Christmas In Rice Country

by Jim on 2018/12/25

Good evening, and Merry Christmas.  Yesterday, I showed you a few scenes of the sugarcane harvest on Christmas Eve, and, today, here are a few pictures that I took today while on holiday travel in rice country.

This first picture and the fact it is the only picture in this essay of this subject demonstrates that I erred in not bringing my telephoto lens along for the ride!

This is a northnortheastward view shows a flooded rice field, in Vermilion Parish near the northeastern corner of Cameron Parish, with plenty of waterfowl – the reason that I stopped for the picture – scrounging for what they can out of it.

Next, we stopped in Lake Arthur.  Here is City Hall.

I guess that if we understand Christmas to be a civic-cultural-social holiday and not a religious holiday we can justify putting a Nativity scene on government property.

That’s a side view of city hall.  I like the fishnet Christmas Tree!

Here are a couple more scenes of town before we roll out.

It seems interesting.

The Southern Pacific railway had a branch from Lake Charles to here that was abandoned in (I think) the early 1980s, the Lake Arthur Branch; I am not sure what, if anything, it ever did in town, but it served a big rice dryer on the northern edge of town and some other rice facilities along the line.

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Later in the afternoon, we are back in Kaplan, where I stopped to photograph a couple of the old rice mill or dryer or whatever they are.

The railroads with which I am obsessed served these facilities, some of them as late as 1990.  Mike Palmieri got some pictures of this service.

I wish that trains still operated here.

And I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Joyeux Noël.






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