Easter Sunday on Capitol Hill

by Jim on 2011/04/25

[Jimbaux is not over.]

Happy Easter, everyone.  Here are a few shots from Easter Sunday morning on Capitol Hill.

It’s Not Any Better, And It’s Actually Worse

Now I know this camera is no better when it comes to wide angle shots than my now-gone Canon.  Remember that constricted shot of the Adams building of the Library of Congress in the post a few weeks ago?  Yeah, this one has barrel distortion too.

The shot is properly leveled, even though the optical illusion may make you think otherwise due to the flagpole.  The corner of the building is indeed straight vertical.

Here’s another shot full of optical illusions.

Yeah.  Mais.

I think I mentioned something yesterday about wanting a bicycle.

Here’s a shot of the back of the Supreme Court building.

I had some more inspiration stuff to write here, but I’ve forgotten most of it.  Oh, well.

Easter is a time for renewal indeed.  Here is the scene outside of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Capitol Hill.

No trains here.

Oh, well, I need to run.  Later.


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