Heat And Stupidity

by Jim on 2023/08/22

The 17th was the first day of the rest of my life, but so, too, had been other days before.  I said so on 21 December 2013, and I said so again around the end of May and beginning of June in 2019.  I’m probably too old now to ever say that again about a job/career/profession.

I wish that we had had this idea of this profession and business and been able to act on it a little bit earlier.  I could have saved my home, and I would be often foaming at Schriever – not that often, but at least it would be there.  I’d be able to see and photograph the Union Pacific Railroad’s New Iberia Turn almost every day.  I might have some more meaningful personal relationships.

Yes, I am being vague.  It’s deliberate.

I don’t think that I will find the digital pictures that that old friend and I took to DC in the spring of 2005.

There was a derailment in New Iberia yesterday, and I went to Lake Charles today.

I can’t wait for the weather to cool off.  I have cabin fever so badly.

This morning, Joy almost ran me over as she was backing out of her driveway in the morning darkness, and then she had the audacity to essentially blame me for it, saying that I need to wear something more visible.

In Lake Charles, I had to go to the “association” office, and I ended up going to the Raising Cane’s afterward, the one by McNeese State University.

Let’s just say that I felt out of place there.  I am now too old for Raising Cane’s, probably too old for the food, and definitely too old for the atmosphere inside of the place.  There was a nice lady working behind the counter, and she handled the crazy amount of noise in the bathroom.  It’s too damn loud inside of that place.

The woman said that she “already knew” about the loud music in the bathroom, which left me with the impression that she had raised the issue to management before and that nothing was done about it.  The music inside the rest of the restaurant was rather loud.  Furthermore, it was of that fast-paced annoying variety.

So, I went to the office.  It was very hot in there, and JoAnn was on the phone.  Oh, well.

It was time to head downtown for the important meeting.

This place is neat.

I want to return.

My meeting with the person whom we will call “the candidate” went well.  He said that he is getting much out of our conversations.

He said that polling looks great.

The attractive brunette waitress expressed that she thought that I looked younger than I am.  I don’t know if she actually believes that or if she was working for a good tip.

So, it was time to go.

That’s all.

There was nothing moving on Port Rail when I checked it out at about 17:00, with all three locomotives in the Port Of Lake Charles being stationary.

I then went by the Union Pacific Railroad yard and saw this.

It’s not much, but it’s a properly-lit and properly-composed image of a moving train.

It could be better, though.

I went check out New Yard.

Then, I went to the rice mill.

Then, I kept going east, leaving Lake Charles.

I poked around at Iowa, but I wasn’t not going to either sit there in the heat and wait for a train or sit there with the AC running in the truck for a while.  I figured that there wasn’t much running east of Iowa anyway due to the New Iberia derailment.

Man, that was a fine waitress.

I followed Sunset Route until about Welsh.  Then, I went back to the house via Thornwell.

That’s all for now.


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