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by Jim on 2019/09/26

Jimbaux is terrified of these four walls,
These iron bars can't hold his soul in

Impeach Me

Yeah, I am posting this out of order. Sue me. It’s the least that I can do lately with my dwindling capacities, even as I strengthen in other areas.

Actually, no, I am not posting this out of order. Never mind.

Here are a few pictures from New Iberia this afternoon, where I was yesterday afternoon, too.

I think that this was a job heading to Elks, perhaps with inbound UP stuff and outbound BNSF stuff, stopped on the siding.

Let’s get a different view and a self portrait.

So, the train backed passed the east siding switch, and then came westbound on the mainline.

Well, this is a neat place, but the pictures here aren’t always inspiring.

That’s all for the pictures today.

We need to build a more just society.

Have a good night.


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