3 January 2007 – Clouds And Locomotives

by Jim on 2012/01/03

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This is another short one, but it does have more railroad stuff in it than yesterday’s post.  You can see that it was cloudy here on 3 January 2007 also.

This is one of the newer neighborhoods in Monterrey with houses still under construction.

I had basically gone to work with one of my friends that morning.

Now, below, we see the western part of town with the TFM, uh, KCSM line out of town but long before meeting with most of the traffic at Conexión Sur, which you (and I) saw on New Year’s Day.

That mountain in the background is really stunning.  The bypass track (where all of the non-Monterrey traffic goes) is on the other side of that mountain.  The track in the foreground hosts only local traffic.

Noches En El Taller

We’re back to the yard tonight to shoot night shots.

With the arrival at that time of the new ES44ACs, those AC4400CWs (seen above) were just being knocked from their position as the new power on the fleet.

Here’s an older GE, with older paint.

There were men working on the power all night long, which was not true three years later when I went and the economy had crashed.

You can see the signage – including a union poster that you’ve seen before – below.

How many old GEs do you count in the below picture?  I count five!

Well, I guess seven pictures is enough for today.  Tomorrow, I venture to new places never before photographed by yours truly and get some shots there.

Stay tuned!


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1 Jeffrey Eatley March 11, 2014 at 17:30

Amazing night shots. I really love them. Ever thought of making calendars and posters and such to fund yourself?


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