Big Day On The Lockport Branch – 28 December 2005

28 December 2015

Happy holidays, everyone.  In the last week, you’ve seen two sets of pictures of Louisiana & Delta Railroad action on the Lockport Branch of the former Southern Pacific railway; the set of pictures that you will see in this article – the third set of Lockport Branch pictures this week (and the last that I [...]

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NOGC Day, Street-Running Hat Trick – 27 December 2005

27 December 2015

Hey, everybody!  These pictures were taken on Tuesday 27 December 2005, a day that I apparently devoted in its entirety (meaning, all of the daylight part of the day) to foaming the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, mainly in the Gretna area, in order to photograph all that could be photographed and know all [...]

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Belle Rose, Donaldsonville, Schriever, and Berwick – 26 December 2005

26 December 2015

Hello, and Merry Post-Christmas; did y’all have a good holiday? On the day after Christmas 2005, I made a trek toward Donaldsonville in the hopes of seeing and photographing something on what was left of the former Texas & Pacific Railway branchline to Napoleonville and Thibodaux.  At the time, all that remained of the branchline [...]

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Christmas Eve Trains on the Lafayette Subdivision – 24 December 2005

24 December 2015

Hello, and Merry Christmas; these pictures were taken on a very dark Saturday 24 December 2005. Yeah, okay.  My truck, my truck, my filthy little truck.  Whachogondo wit’ all dat mud, all dat mud upside yo’ truck? Haven’t we seen this before?  Didn’t we see this yesterday in different lighting?  Can we please see something [...]

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Just a Few Pictures – 23 December 2005

23 December 2015

I started the day on Friday 23 December 2005 at my crib on the W’ank, and then I ended up in Destrehan for a visit with Aunt Marie and Uncle Willard.  We have just four pictures today (thankfully), and only one of them is a decent railroad action picture. Before we start, I should mention [...]

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NOGC Street-Running, L&D Schriever Job, UP Chip Local – 22 December 2005

22 December 2015

Many of the railroad subjects of which I am known to photograph are in this one set of images taken on Thursday 22 December 2005. First, The Appetizers Apparently, I spent Wednesday night, after doing another Lockport Branch chase, in Bayouland, because on this Thursday, when I would get some great images in and near [...]

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Sun, Mud, and Ontario Northland Boxcars on the Lockport Branch – 21 December 2005

21 December 2015

Wednesday 21 December 2005 was a memorable day, as I spent the afternoon on my beloved Lockport Branch, the since-closed 14-mile railroad branchline extending southward from Raceland, Louisiana, along the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche past Lockport.  You saw some not-so-great (because of the clouds) pictures from the branch two days ago, but today’s shots [...]

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NOGC Street-Runnin’, Highway Crossin’, and Gon’ Spottin’ – 20 December 2005

20 December 2015

Tuesday 20 December 2005 was an interesting day for railroad photography for me, and on this day I got a few more firsts, as I was continuing exploration of this area to which I was new.  Nearly all of today’s pictures are of action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway. Starting right off [...]

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Lockport Branch, Amtrak, BNSF, and Clouds – 19 December 2005

19 December 2015

Monday 19 December 2005 was a cloudy damned day in Bayouland, which disappointed me, since this was one of my rare opportunities to photograph action on the Lockport Branch, the 14-mile-long railroad branchline extending from the Sunset Route mainline at Raceland down the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche below Lockport. The lighting on this day [...]

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MNOHO Schriever to Berwick, Inclusive – 18 December 2005

18 December 2015

From looking at the archives in my pictures folders, I am pleased to see that on Saturday 17 December 2005, I took no pictures at all, meaning that I may have actually done something productive and meaningful with my life, but the railroad photography started again the next day, as seen in this article, and [...]

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Live Oak Saturday Morning – 10 December 2005

10 December 2015

It’s another Saturday morning in late 2005 back at my new favorite morning train-photography spot, CTC Live Oak, and I had the good sense to make this one brief. We start with a spartan-cab Norfolk Southern Railway GE leading a Union Pacific Railroad train coming in on the Livonia Subdivision. I like those things. Next, [...]

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Live Oak Saturday, Great Northern Sunday – 3-4 December 2005

3 December 2015

Wow, six days between blog articles?  What has happened here?  Could it be that I had to work all day on weekdays back then?  Yeah, apparently, back in late 2005, I would, on any given day, be trackside with camera in hand so long as I didn’t have to be at work; in retrospect, this [...]

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Sunday Sermon at Live Oak – 27 November 2005

27 November 2015

We start anew on this glorious Sunday morning, the morning of Sunday 27 November 2005, at a new location for our weekly worship, that being at CTC Live Oak, where we can enjoy the relative quiet due to the lower rates of automobile traffic on a Sunday morning all while we can more clearly smell [...]

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Live Oak, Willswood, and Avondale – 26 November 2005

26 November 2015

Since I did not know what else to do with my life and my precious time back then, on Saturday 26 November 2005, I did just what I did on all but one day – Thanksgiving Day – in the week preceding: take pictures of trains.  Fortunately, I limited myself on this day to a [...]

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Clouds, BNSF, and Amtrak – 25 November 2005

25 November 2015

Here is a set of pictures that is, due to the marathon of the last few days interrupted by yesterday (in 2005) being Thanksgiving Day, thankfully, relatively brief. Yes, I’m getting right to it; I don’t know, but I guess that is the westbound BNSF manifest train that we’ll see again. Apparently, though, I photographed [...]

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A Mountain Laurel, An H1 Pumpkin, and A Green Deuce – 23 November 2005

23 November 2015

Gosh, the amount of time I’ve spent merely creating these last few posts makes me marvel about how much time I spent out taking these pictures when I did!  These pictures were taken on Wednesday 23 November 2005, the day before Thanksgiving. After the photographically memorable day that we had yesterday, let’s get right to [...]

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L&D, Street-Running, Whiteface BN, SP, and More – 22 November 2005

22 November 2015

Tuesday 22 November 2005 was a photographically glorious and variety-filled day!  This is one of my better sets of pictures in a long-time, and it shows some interesting things that were already old relics in 2005 and mostly-non-existent by the time I am typing and you are reading this.  I attempted to generate a non-spoiling [...]

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L&D, Amtrak, BNSF and Union Pacific – 21 November 2005

21 November 2015

This is the start of three nearly solid days of railroad photography in the Thanksgiving week of 2005; apparently, I spent practically all of my time in the daylight hours of my three off-days prior to Thanksgiving taking pictures of trains, something that seems ridiculous to the me of a decade later who is typing [...]

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Schriever Static Sunday Stills – 20 November 2005

20 November 2015

Not Much Of A Sunday Sermon Well, here is mostly much to do about nothing; these pictures were taken on Sunday 20 November 2005 in Schriever, Louisiana. I guess these pictures, insipid as they might be, are a result of curiosity; then again, all pictures are. Digital SLR photography was still new to me, and [...]

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Waggaman and Schriever – 19 November 2005

19 November 2015

You know, “Waggaman and Schriever” sounds like it could be the name of a law firm, or something.  Anyway, these pictures were taken in (or near) those two towns on Saturday 19 November 2005. Two Firsts Regular readers of this site – or, I should say, regular viewers of my images – have seen my [...]

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New Orleans and Avondale – 17-18 November 2005

18 November 2015

Here are two pictures. First, on the afternoon of Thursday 17 November 2005, we see a northbound Norfolk Southern Railway carload train emerging from NS’s Oliver Yard in New Orleans. The vegetation is still hampered due to the floods of Katrina a little bit more than two months before, and it appears that some ballast [...]

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The NOGC in West Harvey – 16 November 2005

16 November 2015

Here are a few pictures of action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway – or the part of the Union Pacific Railroad’s Gouldsboro Subdivision that NOGC leases from UP – shortly before dusk on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 November 2005. This train is stopping to work the large Kinder-Morgan tank farm, a [...]

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Talibanism, Tobacconism, Telephotoism – 12 (and 13) November 2005

12 November 2015

Hi.  These pictures were taken on Saturday 12 November 2005, except for the last one.  After a two-month delay caused by Hurricane Katrina, I was finally able to, in the beginning of November, move into the apartment near the school where I was working. 12 So, although all but the first picture presented here were [...]

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Crossing the Harvey Canal – 11 November 2005

11 November 2015

‘Twas a Friday afternoon after work that I took my camera out to take a picture for the first time in 12 days since the colorful weekend on Rich Mountain, and I got these images of a westbound New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway train crossing the Harvey Canal. This location is personal to me; [...]

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Rich Mountain and Vandervoort – 30 October 2005

30 October 2015

This is Day 3 of Jimbaux’s three-day series of a fall 2005 weekend in and near the Ouachita Mountains, the primary subject of which is the mountain railroading on the Kansas City Southern Railway before the SD70ACes and subsequent locomotive models arrived on the property, meaning that most manifest trains still had spartan-cab power. Day [...]

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Rich Mountain, Oklahoma-Arkansas – 29 October 2005

29 October 2015

After yesterday’s drive up north to get here and the pictures that I got of Kiamichi Railroad and Kansas City Southern Railway activity, Saturday 29 October 2005 was my first full day on Rich Mountain for the fall 2005 gathering; actually, it was my only full day on Rich Mountain this fall, as I would [...]

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Ashdown And Vandervoort, Trains And Dogs – 28 October 2005

28 October 2015

Well, here it is, kiddies; Day 1 of Jimbaux’s journey to, from, and at the fall 2005 gathering on Rich Mountain is here, starting with some pictures south of – on my way to – Rich Mountain. I do not even recall in which state our first two images were taken, as they were taken [...]

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Flares At Live Oak – 26 October 2005

26 October 2015

Continuing the marathon of railroad photography of mid-and-late-October 2005, we stop at Live Oak on our way home on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 October 2005 to get some images of a westbound – or northbound – train led by an interesting locomotive. Not only does the leader have a spartan-cab, but it has the [...]

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City Park and NS Back Belt, New Orleans – 25 October 2005

25 October 2015

‘Twas on the afternoon of Tuesday 25 October 2005 that I was first able to enter the non-Algiers portion of the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, which had passed nearly two months prior. Ever searching for meaning and connections, I went to the places in the city that, at that time, had the [...]

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Plaquemines Parish Railroading – 24 October 2005

24 October 2015

Coming off of an excessively eventful weekend which saw me twice drive to the western reaches of St. Mary Parish and back to Bayou Lafourche, on Saturday to chase a Warbonnet-led train and on Sunday to chase a C40-8-led train, I kept this crazy “railroad photography” thing going even further, and, after work, I headed [...]

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C40-8 To Calumet And Beyond – 23 October 2005

23 October 2015

This is madness, surely, or, probably more accurately, some less-pronounced problem; regardless, on Sunday 23 October 2005, for the second consecutive day on one weekend, I decide to chase a train ridiculously far distances, all at a time in my life when I should have been more frugal. To be fair and forgiving to myself, [...]

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Warbonnet to Berwick and Beyond – 22 October 2005

22 October 2015

Wow, October 2005 was certainly a photographically profligate time in my life, and there is still plenty yet to come, even after today’s pictures; at least partly because I don’t want to feel that all of that time, effort, gasoline, and opportunity costs back then were wasted, I seriously hope that you are benefiting from [...]

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Avondale and Waggaman – 21 October 2005

21 October 2015

Here are three mediocre pictures from the afternoon of Friday 21 October 2005, as I was still exploring locations to which I had never been in the New Orleans area; although these pictures are mediocre, they represent some firsts for me. The first first is that this was the first time I took digital pictures [...]

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Switchers Switching at Oak Point Refinery – 20 October 2005

20 October 2015

Continuing the process of getting to know my new area, I ventured after work on the afternoon of Thursday 20 October 2005 down the New Orleans Lower Coast trackage to and past Belle Chasse to the Chevron-Texaco refinery at Oak Point, the major regular customer on this part of the New Orleans & Gulf Coast [...]

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NOGC and A New Telephoto Lens – 19 October 2005

19 October 2015

On Wednesday 19 October 2005, my new telephoto lens, a replacement for the one that I foolishly lost in Salem Harbor nearly three months earlier, just a few weeks after I had gotten it, arrived; well, it might have arrived the day before, but I might have slept at a colleague’s place that night, as [...]

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Grain Train In Gretna And Algiers – 17 October 2005

17 October 2015

Hello.  These pictures were taken on Monday 17 October 2005 after a weekend that involved a visit to the Baton Rouge area and a visit to Donaldsonville.  Six days earlier, on Tuesday 11 October, I got my first-ever pictures on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, a railroad that I would heavily document over [...]

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S’ver and D’ville – 16 October 2005

16 October 2015

Apparently, I just felt like driving around this weekend; apparently, I didn’t need to do much work on lesson plans or anything, at least not yet.   These pictures were taken on Sunday 16 October 2005, the day after I took another drive to the north. We start in Schriever and see some static stuff. It [...]

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Slaughter and Lobdell – 15 October 2005

15 October 2015

Hello.  These pictures were taken on Saturday 15 October 2005 in the Baton Rouge area.  Due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, I was still prevented from landing at my apartment in Jefferson Parish and was still marooned back home on the bayou.  I most-vaguely remembered that I didn’t expect to see much in the [...]

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Meet the NOGC – 11 October 2005

11 October 2015

So, it happened on Tuesday 11 October 2005; I got my first pictures of New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway action.  As regular readers of this publication know, the NOGC has become a frequent photographic subject for me.  The railroad operates close to the school where I had just started working two weeks before Hurricane [...]

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Leaving A Changing Home – 9 October 2005

9 October 2015

This is another article of tame, static, non-railroad pictures, made when I was still marooned back home in bayouland after Katrina struck and delayed my arrival in a forever-altered New Orleans, even if I was working there (well, in Harvey), sometimes staying with new coworkers during the week. “I Remember When This Was All Cane [...]

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Grassfire of Meaningful Times and Places – 8 October 2005

8 October 2015

This Means Something What brought me to this spot along US Highway 90 East on Saturday 8 October 2005 I do not recall, but I was struck by the juxtaposition of the sight of a grass fire and the sight of an impromptu, informal sign placed on the posts of an authorized highway sign. The [...]

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Flying Home, Striking Airline Workers, Disaster Recovery Workers – 20 September 2005

20 September 2015

I hope that you enjoyed the three-day Californihurrication series (see the September 2015 archives for all of those articles and more.)  Here are some images from the trek home on 20 September 2005. My flight path on this day was ONT-MSP-MSY.  I vaguely remember the Ontario airport, and I remember one specific thing from the [...]

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Cajón, San Bernardino, West Colton, Flying, and Cats – 19 September 2005

19 September 2015

[California [may] know how to party, but that’s not why Jimbaux is there.] This is the third and final installment of daily images from my Californihurrication Katrina.  Day 1 included an explanation of why the trip was made and how it came to happen, and it contains various images of the Orange Empire Railway Museum, [...]

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Cable Airport, Santa Monica, and Union Station – 18 September 2005

18 September 2015

[Jimbaux knows that California will rest in peace, a simultaneous release, but not yet!] Welcome to Day 2 of Jimbaux’s Californication Katrina; all of these images were made on 18 September 2005.  Yesterday, Day 1, showed images of Claremont, the Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris Valley Airport, and Hemet. We start with a visit to [...]

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Californihurrication Katrina, Day 1 – 17 September 2005

17 September 2015

[Jimbaux understands that Hollywood sells Californication.] Hurricane Katrina caused plenty of mental, emotional, psychological strife in addition to the well-known massive social, health, and economic problems that it caused. The apartment into which I was scheduled to move on 1 September 2005 was now unavailable, and at some point – I do not remember when, [...]

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Different Sameness

5 September 2015

[Jimbaux feels that there is nobody praying for you or for me.] Here’s a quick one.  Due to some alterations in my daily schedule and due to a relatively sudden whim, I got out in the heat and humidity and got a few shots this morning.  I am as surprised by this as you are [...]

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Katrina Evacuees at Nicholls State University – 3 September 2005

3 September 2015

[Jimbaux cannot hold on, will not let go.] These pictures were taken on Saturday 3 September, a few days after Hurricane Katrina struck. Friday 26 August was, for me, the end of the first full week of a new job in a new area, and my most distinct memory of that day was eating at [...]

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Rice And BNSF

15 August 2015

[Jimbaux is still tryin' to figure it out, still tryin' to find a way to keep the dogs at bay.] Photographs And Their Stories So, here are the first recently-taken pictures on the website in three months. It Is What It Is Where It Is When It Is The time finally came to resume work [...]

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Flying Home, And Planespotting – 6 August 2005

6 August 2015

So, the time came, the time for this memorable expedition to parts of the USA heretofore unexplored by me to come to an end. Here we are at the Detroit airport, and I’m loving that tramway thing. Six-and-a-half hours later, we are in Nashville, where we’re waiting for our flight to New Orleans. I guess [...]

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Fourth Day At The Henry Ford – 4 August 2005

4 August 2015

Hello.  Apparently, the most memorable event on our fourth and second-to-last day at The Henry Ford was the series of rides we took on Model Ts and maybe other vintage automobiles. In many of these pictures, including the one below, I am taking the picture from one old vehicle looking toward my fellow workshoppers in [...]

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Third Day At The Henry Ford – 3 August 2005

3 August 2015

Hello.  We continue our educational and entertaining week at The Henry Ford.  We start in the classroom. The balding white male at left is Larry from Pennsylvania, and the black male with the white shirt in the left foreground is Leo from the Chicago area, both interesting hombres.  That may be Peggy from the San [...]

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Second Day At The Henry Ford – 2 August 2005

2 August 2015

Here are some pictures from our second day at The Henry Ford complex; our first day showed some various scenes, and so too will today. There is a farm or a set of farms here using old equipment and techniques and such. I don’t remember what this was, but it seems like the house of [...]

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First Day At The Henry Ford – 1 August 2005

1 August 2015

The last portion of my 2005 summer Northeast adventure had me spending a week in Dearborn, Michigan, for a week-long National Endowment for the Humanities teacher workshop on topics related to industrialization.  So, after landing at the Detroit airport the day before, here we are at the wonderful The Henry Ford. The introductory paragraph of [...]

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O’Hare, And A Senator – 31 July 2005

31 July 2015

I had to get up really early on the morning of Sunday 31 July 2005 to leave Salem and head to Logan Airport.  Where was I going?  Well, wherever I was going, I had to stop in O’Hare airport in Chicago to get there! I had never been here before, never been to the state [...]

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Salem, Massachusetts – 29 July 2005

29 July 2015

Friday 29 July 2005 would be the last full-day of the NEH teacher seminar in Salem; after my stupidity of a few days before, I was humbled, and I guess by this point I was more relaxed.  I guess; I mean, I don’t remember much from that time, for reasons that I have explained before, [...]

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Salem, Massachusetts – Schooner and Stupidity – 26 July 2005

26 July 2015

Tuesday 26 July 2005 was the second full day of the National Endowment for the Humanities teacher workshop at Salem State College, and it was also the day that I would do the most stupid, most costly thing that I did on this trip, worse than anything that I did on that afternoon in Edmunston.  [...]

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Danville Junction, Maine, to Salem, Massachusetts – 24 July 2005

24 July 2015

Welcome to Day 5 of Jimbaux’s big summer 2005 Northeast adventure.  Day 1 constituted a visit to the Atlantic Coast areas of southwestern main after I arrived at Logan Airport in Boston; Day 2 included various scenes of central Maine as I trekked in a northeasterly direction across the state; Day 3 saw me chase [...]

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Edmunston, New Brunswick, And Northern And Central Maine – 23 July 2005

23 July 2015

I awoke in Edmunston, New Brunswick, on the morning of Saturday 23 July 2005.  Despite my plans to spend the morning chasing and photographing whatever trains the Canadian National Railway would throw my way on its mainline through the area, I had to forego that opportunity due to the need to clean up the mess [...]

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Maine and New Brunswick, the MM&A and the CN – 22 July 2005

22 July 2015

Welcome to Day 3 of Jimbaux’s big 2005 Northeast adventure, where we get out of the “Northeast” and into the southeastern part of Canada.  Day 1 constituted a visit to the Atlantic Coast areas of southwestern main after I arrived at Logan Airport in Boston; Day 2 included various scenes of central Maine as I [...]

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Central Maine and Decision Deciding – 21 July 2005

21 July 2015

Wherever in Maine that it was where I awoke on the morning of Thursday 22 July 2005, I awoke distraught with the fear involved with quitting a professional job, which I was about to, for the first time in my life, do.  (It’s gotten a little bit easier!) I had to make a telephone call.  [...]

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20 July 2005 – Beginning Of Big Northeast Adventure

20 July 2015

The time came, it surely did; ’twas the time for decisions and destinations, determination and growth, forwardance and facing fear. Ostensibly, as the pictures shall show, this is the story of a trip to far-off lands, but for your touched author, there was so much more than meets the eye, so much more than the literal destinations traveled; this journey [...]

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Lonely Wait For The #2 – 17 July 2005

17 July 2015

I normally do not make a blog article with only one picture, but I am making an exception here.  There is not even a train in this picture, but there are some powerful metaphors of time and place, distance and desire, despair and hope, then and now. In a more nearly literal sense, this is [...]

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The Chip Local and The #2 – 12 July 2005

12 July 2015

‘Twas on the 12th of July that I finally got what I think are my first good digital train pictures.  Likely, I was hoping for afternoon westbound so that I could use the telephoto lens; westbounds are not what I got, and, a decade later, as I look at these images and note what is [...]

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First Digital Telephoto Shots – 11 July 2005

11 July 2015

By – and, perhaps, on – the afternoon of 11 July 2005, my Canon telephoto lens arrived; I had purchased it used from  Just like for three days before when I took my first ever DSLR pictures, the pictures on this date, 11 July 2005, were experimentations, not really that great, though a slight [...]

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Going Digital – 8 July 2005

8 July 2015

A new day has dawned!  It’s the momentous summer of 2005 for Jimbaux, and the first of a few big changes came in the form of a Canon Digital Rebel delivered by UPS.  My film camera – a Nikon N80 – had had trouble, was not really working, meaning that most of the slides taken [...]

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You Feel And Experience Only What Only You Feel And Experience

29 June 2015

Hello.  Welcome back to Jimbaux’s Journal, where we have some new-old content.  In terms of arrangement of images, this article will be formatted very similar to that of the “Old And Now – A Tapestry Spanning A Decade And Two Mediums” from 13 months ago, a post in which I alternated a scanned slide from [...]

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Mais, May, Meh

16 May 2015

[Jimbaux is still alive.] Hi. Obligatory May Posting So, I took out the camera and took my first SLR pictures in two months and two days.  I freely admit that I am going through the motions right now and took pictures today largely to avoid having no postings this month, and to avoid doing a [...]

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Southeastern Nebraska – 2 April 2012

2 April 2015

Day 4 Welcome to Day 4 of Jimbaux’s 2012 Spring Break Road Trip.  Day 1 was a drive to Shreveport, Texarkana, southwestern Arkansas, and ending in Heavener, Oklahoma; Day 2 took me from Heavener to eastern-central Kansas where I crashed at El Rancho Grumpo; Day 3 saw Jimbaux foaming with The Grumpster on the BNSF [...]

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Eastern Kansas And Southeastern Nebraska – 1 April 2012

1 April 2015

Welcome to Day 3 of Jimbaux’s 2012 Spring Break Road Trip.  Day 1 was a drive to Shreveport, Texarkana, southwestern Arkansas, and ending in Heavener, Oklahoma.  Day 2 took me from Heavener to eastern-central Kansas where I crashed at El Rancho Grumpo.  Day 3 would see the big morning of foaming with the illustrious and [...]

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When Things Don’t Go According to Expectations

14 March 2015

[Jimbaux blames you (no, not you), for all the scars he bears.] Obligatory March Pictures Hello.  So that we would not go the entire month of March 2015 without there being a post on Jimbaux’s Journal (and whyever that is important to me), I decided, just as I did last month, that on one day [...]

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Clouds, Trains, Water, A Dog, and Friends

21 February 2015

[When it comes to taking pictures, the thrill is gone for Jimbaux.] Obligatory February Photography Hello.  Today, Saturday 21 February 2015, I took some SLR photographs for the first time in more than one month; the last time that I took any images other than a few cell phone snaps was on January 7 when [...]

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Bogalusa To Brookhaven – 11 January 2014 – Part 2

11 January 2015

Part 2 This is the second of two parts of my set of pictures from Saturday 11 January 2014 taken “from Bogalusa to Brookhaven,” with a bonus shot being taken somewhere outside of Brookhaven to end the day; Part 1 had more pictures, showing scenes and activity along the length of Canadian National Railway train [...]

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Bogalusa To Brookhaven – 11 January 2014 – Part 1

11 January 2015

[Jimbaux sent himself searching.] A Rare Find 11 January 2014 ‘Twas a special day indeed!  Knowing that my chance to do these long, out-of-the-way, day-long foam trips well into Mississippi would soon come to an end, and wanting to really see and photograph some action on most of the former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad [...]

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More Gifts And Gratitude At Gulfport, Hattiesburg, and the Gulf – 9 January 2014

9 January 2015

[Jimbaux is no longer afraid of the gift you have given him.] All of these pictures were made on Thursday 09 January 2014, and all are presented in chronological order. Retry I still had a window of time to get over to Gulfport to chase the KCS Hattiesburg Turn, and I now knew that I [...]

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Lafayette, New Iberia, and Cypremort – Amtrak and L&D

7 January 2015

[Jimbaux never wanted to be sick of life.] After yesterday’s big day on the Abbeville Branch, it was, on Wednesday 7 January 2015, time for me to make my way back east.  This article has ‘only’ 50 pictures; that’s plenty, but it’s only half the number of pictures from yesterday, and, in a coincidental consistency, [...]

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Big Train To Abbeville On The Ex-SP Midland Branch

6 January 2015

This is a big, huge, long article, with plenty to say – including news about Jimbaux’s Journal itself and its future – and plenty of photographs, and this and tomorrow’s article will likely be the last big articles here for a long time. A reader has recently asked about a numbering system for the pictures [...]

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Unexpected Gifts After Disappointment at Gulfport – 4 January 2014

4 January 2015

Hello.  On Saturday 4 January 2014, Deacon Nitro of Nitro Pics fame and I ventured to Gulfport, Mississippi, in the hopes of chasing the Kansas City Southern Railway’s turn that operates from Gulfport to Hattiesburg and back, which I had photographed several times before, perhaps most notably in December 2008.  Things did not eventuate quite [...]

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Sometimes, Education Trumps Photography

7 December 2014

[Jimbaux hopes to fight the good fight, even if there are better fights to fight.] Warning: Not Even Close To Being My Best Pictures There is an optimistic saying among railroad photographers that “there are good days, and then there are learning experiences,” but this is true for so much more than for railroad photography!  [...]

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Back Sabbath

29 November 2014

[Jimbaux is taking a sentimental journey.] Hello.  Yesterday, you ‘enjoyed’ pictures from Acadiana, and, today, we are “back” in Whoadieville.  I have some pictures for you because, as I said recently, despite my decreased interest in taking pictures, it’s about all that I can do right now. We start with this stopped eastbound BNSF manifest [...]

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Black Foamday

28 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that the word on the street is that the fire in his heart is out.] Hello.  Here are some pictures from the day after Thanksgiving taken in Lafayette, Duson, Elks, and New Iberia. We start at the Whataburger on Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, because, you know, I am in Lafayette and just must eat [...]

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Relics And Survivors

19 November 2014

[Jimbaux is walking away from things that he can't hide . . . or find . . . or something like that.] My e-mail backlog has grown large once again, and this situation will get worse before it gets better for two reasons that I do not yet care to mention but that probably will [...]

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Onions, Metal, Sweat, Rain, and Cold

13 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that it is hard to take a photograph in a cold November rain.] Here are pictures from two days in one article, all because the pictures from the first day don’t deserve their own article, and I’m blogging far more lately than I had thought I would be doing. Please do not forget [...]

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You See Only What Only You See

10 November 2014

[Jimbaux is in the flesh, baby, but you can't see him, nor can you see much else.] Chances are, you have many times in your life been unfairly judged, and, chances are, you have done the same thing to others (usually without realizing it, else you might not have done it.)  Today’s photo essay, in [...]

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Remember, Remember, Or, Better Yet, Forget

5 November 2014

[Jimbaux knows that sometimes when you are out of rope, the way to climb back up is unclear.] Jimbaux Is No Guy Fawkes, Neither Are You, And Those Are Good Things Hello.  How are you?  Are you settling in for winter hibernation?  Do you like the idea that you are? I have a few barely [...]

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Same And Different

29 October 2014

[Jimbaux wonders what he has become.] HTFYI? Hello.  Here’s a weird set, not one of my best, but different enough to be good.  These pictures were all taken on Wednesday 29 October 2014 (which I say for future readers who might care about such things, but remember that all caption information for pictures on this [...]

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Noodles To Avondale

20 October 2014

[Jimbaux wants you to please just let him be, as he finds it hard to breathe.] Let’s Do This This article will be very similar to and shorter than the “One Or The Other” article from nearly a month ago because the pictures from this article and the pictures from that article are taken in [...]

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Weird Wednesday

8 October 2014

[Jimbaux wonders if this is just real life, or if this is just fantasy.] Thanks to some osint in the foam world, I was alerted to the fact that Norfolk Southern’s Go-Rail locomotive, which I photographed in New Orleans in April, was leading a Kansas City Southern Railway military train into New Orleans on the [...]

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Rock Bottom

6 October 2014

[Jimbaux has plenty of reason to think that at this point, if not for back problems, things can only get better.] Good morning.  Good afternoon.  Good evening.  Whatever. After and eventful but painful weekend that saw me chasing the IAVLB from St. Charles to Berwick followed by a trip to Slidell to work on a [...]

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Go East, Young Man

5 October 2014

[Jimbaux is digging his way to something better.] I went to Slidell today – Sunday 05 October 2014 – to meet with my videographers to work on my “That’s How We Survive” music video that we started videoing two weeks before, a project that I will need to yet again shelve due to yet again [...]

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Reliefs And Rationalizations

4 October 2014

[Jimbaux can breathe again.] The Start Of The Holy Season Today, Saturday 04 October 2014, had (you know that I’m not really writing this “today”) such a great sense of relief for so many reasons, but it had me rationalizing some possibly-not-good decisions away. Relief We awoke this morning to cool weather, and it felt [...]

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Très Bien Ensemble

29 September 2014

{Jimbaux needs to make you see . . . ] Hello.  How are you doing?  Wasn’t this weekend gloriously photographic? especially yesterday?  I think so. Tres Coming off of a much more photographically climactic weekend, I did manage to get a few not-so-inspiring pictures this afternoon.  Let’s see them. A Different Same View We start [...]

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Weekend Whoadification Too

28 September 2014

[Jimbaux knows that Mom's going to flush it all away.] Glory Be Today, Sunday 28 September 2014, was a glorious and memorable day in New Orleans, a place that continues to stir within me various emotions, many in perpetual states of conflict with each other, as it did to me this weekend.  These pictures are, [...]

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Weekend Whoadification Won

27 September 2014

[Jimbaux knew that they could never tear us apart.] Or can they? whoever “they” are? Some New Orleans Non-Frontin’ Frontin’ This is the first day of a special weekend.  In positive ways, it was something of a taste of the past and simultaneously a likely taste of the future; this weekend is a mountain in [...]

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One Or The Other

24 September 2014

[Jimbaux somehow gets by.] It was either the 393 or the 345; I don’t know which train it was, but it was one or the other.  I caught it coming across the river on the Huey P. Long Bridge late in the afternoon today, Wednesday 24 September 2014. Absent from this train today are the [...]

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Steamy Yellow Dusk

15 September 2014

[Jimbaux says, "Don't ask me; I don't know."] What, no non-railroad-related and non-photography-related comments on the previous article, with the new views and all of the “views” discussed after the views? Railroad Pictures Damn, It’s Hot Fall showed no sign of approaching today, as the heat and, especially, the humidity were quite oppressive.  Before I [...]

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Foamin’, Frontin’, and Frustrated On Tuesday

9 September 2014

[Jimbaux is feeling miles away.] New Views From the NS Back Belt I just love, love, love that song! Feeling Like A Candle Burning At Both Ends In response to some goofy middle-of-the-night text message about whoadies that I had sent out to a few whoadie-friends over the weekend, Captain Sal replied that “he who [...]

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Static Miscellany

3 September 2014

[Jimbaux knows that today is not the past and that he doesn't need to relive it.] Not That Much This brief article of pictures that I took today – Wednesday 3 September 2014 – will likely not be pleasing to those of you who come here for good photography, but it might be okay for [...]

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Repeat Rebirth

27 August 2014

[Jimbaux knows that all these places have their moments, with lovers and friends he still can recall.] Sobrevivo Todavía Estoy Aquí Hello.  I am alive and mostly okay.  Today, Wednesday 27 August 2014, I got my first pictures since before the surgery that I had two weeks ago, the second such surgery this year.  Thanks [...]

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8 August 2014

[Jimbaux is on that painkiller, painkiller, painkiller.] Yes, I’m Alive, But Not Necessarily Well Friday Frontin’ Hi.  This is the first post of new pictures on the blog since early May.  I hope that you enjoyed the 2004 Mexico series; I put plenty of effort into it, and I’m glad that it is all done!  [...]

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Back In The USA, Southern Texas – 18 July 2004

18 July 2014

[Jimbaux just needed . . . to realign.] Repatriated Hello.  After an intensely memorable last day in Mexico in which I left Monterrey, drove on a two-lane state highway to the border, got pictures of trains, and crossed into the USA well after dark, a new day dawned, and it was time to trek across [...]

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