Standard Time Sunday Sermon

by Jim on 2012/11/07

[Jimbaux knows that the more you live, the faster you will die, or something like that.]

Yes, kiddies, it’s a return to the Sunday Sermon, briefly, and there will soon be a return a great many other good things for Jimbaux, albeit at the cost of some other good things, like the ability to easily photograph Chip west of Bayou Terrebonne as frequently as I have been doing for most of this year.  Anyway, here are some pictures taken Sunday, five years to the day after a very foamy day on the KCS’s Meridian Speedway in eastern-central Mississippi.

Back To Normal Time, The Way That It Should Be

We needn’t revisit the topic of the bane of the utter stupidity of the so-called “daylight saving time,” but the return to time the way it was before the people we elect to reflect our own lack of intelligence decided to mess with clocks has meant that once again, you can catch the northbound Amtrak Crescent in daylight as it leaves New Orleans shortly after 07:00; furthermore, as we are now in the middle of fall, the sun is far enough south to open up some new shot possibilities.

Too Late, Too Dark, But Not Too Dark

Are you confused yet?  I should not have done this shot.  Or, rather, I should have gotten here sooner.  Not only would I have had a better composition, but I would have had time to set my exposure.  Thanks to the marvels of modern digital imaging combined with my abilities to take advantage of those marvels, you may not be able to tell that this shot is at least a full stop underexposed.

Maybe it is too early to do this shot, as it seems that the lighting is a bit head-on.  Maybe it will improve in about two weeks.

A New Shot

It’s just the Crescent, and, despite those private cars on the rear, it always looks the same, so, especially since I’m not really in the mood to drive to the Lake Ponchartrain bridge, lets find some new shot of him on the lakefront, and lets do it quickly.  A quick sprint up the new floodwall yielded this result at Danube Street:

Well, though I am satisfied that the effort yielded such information, I’m not satisfied with the image.  Shots from the outside of the curve that show that side of the train really don’t work that well for me, and we have some “merging horizon” issues here too.

The Patrick Henry Cars

Or so I am told that’s what they’re called, and they are supposedly supposed to return to New Orleans this week and then participate in the move of the restored F-units to the Galveston Railroad Museum for its big reopening ceremonies this weekend.  Here they are:

Yeah, not the best scene, it is.

Another New Shot, Also Of A Well-Photographed Train

Before we call it a morning (I had things to do, mes amis), let’s get this one train on the NS Back Belt, this AN-41 returning to NS Oliver Yard with the morningly transfer from the Candian National Railway.

Yeah, we’re at City Park.  You’ve seen this spot from the overhead shot at Wisner to the east.  I’m guessing that all of those extra locomotives were from some grain train or coal train that went to the CN.

Well, that’s enough for now, and at least this post is far less of a waste of time than the previous post.



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1 Howard Bingham November 8, 2012 at 02:11

Those 2 pvt. cars were no their way to Washington, D.C. on a charter, by Thursday, they should be back in NOL at the private car shop & will head toward Houston early Friday morning on a special Amtrak move that will include 2 ATSF painted F-7 locomotives and several more private cars & several Amtrak coaches to Houston for the “Galveston RR Museum” re-opening special (details at: )… The private cars are based in Houston, see: for a slide show of the car interiors while on charter trips..


2 Patrick Harris November 8, 2012 at 18:28

Those private cars are in the same/similar scheme that the American Orient Express wore in the mid-1990s. See:

Interestingly, the AOE web site is still up after 4 years of inactivity.


3 Ray Duplechain November 8, 2012 at 19:46

Check out the space ship houvering over the NS 2514; good shot…..


4 Howard at MP 195 November 9, 2012 at 10:22

Train 20’s power was back to back (which is the way it should be in my expert opinion). You don’t see that everyday

Howard at MP 195


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