Passing Near Home

by Jim on 2019/06/11

After going to Lafayette yesterday, I awoke today at the homestead hopeful and optimistic about the job interview that I have tomorrow in New Orleans, one of my last chances to stay in New Orleans, and anticipating relief about getting an overdue dental checkup out of the way today.

I stop at the L&D headquarters in New Iberia to check out what is there.

I don’t know what I miss more: the CF7s or the silver-grey ventral paint.

I had to keep moving so as to not miss my appointment, and, immediately after crossing the Atchafalaya River and noticing how swollen it was, that the water was up to the floodwalls, I exited at Morgan City and, as quickly as I could, got these pictures.

Yes, that is river water seeping through the floodgates!

Yes, that is interesting!

While I am here, let’s just see if the L&D Schriever Job happens to be in town.

It is!

Okay, I really have to boogie now, and that’s all for DLSR-camera pictures today, but there is more!

Things are changing, and I am not sure for the better. I don’t often use the word “neoliberalism,” but that is surely what came to mind when I saw this.

I don’t know.

I then noticed that my earliest childhood home was for sale.

That made me think again about my idea that, had a full carbon tax been instituted and enacted decades ago, that railroad – the railroad by my earliest childhood home – might still be there, and how I might have tried to buy the house if that railroad was still there (and if I had something called “money.”)

After that brief foray, it was time to meet a friend in town for coffee or food or something.

And then we went to the farm and came back to town to go to Lowe’s.

That was fun; no, it was not.

Riding back to the farm was fun, even if bittersweet.

I don’t know how I will ever be able to get over the fact that “home” is no longer home.

I don’t know what to do. My life, my future, was (further) poisoned when this bomb was dropped on me almost seven years ago.

Anyway, I have to keep going, back to New Orleans, hoping to salvage a future for myself in a place that is quickly sinking into the water, a fight that I will soon abandon if there is no hope there, either.



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