6 January 2007 – Monterrey

by Jim on 2012/01/06

[Jimbaux is still running blind.]

It’s my last full day in Mexico (until I return in December 2009), and I have just a few pictures to show.  We start again at the KCSM yard just after midnight.


Here’s where I spent the nights there.

Don’t waste your time trying to find it on a map.  You won’t.

Here’s a state-owned vehicle:

Yes, Nuevo León prides itself on its status as one of the most – if not the most – economically prosperous of the 31 states in the republic.

Morning Foam

I had a social engagement for lunch with my host family from ITESM days, meaning that I had a little time for foam action, and since I had not been on the line north of town in six days, and since this was my last full day of the trip, I went north!

This is train 3M-UPMX-05 (Third Miscelaneo – Union Pacific to Mexico City), and it provides a good lesson on the significance of this line connecting Monterrey with the United States.  This may have changed, but I believe that at that time, Union Pacific was a bigger interchange partner with KCSM than even KCS was, and notice that this is the third manifest of the day sent from UP!

Family and Beef!

I met up with my host family parents who were having the children and grandchildren over for Sunday dinner.  I got there early, and helped make the rounds to pick up the beef.

Check out that Scotiabank branch in the below picture!  It has a big presence there.

It was a great time we had, as I remember well.  Yes, I have pictures, but this isn’t the place to publish them (nor do I really have time for more pictures.)

My Last Night Photography Session At The Yard

I returned to this place three years later in December 2009 and January 2010, and to what is likely the delight of KCS management (especially corporate and marketing types), this place looks much more “Southern Belle”ish and much less blue or even grey; so much has changed, and I’m just glad that I got there at this time in late 2006 and early 2007 to record what I recorded.  The below photo shows, perhaps more than anything else, the change that was coming.

Notice that the picture is something of a self-portrait too!

That’s really all for tonight.  The next posting will be of my departure date, meaning that it won’t include anything more than a few pictures taken at the yard just after midnight.  Stay tuned.  I hope that you have enjoyed this series.

Thank you.


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