Apathy . . . .

by Jim on 2011/10/24

[Jimbaux is haunted by your apathy.]

I Don’t Want This

Here are some train pictures for you from Monday 3 October.

Can apathy sometimes be a virtue?  I didn’t much care when I took these pictures, and I don’t much care now, but for some different reasons.

Do you care?  Should you care?  Do I even care to know the answer?

I Don’t Need This

Here’s some action on the Norfolk Southern Railway in New Orleans, starting with a yard job dragging a cut of auto-racks toward Florida Avenue and soon-to-be into Oliver Yard.

Have you had enough of this yet?  No?  Well, let’s have another look, taken a few seconds later, this view looking down Florida Avenue and showing the bridge across the Inner-Harbor Navigational Canal in the distance.

Are we cool?

I Can’t Take This . . . Anymore

There was a work train, the 99A, trying to get into the yard, but not for long.

The really amusing part came next.  The crew of this train told Oliver Tower that its instructions were to go into the yard, turn the train around, and go way back out to North Shore to tie the train down.  That’s not the most amusing part, though.  That came when Preston responded with a very quick, snappy “What?”  I really did laugh out loud at that one!

A New Shot

So, here was an opportunity to do a shot I’ve never done before.  You’re looking northward across the Florida Avenue Canal at the end of the NS Back Belt.  You can see two tracks splitting at right, the one in the foreground going to Oliver Yard and the one in the background going to the mainline.  In the below picture, the train has already passed the track from the mainline to the Back Belt and is actually to the left (west) of the frame in this picture.

Now, he begins shoving “around the horn” into the yard.

I’d write more, but I really just don’t care.  Oh, and if you do care what this looks like from about 90 degrees to the right, you might remember I was there less than a month before.

I guess this was a Meridian crew, but I really don’t know.

Another New Shot

There wasn’t anyone behind me on Almonaster; so, I very quickly did this.

Not bad, eh?  Bah, what do I care?

Yet Another New Shot

We’re close to the lake here (since I had to go in that general direction anyway), as we are near the part of the NONE mainline where the track turns from a due northward direction to the northeast.  This is the first time I ever shoot here too!

As Jay LaRose once said to me, “That looks like a freshly cut lawn.”

That’s all.  Time for class.  Time to forget about this train stuff.  I mean, who cares?  Aren’t there more important things?

Yeah, I’m no longer sure that “woadies” needs an “h” in it, hence my lack of use of it in the word in this sentence, but, regardless, I don’t care.

But Seriously, Folks . . .

I have a more legitimate reason (not that whatever reasons I had before were not legitimate) to not care about train pictures and Jimbaux’s Journal this evening.  If you’ve seen the album just posted to the professional Facebook fan page, you already know why.  I can not understand why this happened, but maybe some things in life are not meant to be understood.  Cherish the times you spend with those whom you love.



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1 Howard Bunte October 24, 2011 at 13:20

Cherish the times you spend with those whom you love.

Sorry that I cannot Bold, Underline, and Italicize that line above… so true.
BUT regret should not drag one down, but simply highlights the good times with that person. My most sad person I have ever known was a person who did NOT get things straight with her dad before he died…she lived on ten more years in deepest regret and remorse…
YOU knew this lady (whom I do not)…but you DID have your ‘quality time’ with her…
Celebrate her joy in living…so apparent in the pix…and YOUR time with her…
DON”T wrap yourself TOTALLY in gloom at ‘losing her’ and not having more time with her…
(I’ll bet she would NOT want you to mourn so deeply… not to leave a scar on you…)
hey, there’s NEVER enough time… yet, what we do have is “GOLD’… treasure THAT.
Love you, man… and.
Hang in there… Howard


2 EDITOR - Jimbaux October 25, 2011 at 18:37

Howard, thanks. I’ve been doing generally good, though a large community of people is grieving her sudden departure from the world. It’s such a shock. It’s been a reminder of the great blessings of life.


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