MARCO – 9 June 2004

by Jim on 2014/06/09

[Jimbaux was finding a way to be.]

After class on Wednesday 9 June 2004, or miercoles 9 junio 2004, some of us took an ITESM-organized trip from campus to MARCOMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo – downtown.  Modern art is by its nature usually is unintelligible to many of those who attempt to imbibe it, but many of us tried, and there were some neat things in there.

I can’t remember if there was a prohibition on photography inside the place, but even if there was not, with me shooting my 100-speed film (gosh, it seems so primitive and anachronistic now), indoor photography would not have worked very well, even though I did engage in it for something as glorious as Señora Gloria’s graduation the week before.

So, all of the pictures here – a mere four of them – were taken outside of the museum as we were waiting for the bus to take us back to campus.

That is Matt at left; he is the only person in this picture with whom I am still in contact, and he was one of the few non-American students in the international program, though he did go to high school in California.

He was from and now is once again in Canada.  I was disappointed that there were not more non-Americans and non-Mexicans in the program, but I was told by international program staff that such students tend to go home in the summer.

Here is a picture of a fellow student with whom I not only still am in contact but whom I visited when I returned to Mexico (for the second time, the first being in 2006-2007) in 2009.

He’s a good man.  The lady in the striped shirt was from, as I recall, Indiana.

Photographically, here is a neat shot.

The young woman on the left was from Arizona, and the young woman on the right was from the New York metropolitan area.

We’re just chillin’ before the bus shows up.

Two of the people in these pictures would join me in my truck for our own trip downtown the next day.  Stay tuned for that, as it will be more interesting than this set.


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