Heat, Light, and Wind

by Jim on 2021/05/26

At 08:00 today, Wednesday 26 May 2021, it was already very hot and very bright as I was out by the Port Of Lake Charles. Billy Navarre Nissan gave me a crazy price on repairing the air conditioner in the truck, and we really have to think about this.

Shortly before 09:00, the engineer told me that he’d be departing in about a half hour with nothing but blades. Sweet!

So, here we are as the train is getting built.

The colors are nice here, but the temperature is high.

I like the trees and the clouds.

Let’s see some shots that show the GMTX 2134 more.

Also, given recent events, someone is either bad at communicating and bad at relationships or just doesn’t like me, and I’m really not feeling it.

This is better.

I then got set up by Barbe Street.

This is neat!

I have never gotten a shot quite like this one!

Next, for my final stand of the day, I am at 5th Avenue.

Let’s see a cropped version of that image.

Wow. Yeah, let’s let the train get closer.

That, too, is a really cool view.

We are about done here.

That’s all, folks.

Oh, and I see, as I am at 5th Avenue, that she finally e-mailed me back!

I did get some video – one a little way from the track, and the other closer to the track – of the blades here at 5th Avenue, where the building pad is, then broke off from chase there to help The Duke move the chest freezer.

That’s all for the pictures today and maybe until the weather cools off in many months.

There were a bunch of Centerpoint Energy dudes working in the street east of the port.

During my time in Lake Charles in the last few days, I have seen no cars parked along the beginning of that port spur that extends from the UP industrial lead to the interchange yard with the port. Yesterday afternoon, after I picked up the truck from Billy Navarre Nissan, I saw some cars loaded with blades and that yard at the beginning of the UP branch.

So, I took the new route, my new route, from Kaplan to the waste place to bring the recyclables. I turn north on North Cushing and went north until I got to Highway 696, and, from there, I went east to the solid waste place to bring the recyclables.

I got to the homestead, where the grass needs to be cut, a little bit after 13:50. The grass here needs to be cut, as does the grass at the rental house. Today, we may see off the boys at the office as, tomorrow, supposedly, they move to Texas. 


On my way on the new northern route, I saw another lumber yard and another hardware store, which made me again think of my idea, my business-railroad idea.

I hate the heat, and global warming terrifies me.

Does it have to be this way?

I probably added more to the 2021 backlog in the last three days than I worked on 2021 pictures since that last time I took pictures on April 22.

That’s all for this post.



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