Bay St. Louis, Mississippi – 29 May 2007

29 May 2017

I came. I saw. I worked. I sweated. I left. JBX

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The NOTCo, Arabi and New Orleans, and New CeMex Cars – 28 May 2007

28 May 2017

This set of pictures was made on Monday 28 May 2007, the day after my large and memorable set of pictures of the Super Sunday event at Bayou St. John that foretold the birth of Jimbaux’s Journal. We start in Arabi not long after dawn (I was doing some carpentry work on a church in [...]

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Super Sunday At Bayou St. John – 27 May 2007

27 May 2017

This set of pictures made on Sunday 27 May 2007 in New Orleans was one of the bases for what later became Jimbaux’s Journal. You are looking at pictures taken at Bayou St. John in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans at an event known as Super Sunday. The costumed participants in this organized spectacle [...]

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KCS White Power And The Bayou Boogaloo – 26 May 2007

26 May 2017

These pictures were taken on Saturday 26 May 2007. We start at the Kansas City Southern Railway yard in Metairie, where we see some white power. The white power scheme was replaced by the grey scheme sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s, the Heritage paint scheme was being introduced at the time that [...]

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Northbound Amtrak CRESCENT At Seabrook Drawbridge – 20 May 2007

20 May 2017

This quartet of pictures was made on Saturday 20 May 2007 along the Norfolk Southern Railway mainline out of New Orleans. We’re at the Seabrook Drawbridge, which crosses the Inner-Harbor Navigational Canal, and Amtrak’s outbound Crescent is soon to be here. Meanwhile, the NOPD is on the scene and is busy this Saturday morning. Yes, [...]

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CSX in New Orleans – 19 May 2007

19 May 2017

Here are two very insipid black-and-white pictures taken on Saturday 19 May 2007 in New Orleans. This backlit picture was taken on the CSX at L&N Junction, showing a parked westbound empty fly ash train – U-NWOMAR – in the process of being interchanged from CSX to the BNSF Railway. I had photographed another fly [...]

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Detoured BNSF Fly Ash Train At KCS’s New Orleans Yard – 17 May 2007

17 May 2017

On Thursday 17 May 2007, I made this one picture at Kansas City Southern Railway’s yard in Metairie, Louisiana; this was a detoured fly ash train off of the BNSF Railway, and the reason for the detour was the problem reported four days ago. This was one of the last times that I photographed these [...]

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Mother’s Day Clouds And A Pipe Train Going Nowhere – 13 May 2007

13 May 2017

On Mother’s Day 2007, there were some interesting clouds in the sky over Nicholls State University. I like clouds.  Five years to the day later, it was cloudy as I took some pictures at NOPB’s France Yard. On my way back to Whoadieville, I very quickly bailed out of the truck in Boutte to get [...]

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L&D Lockport Branch, CSX New Orleans – 11 May 2007

11 May 2017

On Friday 11 May 2007, I made what appears to be my second-to-last set of photographs of a railroad delivery to Valentine Paper, a paper finishing plant that closed in December 2007, on the Lockport Branch of the former Southern Pacific Railway. The first thing to do is to shove this seemingly lost carbon black [...]

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CN Train L516 Crossing The Bonnet Carré Spillway – 10 May 2017

10 May 2017

Again, we are back at the Bonnet Carré Spillway, on Thursday 10 May 2017, just like we were a few times a month before. Again, we see Canadian National Railway train L516. Again, I don’t know how to do proper color correction. Again, I shall return. JBX

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McComb and Magnolia – 28 April 2007

28 April 2017

Earlier in the month of April 2007, I made my first action railroad photographs in the state of Mississippi.  Soon thereafter and in plenty of other parts of 2007, I would make more trips to the Magnolia State with more picture-taking, and the first was before the end of the month. On Saturday 28 April [...]

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Two Morning Eastbound Trains On Fourth Street In Gretna – 18 April 2007

18 April 2017

These pictures were taken on Wednesday 18 April 2007.  Just like yesterday, we are in Gretna, Louisiana, photographing action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, but, unlike yesterday, we are not on Madison Street but are, instead, on Fourth Street (and we also won’t go to the Bonnet Carré Spillway.) This was about [...]

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NOGC In Gretna, KCS And CN In The Bonnet Carré Spillway – 17 April 2007

17 April 2017

For the third consecutive day, I would, on Tuesday 17 April 2007, end up in the Bonnet Carré Spillway, but, first, I’d get my first pictures in 2007 of action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway. Here we have a train leaving Gouldsboro Yard, bound for Belle Chasse on the old New Orleans [...]

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KCS And CN Action In The Bonnet Carré Spillway – 16 April 2007

16 April 2017

Just like yesterday, I am, on Monday 16 April 2007, back in the Bonnet Carré Spillway, and, this time, I’m photographing both Kansas City Southern Railway action and Canadian National Railway action in the spillway. That’s the Y&MV bridge closest to the river, the CN Baton Rouge Subdivision bridge. Fifteen minutes later, KCS’s Baton Rouge [...]

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KCS In Metairie and CN in Montz and Reserve – 15 April 2007

15 April 2017

Hello.  These pictures were taken on Sunday 15 April 2007. After yesterday’s large outing to the Magnolia State, we have some more easy adventures.  I assume that TS went back home the next day, for I do not remember him accompanying me – or me accompanying him – on today’s outing. In the middle of [...]

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NS NO&NE, Amtrak, KCS Gulfport Sub – Slidell and Southern Misssissippi – 14 April 2007

14 April 2017

‘Twas a big, long, wet day of plenty of foaming on Saturday 14 April 2007, as my pal TS was in town, partly because now was a good time to visit because I was rather suddenly unemployed, even though I could see it coming and walked out when I was being abused, as standing up [...]

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A Streetcar And The Mississippi River – 13 April 2007

13 April 2017

This one, too, like the last two articles, shall be brief. TS came to town.  We shot a streetcar. This is right at City Park Avenue, right at the end of that line. Then, we went to the W’ank and got one of my favorite views of New Orleans. Gretna is a neat place. That’s [...]

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Amtrak and CSX in New Orleans – 12 April 2007

12 April 2017

What do I do now?  I refuse to get robbed by an employer, but such is the awfulness of the world in which we live, made unjust simply by the fact that it is no longer necessary.  Nobody should have to experience such stupidity anymore.  The remaining paid jobs that still require human beings to [...]

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This Publication Is Not, Never Has Been, And Never Will Be For Your Objectification

8 April 2017

The Latest First It’s that point in my life in which the first time in a calendar year that I take out my SLR camera to photograph a train is in April.  Man, notwithstanding my greatly decreased desire to take pictures, 2017 is terrible in so many ways. 2016: the GIF — Parker Molloy [...]

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NOPB and KCS – 7 April 2007

7 April 2017

Six days after my last pictures, which, too, were of the KCS yard in Metairie, I’m back there on Saturday 07 April 2007, right as things in the professional world were falling apart. The first thing that we see is a New Orleans Public Belt Railroad job entering the yard from the south. The next [...]

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Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota – 3 April 2012

3 April 2017

Welcome to Day 5 of the big Spring Break 2012 Great Plains Road Trip, Tuesday 03 April 2012.  Day 1 showed pictures from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Heavener, Oklahoma.  Day 2 showed pictures from Heavener, Oklahoma, and Rich Mountain, Arkansas, to Pittsburg, Kansas, and a few scenes from parts of eastern Kansas north of Pittsburg.  Day [...]

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KCS, Metairie – 1 April 2007

1 April 2017

The Rail Baron – along with Dr. Diesel – returned to New Orleans to bury his grandmother. We were able to do some foaming. We’re at the KCS yard for this entire essay. Here’s the M-NOSH, staged for its 22:00 call time. White power was near its end at the time. Yeah, I can’t say [...]

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Westbound Train Climbing The Huey P. Long Bridge – 29 March 2007

29 March 2017

This one shall be brief.  On Thursday 29 March 2007, I photographed this westbound manifest train climbing the Huey P. Long Bridge. This appears to be one of the daily manifest trains that the CSX Railway sends to the Union Pacific Railroad in New Orleans. You know, the last time that I had taken pictures, four [...]

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New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Passenger Train – 25 March 2007

25 March 2017

After our nice little Saturday morning on the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad yesterday, I’m back on the NOPB – though farther west on it – to get one of the rolling party passenger trains. We’re starting at Central Avenue, as the NOPB 2002 – the locomotive on the NOPB train that you saw yesterday [...]

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NOPB and KCS at Southport and the ACofE – 24 March 2007

24 March 2017

It’s another weekend in 2007, and I’m yet again by the track with a camera.  Are you getting tired of this yet?  Look, thankfully, this Saturday-Sunday set won’t be as big or intense as last week’s Saturday-Sunday set, but, if you missed that set, you must check it out! Our pictures on this morning of [...]

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NS Bernadotte Line and KCS Yard – 18 March 2007

18 March 2017

Wow!  What a heck of a day St. Patrick’s Day 2007 was!  If you missed that article, then you’ll need to check it out if you wish to get the background on today’s article! We’re still in Mid-City, still checking out this beauty of activity on the NS Bernadotte Line.  At the very end of [...]

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A St. Patrick’s Day Feast And Parades Of Trains and Humanity – 17 March 2007

17 March 2017

Due to both the quantity and quality – the variety and vivacity – of subjects that I photographed on Saturday 17 March 2007, this is one of the weirder photo essays that you will ever see here on Jimbaux’s Journal; we will start with trains, then see a great parade and some partying, and then [...]

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A Rail-Grinder And The 141 When It Still Went Straight To Mays Yard – 15 March 2007

15 March 2017

‘Twas the ides of March, and, “after work,” I, for some obsessive reason, went to CSX’s Gentilly Yard in New Orleans where I saw a rail grinder train. A rail-grinder train does just that: grinds the rails.  Its purpose is to reshape the rails for optimal train use and handling. Check out that Illinois Central [...]

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Amtrak, KCS, and Crankiness – 10 March 2007

10 March 2017

It’s another Saturday morning in 2007, and Jimbaux is again getting up to photograph the outbound Crescent because he is apparently incapable of organizing his own weekend schedule himself, but it gets worse. That night, I sent an e-mail along with some processed pictures from this day to some friends.  I shall share some excerpts [...]

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Bernadotte Line – 4 March 2007

4 March 2017

I suppose that the horns awakened and-or alerted me at around midnight. I suppose, too, that I by then knew that the Bernadotte Line was usually served on a Sunday or the wee hours of Monday. The train is coming to serve Masonry Products, the only remaining customer on this once busy urban branchline. And, [...]

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Trains, Work, And Flowers – 3 March 2007

3 March 2017

After a photographically bountiful weekend on Rich Mountain which followed a photographically bountiful weekend in southeastern Louisiana (which can be seen in the February 2017 archives, which, for all practical purposes, are the February 2007 archives, even though this site didn’t exist back then), I was, on Saturday 3 March 2007, back to taking pictures. [...]

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Heavener, The Mountains, and DeQueen – 25 February 2007

25 February 2017

Hi.  After our big, weird day yesterday, we will have a quieter morning as we work our way home. We start, yet again, at the South Howe Hill, where we see some maintenance-of-way equipment roll by. Well, that’s different. Well, the dust didn’t kill everything. So, here’s a train, though not a good picture of [...]

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Wind, Rain, Dust, Trains, Pals, And Planes on Rich Mountain – 24 February 2007

24 February 2017

After trekking up from New Orleans the day before, The Mid-City Marine and I – and a few other railroad enthusiast visitors – would spend all of Saturday 24 February 2007 on Rich Mountain, and it was one of my more memorable times there! The first order of business was breakfast.  One may need to [...]

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Rich Mountain And The Journey To Get There – 23 February 2007

23 February 2017

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, The Mid-City Marine and I discussed the possibility of traveling to Rich Mountain together for one of the gatherings of railroad enthusiasts there, usually in late October and late February, to observe, chase, and photographs on one of the most scenic portions of the Kansas City Southern Railway.  As you might [...]

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Color And Contrast On The Lafayette Subdivision and Atchafalaya River – 18 February 2007

18 February 2017

Hi.  After yesterday’s weird day in New Orleans ending in Schriever, we get some shots out on the Lafayette Subdivision on a great day, starting with this westbound BNSF Railway manifest train at Horseshoe Road. I like these little flowers; they are called butterweeds, but we called them “pee pee flowers” due to some local [...]

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Trains, Painters, Parade-goers, and Police – New Orleans and Schriever – 17 February 2007

17 February 2017

The weekend of 17-18 February 2007 was a very photographic two days for your pal (or nemesis, or whatever it may be) Jimbaux, with various types of subjects photographed, and it started on a good Saturday morning in New Orleans, waiting at East City Junction for the outbound Crescent to depart. This is an important [...]

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New Orleans – Words In The Sky, Tornado Damage – 16 February 2007

16 February 2017

These pictures were taken on 16 February 2007. That’s the American Can Company building. Next, we’re out on Claiborne Avenue near the Superdome. February weather in southern Louisiana can be quite nice. Next, we are on St. Charles Avenue, and it looks like there will be a parade soon. Sitting out there for that duration [...]

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New Orleans – 13 February 2007

13 February 2017

Here is a set of pictures made in New Orleans on 13 February 2007. We’re on Prytania Street, near a home that Nicolas Cage at the time owned. Next, this is New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, where three Amtrak trains originate and terminate. Next, we’re right back where we were before. I spent much of [...]

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CSX in New Orleans – 4 February 2007

4 February 2017

Here are six pictures taken of railroad scenes in New Orleans on Sunday 4 February 2007. I actually don’t know where that first picture was taken (it could be the CSX yard or could be an NOPB yard), but I know where the remainder were taken. As always, caption information can be found in the [...]

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L&D Lockport Branch – 3 February 2007

3 February 2017

On Saturday 3 February 2007, the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s Schriever Job – train SC1 – did some rare Saturday work; fortunately for my Monday-Friday paid-working and branchline-loving self, the specific task on this date was to serve the 14-mile former Southern Pacific branchline to Lockport, allowing me a rare opportunity outside of normal holiday-from-job [...]

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NOPB France Yard – 21 January 2007

21 January 2017

Here are three images taken at the new Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s France Yard on the morning of 21 January 2007. I remember the cloudiness here well, and I think that the specific quality of this type of cloudiness it adds to the quality of the images! This is the typical switching that happens here [...]

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Raceland, Paradís, and New Orleans – 13 January 2007

13 January 2017

According to my photographic records, it appears that I drove my frequent drive from bayouland to Whoadieville on 13 January 2007.  I got, in Raceland, a shot that wouldn’t have been worth the effort had I not been passing through. Later on, in Paradís, I caught the Chip Local coming through. ‘Twas quite unusual to [...]

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End of MMXVI

30 December 2016

Jimbaux is seeing that both his and his country’s chances for freedom have been diminished. You Don’t Know Calling It “Politics” Is ‘Politically Correct’ The first thing that I want to discuss, before we get to the pictures (which is the point, as I shall soon explain), is the subject of a ridiculous comment that [...]

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L&D Schriever Job in Paradís, Des Allemands, and Raceland – 27 December 2006

27 December 2016

This set of pictures was made on 27 December 2006, showing scenes of action of Louisiana & Delta Railroad train SC1 as it worked east of Schriever. We start at Paradís, where the LDRR 1500 – the class CF7 on L&D’s roster – was working at the Discovery Gas Plant. As you can see here, [...]

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L&D in Schriever and KCS in Metairie – 26 December 2006

26 December 2016

It’s quite bizarre for one to get pictures of action on the Louisiana & Delta Railroad and pictures of action on the Kansas City Southern Railway in the same day, but on 26 December 2006, I managed to do it, albeit barely.  In these parts, the two railroads are about 50 miles apart, but neither [...]

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St. Joseph’s Abbey – 25 December 2006

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas.  These two pictures were taken on 25 December 2006. We’re at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Covington, Louisiana. I most appreciate all of you who not only see the good in me through the bad in me but who recognize that the bad – whatever you say that it is – is a necessary [...]

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A Photographically Insipid Christmas Eve – 24 December 2006

24 December 2016

Why are you even looking at this post?  There’s basically nothing to see here. There will be plenty to see here in the coming days, but not today, and not much tomorrow either. Do you not hear what I am screaming at you? Okay, so, while you’re here, check out what I did on other [...]

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What I Had Planned, But Not How I Had Planned It

21 December 2016

Jimbaux can’t understand what you meant to him . . . when you tied his hands. Two Withered Branches Hello!  This is a follow-up to yesterday’s large post of pictures chasing the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s NI1 job.  My intention and my hope then had been to photograph action on the Abbeville Branch.  As you [...]

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Not What I Had Planned, But

20 December 2016

Jimbaux feels that people are strange when you’re a stranger. Sugar And Rice Today, Tuesday 20 December 2016, I set out to photograph a train on the Abbeville Branch of the Louisiana & Delta Railroad, just like I did nearly a month ago. A Typical Holiday Shortline Hunt As so many of the photos taken this [...]

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Faith, Friends, and Foam in New Orleans, Part 2 – 17 December 2006

17 December 2016

Continuing where we left off last time, some time at around midnight, a bit inebriated, The Rail Baron, Sierra Papa (or maybe he had checked out for the night by this time), Kurt, The Shadow Warrior, and I left our NOPB photo session outside of Cooter Brown’s and decided that it would be a good [...]

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Faith, Friends, and Foam in New Orleans, Part 1 – 16 December 2006

16 December 2016

On Saturday 16 December 2006, The Rail Baron and Sierra Papa came (home) to town to help Dr. Diesel move.  My new (used) Canon 17-40mm/f4 lens, which I wanted in time for my upcoming 10-day trip to Mexico, had arrived just the day before.  This occasion called for a group foam mission, of which I [...]

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What Now?

10 December 2016

Jimbaux will see you at the bottom. I Can’t Believe I Was Bested By A Liar (Okay; actually, I totally can believe it.  What, you’re not listening to today’s song?)  Hello.  Before I get to today’s pictures, I have a little bit more on the “Site News” for you that I mentioned in my “Keeping [...]

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A Search For Belonging – 10 December 2006

10 December 2016

Some people search for meaning.  Some people have meaning given to them. Some people search for peace.  Some people have peace given to them. Some people appear to have peace but have so little of it inside. Some people search for boxcars parked on the NS Bernadotte Line in New Orleans, and some very few [...]

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Rice Happens

23 November 2016

Jimbaux now knows why a woman is still not safe when she’s in her home. Special thanks goes to Sarah for picking out today’s song; yes, Tracy Chapman is quite different from the usual Metallica and Seether here! No Way! Oh my gosh, white America!  What on Earth did you do?  How could you sell [...]

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Bernadotte Line – 22 November 2006

22 November 2016

It’s just after midnight on 22 November 2006, less than 72 hours after I shot the northbound Crescent at nearby East City Junction, and I’m getting what are my first action pictures on the Bernadotte Line, fuzzy because I didn’t have a tripod and, as such, had to use some high speed sensitivity with as [...]

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Dawn at East City Junction – 19 November 2006

19 November 2016

Here are five pictures taken over the course of three minutes on the morning of Sunday 19 November 2006. We are at East City Junction on the Norfolk Southern “Back Belt” line – the New Orleans Terminal Company – in New Orleans, Louisiana, watching Amtrak’s northbound Crescent depart from the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal [...]

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SP 745 and Steam Fest, Trains on NOPB – 14 October 2006

14 October 2016

These pictures were taken on 14 October 2006 of the activities at the Louisiana Steam Train Associations “Steam Fest” in Audubon Park.  I believe that this was the first such event. It was a chance for the general public to come see the SP 745 and other equipment. There were music and other attractions. Kids [...]

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Compañeros de New Orleans, Otra Vez – 12 October 2006

12 October 2016

Here is another set of pictures that has the same story as the set three days ago. David was tenacious.  He’s like the El Salvadoran version of my carpenter uncle: a tenacious worker and a teddy bear of a human being. Walter was funny.  Anyway, we see David again. I enjoyed working with him. Contrary [...]

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Keeping Up Appearances

10 October 2016

[Jimbaux will never believe in you again.] Hi.  It’s been awhile since I posted any actual new content, I know.  I took a train picture yesterday (note the comment, which basically translates to “It’s too bad that, on your personal blog, you had to write your personal opinions of things”), which was my first train [...]

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Compañeros de New Orleans – 9 October 2006

9 October 2016

These pictures were taken on a property somewhere – I know exactly where, but I am withholding the information – along Prytania Street in the Garden District neighborhood in New Orleans on 9 October 2006.  I suppose if there was a gentlemen’s statute of limitations for publicizing these images, it has long since expired. These [...]

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Q145 at Marconi – 28 September 2006

28 September 2016

Here are a couple of pictures of one train at Marconi on the NS Back Belt on 28 September 2006, three days after my night at Cooter Brown’s by the NOPB for a memorable night in New Orleans history. Yes, that’s the CSX Q145 with the typical Tropicana refrigerator cars up front. Really, that’s all, [...]

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KCS at LaBarre – 23 September 2006

23 September 2016

I can’t remember, and I can’t reasonably be expected to remember, but it’s possible that I was going to McDonald’s on the night of 23 September 2006 when I made this picture by the Kansas City Southern Railway yard in Metairie. And it’s possible that I was just foaming. Two nights later, I’d make some [...]

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Thick Clouds Over New Orleans – 12 September 2006

12 September 2016

Here is a picture taken on 12 September 2006 showing thick clouds over the skyline of New Orleans and the Crescent City Connection bridges. The location of the picture is the beginning of the Harvey Canal, and the view looks generally northward and downriver. JBX

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Chip And Other Trains in Morgan City, Raceland, Waggaman, and Bridge City – 10 August 2011

10 August 2016

This set of pictures showing the Chip Local and other trains was made on Wednesday 10 August 2011, and, when I originally posted the pictures in the days thereafter, I did so in two posts: Part 1 – Morgan City Part 2 – Raceland, Waggaman, and Bridge City Thanks. JbX

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Big Chip Local Chase Between Schriever and Morgan City – 8 August 2011

8 August 2016

On Monday 8 August 2011, I made a big chase of the Chip Local and some other trains from Schriever to Morgan City on the Sunset Route, showing plenty of scenes of the train working, and I soon put the 42 pictures into a three-part series here on Jimbaux’s Journal.  This particular article that you [...]

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August 2006 Sampler

1 August 2016

Hi.  Welcome to our August 2006 Sampler, 10 images from the month of August 2006, being published 10 years later. We’ll start in one of my favorite stretches of railroad in the world, the Lockport Branch, the former Southern Pacific Railway branchline extending down the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche from Raceland. I recall that [...]

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A Burger and A Caboose in Alexandria, Virginia – 15 July 2011

15 July 2016

These pictures were taken on 15 July 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia; two days before, I visited the Norfolk Southern Railway at Van Dorn Street and got some pictures of, among other things, a Virginia Railway Express train, and now I returned. First, the sun has to rise wherever I was that morning. Okay. I don’t [...]

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Sunday Trip Up The Potomac River – 3 July 2011

3 July 2016

On Sunday 3 July 2011, I took a trip up the Potomac River into central western Maryland and entered the state of West Virginia for the first time in my life, and, throughout the experience, I got plenty of pictures, including some of trains. Over the next few days, I put the 45 pictures into [...]

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July 2006 Sampler

1 July 2016

This one will be different.  There will here be almost nothing in the way of railroads and almost nothing in the way of trains. We start very far from home, and very high up. That’s Mount Saint Helens on the left and Mount Rainier on the right.  I’m in a propeller plane on a flight [...]

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June 2006 Sampler

1 June 2016

Here are our 10 images for the month of June 2006; since I have started doing these monthly samplers starting with January 2006, this is the first one for which the selection process for the images has been difficult, a function of the large breadth of images and large variety of subject matter that I [...]

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May 2006 Sampler

1 May 2016

Welcome again to our monthly set of 10 pictures from some time in 2006 or whatever this is supposed to be.  We have a small amount of geographic diversity in this set, and we have some subject diversity too.  Remember, too, that all caption information can be found in the filename of the picture, which [...]

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Raceland Oil

2 April 2016

These pictures were taken on Saturday 2 April 2016 at Raceland, Louisiana.  The images in this post don’t have good photographic quality, but they tell a news story of happenings in the southern Louisiana railroad scene. In the first four images below, the track in the foreground is that of the Lockport Branch that is [...]

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April 2006 Sampler

1 April 2016

Hi.  Welcome to our monthly look back at sets of pictures from 2006 We wait until almost the middle of the month to start; not only is our first selected picture not taken until the 13th, but that was apparently the first time that I took out the camera at all in April 2006.  I [...]

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March 2006 Sampler

1 March 2016

Hello, and welcome to our monthly 10-picture sampler of my images from the month that was 10 years before the month of publication here.  Like last month, we have some geographic diversity (as in, not all of the pictures are taken in southern Louisiana), but this time we also have subject diversity that aligns precisely [...]

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Foamin’, Frontin’, February

17 February 2016

[Jimbaux is still his own worst enemy.] Before we begin, let’s just say that my troops, having long been in exile and in preparation for an assault to reclaim their territory, have established a beachhead, but they have a very tenuous hold; we’ll see how the battle progresses over the next few weeks. Warning: Unimpressive [...]

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February 2006 Sampler

1 February 2016

Hello.  Here is our monthly installment of pictures from 2006, and I predict that you’ll find this set preferable to last month’s set. We’ll start on Saturday 4 February 2006 at good ol’ Chacahoula, Louisiana, where we see westbound Union Pacific Railroad train MNOHO-3 coming through on a sunny afternoon. Check out that the second [...]

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January 2006 Sampler

1 January 2016

As foretold in my posting of pictures of 31 December 2005 (made on 31 December 2015), I will not, in 2016, be able to maintain the on-each-date blog articles for all of the many good pictures that I took in 2006 and will, instead, do this much-less-time-consuming practice of just putting 10 pictures from each [...]

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Two Union Pacific Trains To End A Memorable Year – 31 December 2005

31 December 2015

After some lengthy blog articles in the last two weeks due to plenty of picture-taking in that time in 2005, we end our look at 2005 with a thankfully brief essay; there are, mercifully, only four pictures here. I must have stayed late at that party in New Orleans the night before, because my first [...]

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Human-Interest Friday – L&D, Amtrak, and the Chip Local – 30 December 2005

30 December 2015

Hey, everyone, here is something different; these pictures were taken on Friday 30 December 2005.  Two days before, I had a momentous day on the Lockport Branch, chasing the Louisiana & Delta Railroad train that served that former Southern Pacific Railway branchline for the entirety of its run in both directions on the branchline.  With [...]

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Grey in Gretna – 29 December 2005

29 December 2015

After our marathon of a day yesterday on the Lockport Branch in Lafourche Parish, this set of pictures will, thankfully, be brief; there are only three pictures in this article, all taken on 4th Street in Gretna, Louisiana, on the afternoon of Thursday 29 December 2005.  Two days before, on Tuesday 27 December 2005, I [...]

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Big Day On The Lockport Branch – 28 December 2005

28 December 2015

Happy holidays, everyone.  In the last week, you’ve seen two sets of pictures of Louisiana & Delta Railroad action on the Lockport Branch of the former Southern Pacific railway; the set of pictures that you will see in this article – the third set of Lockport Branch pictures this week (and the last that I [...]

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NOGC Day, Street-Running Hat Trick – 27 December 2005

27 December 2015

Hey, everybody!  These pictures were taken on Tuesday 27 December 2005, a day that I apparently devoted in its entirety (meaning, all of the daylight part of the day) to foaming the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, mainly in the Gretna area, in order to photograph all that could be photographed and know all [...]

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Belle Rose, Donaldsonville, Schriever, and Berwick – 26 December 2005

26 December 2015

Hello, and Merry Post-Christmas; did y’all have a good holiday? On the day after Christmas 2005, I made a trek toward Donaldsonville in the hopes of seeing and photographing something on what was left of the former Texas & Pacific Railway branchline to Napoleonville and Thibodaux.  At the time, all that remained of the branchline [...]

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Christmas Eve Trains on the Lafayette Subdivision – 24 December 2005

24 December 2015

Hello, and Merry Christmas; these pictures were taken on a very dark Saturday 24 December 2005. Yeah, okay.  My truck, my truck, my filthy little truck.  Whachogondo wit’ all dat mud, all dat mud upside yo’ truck? Haven’t we seen this before?  Didn’t we see this yesterday in different lighting?  Can we please see something [...]

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Just a Few Pictures – 23 December 2005

23 December 2015

I started the day on Friday 23 December 2005 at my crib on the W’ank, and then I ended up in Destrehan for a visit with Aunt Marie and Uncle Willard.  We have just four pictures today (thankfully), and only one of them is a decent railroad action picture. Before we start, I should mention [...]

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NOGC Street-Running, L&D Schriever Job, UP Chip Local – 22 December 2005

22 December 2015

Many of the railroad subjects of which I am known to photograph are in this one set of images taken on Thursday 22 December 2005. First, The Appetizers Apparently, I spent Wednesday night, after doing another Lockport Branch chase, in Bayouland, because on this Thursday, when I would get some great images in and near [...]

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Sun, Mud, and Ontario Northland Boxcars on the Lockport Branch – 21 December 2005

21 December 2015

Wednesday 21 December 2005 was a memorable day, as I spent the afternoon on my beloved Lockport Branch, the since-closed 14-mile railroad branchline extending southward from Raceland, Louisiana, along the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche past Lockport.  You saw some not-so-great (because of the clouds) pictures from the branch two days ago, but today’s shots [...]

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NOGC Street-Runnin’, Highway Crossin’, and Gon’ Spottin’ – 20 December 2005

20 December 2015

Tuesday 20 December 2005 was an interesting day for railroad photography for me, and on this day I got a few more firsts, as I was continuing exploration of this area to which I was new.  Nearly all of today’s pictures are of action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway. Starting right off [...]

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Lockport Branch, Amtrak, BNSF, and Clouds – 19 December 2005

19 December 2015

Monday 19 December 2005 was a cloudy damned day in Bayouland, which disappointed me, since this was one of my rare opportunities to photograph action on the Lockport Branch, the 14-mile-long railroad branchline extending from the Sunset Route mainline at Raceland down the eastern bank of Bayou Lafourche below Lockport. The lighting on this day [...]

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MNOHO Schriever to Berwick, Inclusive – 18 December 2005

18 December 2015

From looking at the archives in my pictures folders, I am pleased to see that on Saturday 17 December 2005, I took no pictures at all, meaning that I may have actually done something productive and meaningful with my life, but the railroad photography started again the next day, as seen in this article, and [...]

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Live Oak Saturday Morning – 10 December 2005

10 December 2015

It’s another Saturday morning in late 2005 back at my new favorite morning train-photography spot, CTC Live Oak, and I had the good sense to make this one brief. We start with a spartan-cab Norfolk Southern Railway GE leading a Union Pacific Railroad train coming in on the Livonia Subdivision. I like those things. Next, [...]

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Live Oak Saturday, Great Northern Sunday – 3-4 December 2005

3 December 2015

Wow, six days between blog articles?  What has happened here?  Could it be that I had to work all day on weekdays back then?  Yeah, apparently, back in late 2005, I would, on any given day, be trackside with camera in hand so long as I didn’t have to be at work; in retrospect, this [...]

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Sunday Sermon at Live Oak – 27 November 2005

27 November 2015

We start anew on this glorious Sunday morning, the morning of Sunday 27 November 2005, at a new location for our weekly worship, that being at CTC Live Oak, where we can enjoy the relative quiet due to the lower rates of automobile traffic on a Sunday morning all while we can more clearly smell [...]

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Live Oak, Willswood, and Avondale – 26 November 2005

26 November 2015

Since I did not know what else to do with my life and my precious time back then, on Saturday 26 November 2005, I did just what I did on all but one day – Thanksgiving Day – in the week preceding: take pictures of trains.  Fortunately, I limited myself on this day to a [...]

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Clouds, BNSF, and Amtrak – 25 November 2005

25 November 2015

Here is a set of pictures that is, due to the marathon of the last few days interrupted by yesterday (in 2005) being Thanksgiving Day, thankfully, relatively brief. Yes, I’m getting right to it; I don’t know, but I guess that is the westbound BNSF manifest train that we’ll see again. Apparently, though, I photographed [...]

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A Mountain Laurel, An H1 Pumpkin, and A Green Deuce – 23 November 2005

23 November 2015

Gosh, the amount of time I’ve spent merely creating these last few posts makes me marvel about how much time I spent out taking these pictures when I did!  These pictures were taken on Wednesday 23 November 2005, the day before Thanksgiving. After the photographically memorable day that we had yesterday, let’s get right to [...]

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L&D, Street-Running, Whiteface BN, SP, and More – 22 November 2005

22 November 2015

Tuesday 22 November 2005 was a photographically glorious and variety-filled day!  This is one of my better sets of pictures in a long-time, and it shows some interesting things that were already old relics in 2005 and mostly-non-existent by the time I am typing and you are reading this.  I attempted to generate a non-spoiling [...]

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L&D, Amtrak, BNSF and Union Pacific – 21 November 2005

21 November 2015

This is the start of three nearly solid days of railroad photography in the Thanksgiving week of 2005; apparently, I spent practically all of my time in the daylight hours of my three off-days prior to Thanksgiving taking pictures of trains, something that seems ridiculous to the me of a decade later who is typing [...]

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Schriever Static Sunday Stills – 20 November 2005

20 November 2015

Not Much Of A Sunday Sermon Well, here is mostly much to do about nothing; these pictures were taken on Sunday 20 November 2005 in Schriever, Louisiana. I guess these pictures, insipid as they might be, are a result of curiosity; then again, all pictures are. Digital SLR photography was still new to me, and [...]

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Waggaman and Schriever – 19 November 2005

19 November 2015

You know, “Waggaman and Schriever” sounds like it could be the name of a law firm, or something.  Anyway, these pictures were taken in (or near) those two towns on Saturday 19 November 2005. Two Firsts Regular readers of this site – or, I should say, regular viewers of my images – have seen my [...]

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