July In Leroy

by Jim on 2023/07/08

Today is Saturday.  We went to Leroy.  I got some cat pictures and some tree pictures.

Lately, I have been working in Photoshop, reprocessing some old scanned slides.  I will be posting them here on the blog and on Facebook over the course of the next year and change.

I have also been having an eye-opening experience looking through old LRMRG posts.  I had to keep reminding myself, as I looked through the things that other people and I wrote from that time, that this is before I was a New Orleans man, before I knew my ways around Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish, before I met Christ T, before I worked at that school on the W’ank, but mostly after my first falling out with Shawn Levy but after I had been to Rich Mountain three times, and even before I got to know much of Saint Charles Parish. 

It was also before Facebook and Twitter.  The world has dramatically changed since then.

These messages also include accounts of my first foaming trips to the Morgan City area, to Berwick and Patterson, which is interesting, because it was a foreshadowing both to my eventual employment in that area and to my eventual being pulled that way like I am now.

It was very interesting to read Perry’s 20-year-old posts about New Iberia; this was a year after I had been to New Iberia for the first time with that November 2002 get-together there and then a stop there the following month on the way back from a conference in Lafayette.

I had forgotten that I had driven to a Circe K convention in Tioga and all that that entailed, like me playing flag football and being considered fast, with big Mike Ancar saying, to my great surprise, “you play safety, because you are fast.”

I vaguely remember Alex Patout.

I remember that thing with Cindy.

Anyway, like I said, we went to Leroy.

It was nice, but the small cups out of which to drink were a problem.

Meanwhile, I got to make a new friend.

Well, isn’t she cute?

She, too, got to make a new friend.

It was hot out there.

She is friendly.

The peaches-and-crème color is probably my least favorite cat-fur pattern, but she is still cute.

This is my shot of the day.

Yeah, it’s not of a Spartan-cab or a switcher or anything like that.  I guess that that hoorah that I did in mid-May was my last big set of pictures until the weather cools off.

We left.

I was yawning heavily as I drove away, probably due to dehydration, which was due to small cups and glasses and wine and all of that.

That was a cute stray cat.

That’s all for pictures for today, though.

This horrible heat reminds me that I fear that this is how I will die.

I fear that, during some electrical outage, due to some hurricane or tropical storm or something, I will die from the heat.

It’s all part of a plethora of other horrible problems that society has.

We can and should do better.

I will see you next time, I guess!


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