Closing Day

by Jim on 2021/08/11

Getting to know Lake Charles and environs over the last three years was enlightening, even though that place mostly sucks, but today, Wednesday 11 August 2021, is the day to officially end all of that, even though I’m sure that I’ll occasionally find myself there for other reasons.

So, we had to go there today to sign some paperwork, but, before we leave, we need breakfast!

This is meta.

I enjoyed the drive to Lake Charles; it was uneventful, except that I pulled off at that triangle in the northeastern corner of Cameron Parish to take a leak.

I got a few cell phone pictures while I was there.

I love pastoral scenes.

I feel strained by the contrast between the beauty of this place and the horror of the hearts of the people who occupy it.

Anyway, we went to the house, near where there was more construction work being done in the neighborhood, first to check the keys.

I didn’t have many “feels” about this except that this had indeed been a place in which we had had some family moments.

But I just don’t have any meaningful emotional attachment to the place.

The light was out at East McNeese Street and Highway 14 when we came in after we went to the house.

Let’s go by Harbor Yard on the way to the title place.

At Harbor Yard, I saw, for the first time, cars to carry poles for wind turbines. They were empty.

We closed.

It was hot.

I’m glad that that’s done.

We went to the Seafood Palace with Madelyn. I really took advantage of the toilet there.

Oh, the food, too, was good.

We had a good time with Madelyn, and I taught her the appellation word “crank”!

After that, we went ride by the port.

At the port, for the first time, I saw many of those cars to carry poles, two tracks of them empty at the south and GMTX 2607 in the middle of the port with some loaded ones. I saw no other locomotives moving. I saw some lumber being moved out by truck, and I saw the usual mix of UP and lease hopper cars.

Oh! Also, UP was loading two gondolas just west of Highway 14. That told me that no trains would be running there for a while.

There were some empty blade cars at New Yard.

There were plenty of hopper cars at the Farmers Rice Milling Company. This is the first time that I have seen railroad rolling stock since mid June, and this may be the longest that I have gone without seeing such things in many years.

From the rice mill, we returned to the homestead via Manchester

It was a largely uneventful, the rest of the visit to the area, and I was yawning most of the way back, which prompted The Duke to ask if I wanted him to drive, but I made it all the way back and then rested.

I think about trains in Geuydan and Kaplan, as I always do.

That’s all for pictures for today.

We do need to deal with misinformation.

We need to get our heads straight about economics.

We do need to deal with the sociopaths here at home.

We need to deal with climate change now.

We need to do things in the right order, too.

We need to deal with the willfully unvaccinated.

The sociopathy of my fellow citizens is so demoralizing.

That’s all for now.


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