Tuesday The 13th, But Yesterday Was Better

by Jim on 2012/03/13

[Jimbaux is of wolf and man.]

Off Through The New Day’s Mist I Run . . .

Scary, isn’t it?  Only as I’m sitting down to make this post do I realize that this is the second time in less than a year (the other time being in September) that I photograph a train on the Huey P. Long Bridge on Tuesday the 13th, a supposedly really unlucky day if you know the language of the Iberians, a weird coincidence, and this time it was on the East Bank.  Anyway, as I was driving across the bridge this afternoon on my way from Bayouland back here to Woadieville, I got ahead of the eastbound Z-train.  I got down to the Academy Sports and Outdoors parking lot just in time to blast this lame shot.

Nobody in the parking lot asked me what in the heck I was doing standing on top of my parked truck with a camera, but I was prepared to tell anyone who asked that I had never seen a train before.

You know, that’s two consecutive posts that I post lame (poorly lit, in both cases) pictures of trains on their way from the UP to the CSX.  What should I do about it here?  Should I just end this post with the only train that I shot today?

Shape Shift!

Here’s what I’ll do so that I don’t earn a reputation as a lame photographer for posting two consecutive posts of lame shots: I’ll take a step back into yesterday to post what is probably my best shot of yesterday (and at the rate I’m going, I’ll never process or post any of my other shots from yesterday.)

I Hunt, Therefore I Am, Harvest The Land, Taking Of The Fallen Lamb . . .

(You don’t like Metallica?  Today’s song is an oldie-but-goodie!)  As I was on my way from Woadieville to Bayouland yesterday, the Louisiana & Delta Railway’s Schriever job was returning westbound in the afternoon.  I spotted him at Boutte, got ahead of him, and bagged him at Paradís thus:

How’s that?  Much better than the Z-train picture, eh?  Actually, I think that this shot would look better with the train about a carlength back.  You might remember my shots of the MNSEW here a month to the day before, and, damn, I’m only realizing as I type this that it was a month ago today!  Wow!  Between that and the apparent habit of photographing trains on the Huey P. Long Bridge on Tuesday the 13th, am I supposed to infer some bizarre divine message?

Nose To The Wind . . .

Well, tomorrow, I’m headed off to the Magnolia State to go do some foaming on the KCS’s Gulfport Subdivision, which has been relaid with welded rail since I last visited it.  You can bet Jimbaux will be terrorizing the Mississippi highways tomorrow after filling up at Whataburger (which we don’t have here in NOLA, and if we did, I’d cease to think they are cool.)

Until next time, behave yourselves, a’ight?



1 Howard Bingham March 14, 2012 at 00:38

Jim, heads-up, with the Amtrak spring timetable change #1 will change from Friday departure to a Saturday departure (Per message posted to Railspot), this in concession to the UP in part of an agreement to NOT make the train DAILY or to make any requests to the UP for increases in service on all Amtrak trains that use the UP for 2 years (With exception of “State” sponsored trains.)..

Howard on the Sunset Route in SW Houston, Tx.

2 raydupe March 14, 2012 at 21:15

I like the shot at the curved east of Paradis…What a some shots around some of the old steel bridges? Lafourche, Baldwin? Good Job.

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