Foamy Four-20 Friday

by Jim on 2012/04/21

[Jimbaux knows you are trippin’ into a world that never seems too far away.]

Just Another Vision . . . In My Head . . .

Greetings, you pot-heads!  What’s good?  What’s funny?
Jimbaux’s got some pics that he took on 4/20.
It was Friday afternoon, and you know the usual drill.
Jimbaux was takin’ pics on his way back to Woadieville.
So grab your beers, and grab your blunts
‘Cause Jimbaux got some pics of trains, some seen more that once.
I shot two westbound trains, both Union Pacific,
MCXEW and MAVBT, to be specific.
Now, imagine the surprise for what my eyes did see,
As it had been years since I saw the MAVBT!
For the last few years, this train has been nocturnal.
That’s why you’ve not yet seen it here on Jimbaux’s Journal.
So, for this first shot, the train takes up only a small portion,
But that’s ’cause this shot is jacked due to heat distortion.

The carbon black hoppers, do them you see?
They’ll be set out in the interchange track at the NIB*.
Then they’ll be switched and moved by the L&D,
And this is the way it gets there, the MAVBT.

This is a new shot for Jimbaux, never done it before
But I don’t think I’ll do it again, as it seems such a bore.
Actually, I have (almost) shot here before, and that’s a fact,
But only in the fall and winter on the other side of the track.
Well, grab your blunts and take ye another puff,
‘Cause two shots of the MAVBT apparently ain’t enough.

Well, those shots were lame, but this train is kind of neat!
There’re some good shots west of here to which this train I can beat.
To chase this thing further west would have been pretty cool,
But, alas, as it was, the car was out of fuel.
So while you’re enjoying these pictures on this bender,
I stopped at Wilson’s, got some gasoline and chicken tenders.
It’s the only place in Chacahoula, so you might as well pick it,
But you’ve got stand in line behind people buying lottery tickets.

Part II

There were not many more trains running, but I did not fret.
I’m just glad I got one more before the sun set.
It was the MCXEW, a train that’s usually long.
Have a look at this picture while you load another bong.

It was good to be out, taking pictures by the track,
When a few nights before, I had seen Godsmack.
Now, some of you will recall, as you enjoy smoking your pot,
That a week to the day before, I was at this very same spot.
The pictures that I got then were better than these,
But I say that just ’cause I’m a tough person to please.
Now before my rhymes make you deliriously insane,
Let me entertain you with another shot of this train.

Comparing those two pictures, it’s obvious what I need.
I need some Photoshop training, I need it indeed.
So while you’re laughing at me as you enjoy your weed,
If you give me some Photoshop advice, it I might heed.
Now, before you pass out, and before you hit the hay,
I want to show you some pics of this train going away.

Run quickly across the road for a shot? It’s a stunt.
Think about that as you roll another blunt.
Weed won’t solve all your problems, as if it’s a magic potion,
And maybe what you need instead are these boxcars in motion.

As we watch the end of this long train pass,
Please pay attention to another type of grass,
Though with my pictures I hope to entertain,
I hope you note the presence of the sugar cane.

So, as we come near the end of this silly little rhyme
I’ve got one more shot to show, this of a different kind
Not only a different kind of shot, in this situation,
But a shot showing a different type of transportation.

So there you have it, not too much time did I kill,
As I was already driving back to Woadieville.
I hope that I have given you a little bit of hope
That you can get high on this photographic digital dope
So now that the pot is giving you hunger pains,
Just remember one thing: real gangstaz photogrpah trains.



* “NIB” is the BNSF Railway’s station code for New Iberia, Louisiana.  New Iberia is the headquarters of the Louisiana & Delta Railway and the location where UP and L&D conduct most of their interchange traffic.

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1 John April 21, 2012 at 19:51

So there is something I want you all to know.

This journal in verse is the work of one Jimbaux.

Pics of engines, boxcars, tankers, car after car

Will pass with Jimbaux and camera not so far.

Behold! Photo after photo broken with couplets between,

While Jimbaux covers railroading scene after scene.

Thus the Poet of the Rails devotes much of his time

Being the Ansel Adams and a laureate in Rail Rhyme.


2 Ray Dupe April 21, 2012 at 20:27

Good stuff…like to see a couple shots of the Locomotives in motion….good stuff..thanks


3 doc donaldson April 24, 2012 at 21:12

I have made two trips to louisiana in the last 7 months after being away for years. The two things I really noticed is that there is tons of Spanish moss in the trees that wasn’t there before; and there are Buzzards (Turkey Vultures) everywhere. I love your train pictures, but wonder if you have noticed this non-train stuff.
Doc Donaldson


4 Donovan April 26, 2012 at 23:18

I’m actually surprised that you haven’t seen the MAVBT in so long. I believe i have seen it a couple times my self in the morning hours switching the L&D tracks in New Iberia. I really love how the pictures came out, though! I do find that the black of the NS engines fits more to the scene than a bright yellow UP engine would have. That shot in the field came out good also. I been planning wanting to do some scenic photos like.


5 Shannon April 22, 2014 at 15:33

I like this. 🙂 You, Gangsta, are funny, poetic and so talented with your beautiful captures!


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