Wright Honey, Bees, Trees, And Clouds

by Jim on 2023/05/10

Jimbaux helped them get a box fully of honey.

Are You Laughing At Me Now?

The lyrics are very much appropriate, in so many ways.

Are you laughing at me now?

In my circumstance

When still I wear your crown

My life’s penitence

For what?

What’s so funny?

A Box full o’ honey.

Today, as part of my life’s penitence, in my circumstance, while I, a fully-grown adult, was wearing the crowns of other persons, we went to Wright Honey.

If you lived in Wright, you’d be home by now.

We saw the bees.

We also got a box fully of honey.

I would tell you more, but the shame is still too strong.

This is neat, though.

I have work to do to kill toxic myths.

I was reminded of this when I looked up this person afterward.

I really like that view.

A half century ago, you’d have been able to hear a train passing out here, twice per day, daily except Sunday.

The Midland Branch was neat, conceptually.

I think about what it would have been like had the Rock Island taken over the line and been able to hold onto it.

Well, we are about to get out of here.

Let’s see a few scenes on our way out.

This is becoming my standard fare, now that, not entirely by choice, I am taking fewer train pictures.

What am I doing here?

I wish that I would be awakened from this nightmare.


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