Jacked By Julie

by Jim on 2022/05/25

Jimbaux knows that it's hard to hold on when there's no one to lean on.

It’s Hard To Be Strong When There’s No One To Dream On

This whole damn day was jacked, really.

The hospital room was nice.

It’s so damn tragic that such an accomplished woman has suffered as she has.

So, I decided to go and see what was happening by the track at the Berrie.

Jesus F Christ, why is it that EVERY TIME that I post that corporations aren’t people, some Cringe Lib has to come in and say that the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people, as if a.) I don’t know that and as if b.) that is in any way relevant to what I’m saying?

Anyway, yeah, there is the power for the Union Pacific local train that I guess was left here for some reason last time, since it’s too early to be for today’s train.

I went to check out the Port Of Iberia thinking that I had time to get back to town to the depot by the time the #1 arrived, because Julie said that it would be there at a certain time.

Yeah, so, here is what I saw at the Port Of Iberia, including the newly-arrived LDRR 3529, on which I laid eyes for the first time a week ago.

Here is the pipe being loaded, possible in some of the same cars that I saw the UP local train bringing westward a week ago.

I think that this is a one-time thing, that all this pipe that has been sitting here for years is being shipped out.

It looks interesting, indeed.

You have to get the sugarcane in the picture and work a broadside view!

It’s different than my usual fare, both old and recent.

So, I returned to New Iberia, and I realized that I had been jacked.

I had gone to the Port Of Iberia thinking that I had time to get back to town to the depot by the time the #1 arrived, but it arrived several minutes earlier than Amtrak Julie had previously told me, and I learned this only when I called her again as I was driving back into town.

I guess that the time estimate given is not an “earliest possible” arrival! It would suck to be a passenger and miss a train because of that.

The lesson learned here is to not trust Julie.

So, what now? I guess check out the other train action here in New Iberia, which I found enchanting 15 years ago.

CV is protecting the shove here. That locomotive that you see is unmanned, as the power is at the other and unseen end of the train, coming off of the old Missouri Pacific line.

I guess that I am jaded, and I guess that that is good, at least in this context.

That’s Peartree at the controls of the LDRR 1708.

I’ll take a quick swing by the ARA spur.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Now, let’s go to the interchange yard.

It appears that our UP locomotive has been moved.

I talked to CV at the interchange yard, and I may be able to go out tomorrow to see pipe move from the port.

Here is Peartree in the LDRR 1708.

He went to work for Southern Pacific in 1973 and plans to retire next month.

I guess that that is a good way to end the pictures on this gloomy day.

I’m out of here.

The hospital room was nice.

I am so weary of it all, though.


I ate at Whataburger, tried the new whatever it was.

It was okay.


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