Cañón Huasteca – 15 July 2004

by Jim on 2014/07/15

[Jimbaux is alive, for you, awake.]

On Thursday 15 July 2004, one day after the Ray of Beast and I visited El Obispado and I photographed some interesting TFM action at Salinas-Victoria, my Mexican-Canadian friend Joel and I visited what is perhaps the most spectacular natural wonder in the Monterrey area.

These pictures are shown in chronological order, but that first picture does not do this place justice, nor does this one.

The images will get better; please be patient!

This is Cañón Huasteca, located in (or south of) the Santa Catarina area west of Monterrey.

There is a small fee to enter this park, though there are a few people who live in the canyon and farm goats.

The canyon is also popular for rock climbers.

The canyon is on the other side of the ridge where Parque Chipinque, which I had visited five weeks before, is.

Here is where we start to see the distinctive cliffs and spires of white limestone strata.

We’re definitely not in Louisiana anymore!

Me gusta mucho.

That gravel road was neat.  Here’s my podnuh Joel.

Back toward the entrance of the park, where the road is paved, we get this view.

The canyon is part of the much larger Cumbres de Monterrey National Park.

Rock-climbers apparently love that vertical strata.

That’s all for our visit to Cañón Huasteca today.  I got some shots of other things on the way home.

Now we are passing by campus.

And now we are back home.

Three years to the day after I took these pictures in such a mountainous area, I was back home (the real one) in a very flat area getting many pictures of trains on a humid Saturday.

Four years to the day after these pictures were taken, I was again in another country, this time Canada, as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities seminar at North Dakota State University to which I had applied in 2004 but to which I did not get accepted, hence my decision to go to Mexico, and I got one of the most spectacular pictures that I have ever taken.

That is all for what would be my second-to-last full day in Mexico in 2004.  We will have a few pictures tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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1 Bob July 23, 2014 at 09:49

What an incredible place! Thanks for sharing!


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