July 2014 Sampler

by Jim on 2024/07/01

Greetings, and welcome to the July 2014 Sampler essay.  The content of this essay is similar to and follows from the one that preceded it, the “June 2014 Sampler” essay, in that all images in each were made in southeastern Louisiana and that both include several scenes from the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway, though this one is relatively brief.

Ten years prior to the beginning of July 2014, I was in northern Mexico during my formative summer studying and living with a host family there.

Tuesday, The 1st

Here is a neat Canadian Pacific Railway hopper car on the NOLR track along Brooklyn Avenue at Gouldsboro Yard under the Crescent City Connection bridges.

Despite the presence of Government Of Canada logos, this thing would no longer have been owned by the Canadian government by the time that this image was made, as evidenced by the CP reporting marks.

Wednesday, The 2nd

We are on Fourth Street in Gretna, just a little bit east of Huey Long Avenue, and here comes a New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway train!

This stretch of track on Fourth Street is all that remains of the once-extensive Southern Pacific railroad trackage on the West Bank downriver from where the old SP mainline was truncated at Nine Mile Point.

Thursday, The 3rd

On this day, I once-again shot a westbound NOGC train on Fourth Street in Gretna.

Next, I photographed a Union Pacific Railroad job with GMTX 2305 as power east of and from Nine Mile Point Road.

That is the old Texas & Pacific Railway mainline.  As I mentioned earlier, the former SP mainline just south of here is gone.

Tuesday, The 8th

The first picture that I took on this day was of activity with what was then a new railroad customer in Raceland, the unloading of salt, I believe potash, from hopper cars next to the post office.

Later, I was in Gretna, and I got some shots of some NOGC action.  Here, NOGC 3875 and another locomotive emerge from Gouldsboro Yard onto the former New Orleans & Lower Coast Railroad mainline so that they can back past the switch to go and grab their train, bound for Belle Chasse, on the track in the background.

A few minutes later, with the locomotives coupled to the cars, I then shot the full train farther down Madison Street.

Ten years to the day prior to this day, I photographed some Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana action north of Monterrey and got stopped by security officers because I struck them as suspicious!

Monday, The 14th

Note that this shot of hopper cars at the post-office track is also a self-portrait.  😊

Again, this was when this customer was new.

What I did 10 years to the day before this day was much more interesting!  On that day, I visited El Obispado and got some more pictures on the TFM north of Monterrey.

Wednesday, The 16th

It was due to a function of vagabondage, of frontin’, that the last day that I took out my DSLR camera in the month of July 2014 was only barely midway through the month.

It happened in Jefferson Parish.  I was at one of the food establishments on Clearview next to the Huey P. Long Bridge, and I got a picture of this old truck parked at the Copeland’s.

Then, I shot a quartet of UP SD60s leading the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad transfer run to Avondale up the bridge.  Then, on the other side of the river, I shot a UP westbound intermodal train descending the western approach of the bridge.

Ten years to the day before this day was my last full day in Monterrey from my summer spent there going to ITEMS and living with a host family

Times change!

That’s all for this article.



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