I Got 99 Problems, And The 1717 Ain’t One

by Jim on 2022/02/23

Missed Telephoto Opportunity

Okay, this is weird.

There is not much to see here, but there could have been.

I forgot – or, perhaps, neglected – to bring my DSLR-camera equipment with me on my outing today, perhaps because there was a much more important thing to do on this outing.  Therefore, all pictures in this post are from either of my Samsung mobile communications devices.

I admire medical professionals.

So, in a lull, I went by Southpark to see if I could catch some L&D action.

Catch some L&D action I did.

The LDRR 1852 was shoving these cars – boxcars loaded with paper products – southward, and it was not immediately clear to me that the issue is that the LDRR 1717 was malfunctioning, but I got a video of the shove and stop for KP to board and then got a video showing the 1852 doing the shoving.

Here, KP, after returning north of the crossing, greets the L&D mechanical crew that had just arrived, presumably from the shop in New Iberia.

Dammit, cigarettes are terrible, a bane on human existence, as I discussed last time.

So, they were testing the 1717, and, in doing so, created a scene that you don’t often see: a train movement at this location in which the locomotive is on the southern side of the train.

This is when forgetting to bring my “real camera” gear really became a problem, because, with the hump in the track, this would have been a really neat telephoto view!

Let’s see a cropped version of the above image to see what I mean.

Yeah, see?  I hate saying this, but the railroad scene in Lafayette is quite boring, even by 2022 standards, because the scenery here is lame, and, so, being able to see locomotive-led movements here at this spot actually would marginally improve the train-watching experience of the area.

An hour later, I was at Elks.

I then got a video of the Number 2 passing, but it clouded up.

Then, it was time to return to the hospital.

Cigarette smoking is a rude habit.

That’s all.

I will see you next time, or something.


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