Storms In A

by Jim on 2023/04/15

Storms In Vermilionville?

That Enya song “Storms In Africa” came to my mind when I took these pictures.

As I started typing this blog essay, I am thinking of the Toto song about rain in Africa and wondering if it may have inspired the Enya song!  This is the first time that I make this connection!

Yesterday, The Duke and I went yesterday to the Palmetto place.

I am eating mostly unhealthy food today: doughnuts, then an orange, then potato chips, etcetera.

I had a good hour-long walk early this morning.

I washed, dried, and folded colored clothes this morning before the pictures.

I was about to start my third and final set of lunges before I decided to get some pictures, these pictures, of the beautiful clouds that were moving in before the forecasted rain that makes today a good day to process pictures for a personal KCS retrospective like many other guys are doing.

I am probably not going to get that published today, though.

The wind felt so good!

I thought about the saying from either Socrates or Aristotle that wisdom begins in wonder! 

I found this entertaining and cool!  Perhaps it’s because it’s the only excitement that I get these days.  🙁

I thought about Einstein saying that imagination is more important than knowledge.

There was a beauty to it all.

That’s all.


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