Life – 29 October 2011

by Jim on 2021/10/29

It’s Saturday 29 October 2011, the day after the funeral and burial of Marie Anne Ory Dupont, around which I got some pictures and had some thought.

She died on October 23, and I read her obituary on the 26th.

So, on this day, the 29th, with life and death on my mind, I just photographed some of the most basic things at home.

I do wish that I could have held on to my home, and I dearly miss it.

I miss this orange tree.

I appreciated my home, but I came to appreciate it more later.

I didn’t appreciate bell peppers as much back then.

The Louisiana & Delta Railroad still had a few active CF7s back then.

Here is the LDRR 1504 parked in Schriever. Ever since the UP-SP merger in 1996, it’s been relatively rare for CF7s to be in Schriever, as the place became the domain of rotating Mountain Laurel Railroad GP10s.

I really do miss these supposedly ugly locomotives.

It felt like the day after a funeral.


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