Life There Goes On Without Me

by Jim on 2019/12/15

Today, Sunday 15 December 2019, I went to clean the last of my personal items out of the storage unit, meaning that, rather significantly, the last of my personal possessions has left my homeland.

I stopped in New Iberia and saw that the Union Pacific Railroad has delivered three empty rice mill hopper cars.  The five cars pulled last week are still there, and only three appear to be loaded.

Anyway, The Duke and I went – or came – to this storage unit two days ago, to get stuff that couldn’t fit in my truck. Today, I went alone to get what remained.

I let this be the last item – or pair of items, but they were once attached together on either side of a post – that I removed from the storage unit.

It felt final. It felt real.

Seven minutes later, I visited the location of that crossbuck; more than two decades after the rails of the branch were removed, the rails in the crossing are still there!

The rails are also still there for the crossing on the other side of the old house, which is still for sale. I walked around. I wanted to see Mrs. Alice.

I thought about the rose bushes around that power pole.

Childhood was idyllic, or so it only now seems.

I thought about trains, because of course I did.

And I thought about The Nilla’s treachery, and what it means, that someone from the railroad enthusiast community would do that.

We never would have become friends today. He’d have read my blog and seen all of the anti-Trump stuff. I guess that I was so libertarian back in the Obama years, when he first read my stuff, when we first knew each other.

Christ The Redeemer. Wow.

The cane harvest happens, as it does annually.

I remember that bank.

I wish that I had been privileged enough to have ever directly participated in this process, but I guess the close proximity is good enough.

I see Foret’s abandoned office, me thinking about my needed appointment

There is a new automobile wash place at the beginning of Plantation Road.

It’s the same old stuff, but it means something different to me now.

I think of how I learned classic rock and so many other things at the nearby gym.

My social connections have frayed.

It is what it is.

I die.

It ends.

So long.



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