 1011 […]

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SP 745 At Steam Fest III and Returning Home – 5 October 2008

5 October 2013

You saw an NOPB passenger special on the first day of Steam Fest III yesterday, and now you actually see the SP 745 – actually see steam – here on day two of the festival, Sunday 5 October 2008.  First, on the way to the festivities, we see some streetcar action on St. Charles Avenue. […]

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NOPB Passenger Special at Steam Fest III – 4 October 2008

4 October 2013

Steam Fest 3, But Not Really, Not In These Pictures, Hardly The Louisiana Steam Train Association held its third annual “Steam Fest” at Audubon Park on the weekend of 4-5 October 2008, and here, although there are no pictures of the steam locomotive here, are pictures from the event on Saturday 4 October 2008, mostly […]

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June and July, Lies and Leftovers

29 September 2013

[Jimbaux wants all of your hopes to turn to wishes, and all of your wishes come true.] These pictures were taken in June and July, but this post is being typed in late September; so, the pictures represent the time two and three months before the mood reflected in the writing does.  We are now […]

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Hurricane Ike, Des Allemands, CSX, New Orleans – 14 September 2008

14 September 2013

I hope that you enjoyed the recent Hurricane Gustav and Memphis series, most of which can be found in the September 2013 archives (as my habit has become publicizing pictures five years to the date after they were taken.)  These pictures were taken only two weeks after Gustav struck, when another hurricane struck. Ike Hurricane […]

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Returning To New Orleans From Memphis After Gustav – 6 September 2008

6 September 2013

And The Only Pictures Taken Were Taken In The State In Between After my epic last full day in Memphis the night before, when we saw the Lorraine Motel, the FEMA-Amtrak train to New Orleans to bring the Gustav evacuees home, many MATA trolleys, a few Norfolk Southern trains,  and Central Station and the sinkhole, […]

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Memphis – Lorraine Motel, Streetcars, Sinkhole, FEMA Train, NS – 5 September 2008

5 September 2013

Memphis Hurrication Gustav – Day 3 An Epic Closing to An Unforgettable Experience The last full day of my Great Memphis Hurrication Gustav was a great and epic one, and I hope that you are educated and entertained by the pictures and the stories that go along with them.  Life is so short because there […]

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Gustav Comes To Memphis, CN President’s Island, Detoured Fly Ash – 4 September 2008

4 September 2013

Day 2 of my Memphis Hurrication Gustav started with my friend HAFMO at work, me out on my own taking pictures, the remnants of the hurricane from which I escaped catching up with me, and a train that normally passes through New Orleans detouring through Memphis because of the storm.  Last time, we got some […]

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First Day of Memphis Hurrication Gustav – 3 September 2008

3 September 2013

The Start Of The Great Hurrication Gustav Previously, On Jimbaux’s Journal Yesterday, we cleaned up big heavy tree branches blown down by Hurricane Gustav, cut them with saws, hauled them to the road, did other hurricane clean up stuff, made sure that the folks didn’t need any more help, packed some clothes, maps, and camera […]

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