Trains, Cane’s, Karl, Coffee, Gumbo, And A Bad Hub

by Jim on 2020/02/29

Today is Saturday 29 February 2020, Leap Day; I went to New Orleans today, the first time that I go there since permanently moving out of there a month ago.

I stopped in Baldwin and shot the L&D power parked there.

Next, I stopped in Morgan City and finally saw a car parked on the stub of the old loop track.

Hey, here is the westbound Sunset Limited! It snuck up on me!

This is Myrtle Street.

I cannot get accustomed to the #1 running on a Saturday! even though it’s been almost a decade now!

I stopped in Schriever, of course.

That’s the LDRR 1847 at this sacred place.

Here are empty centerbeam flatcars on what remains of the Houma Branch.

A local building material retailer offloads building material here.

Here are the hopper cars, offloading either potash or some kind of salt, in Raceland.

This place isn’t as cool as it once was. Maybe it never was cool.

Next, I am in Bridge City, looking at the bridge.

Across the river, I am in Jefferson, at Elmwood, and there is a westbound Union Pacific Railroad manifest train climbing the Huey P. Long Bridge.

This looks like a train that comes from the Norfolk Southern Railway, with those neat NS-family steel cars!

I got a haircut, where I had been getting my haircut for years, and I won’t be able to maintain this anymore!

I had a hub problem with the truck and heard the friction as I drove back to the homestead after meeting with a well-known scholar.

Okay, that’s all for the day, and the month.


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