L&D Schriever Job Westbound At Chacahoula

by Jim on 2011/08/04

[Jimbaux doesn’t care anymore.]

Different Train, Same Place

Some of you may already be getting sick of seeing the tree-tunnel telephoto shot at Chacahoula, and despite the fact that I’m bringing it to you yet again in this post, at least it’s a different train, one you haven’t seen here before.  The heat index was already about 100F when I shot this picture at 11:35.

That’s the Louisiana & Delta Railway’s Schriever job going westbound rather late this morning with BNSF traffic to spot at MI in Boeuf and possibly at the port of Morgan City.  BNSF had a local train, also based in Schriever, that served these industries from the time it took over the Lafayette Sub after the UP-SP merger until the job was abolished in May 2002 and the L&D took over this work.

The LDRR 1708 is a relatively new acquisition for the L&D, and I think that the above shot of it is my first of it.  I also like the five-bay cylindrical hoppers on this train.

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1 Howard Bunte August 5, 2011 at 01:11

Hey there…
yes, Phil collins DOES seem to be ‘channeling’ Robert DeNiro… along with half the male population which has believed the macho bull..put out by the various ‘interested parties’…but also ‘un-indicted co-conspirators’…. and thus seeks to dominate in all sorts of realms, rather than cooperate… insuring …
insuring what, you say??
oh, wars, the survival and prosperity of the war machine worldwide…(look who’s making money these days…the drone aircraft makers and the gun merchants…) the churches that continue to feed on the fears of people living in fear… rather than directing their efforts at ‘helping ease the pain’ of this world…
ah…no sense railing with ‘rage against the machine’… when the machine wins. Remember “John Henry”?… could NOT beat the ‘steel-driving machine’…no matter how hard he tried… and look at Somalia…
the world says “Tsk, tsk”… and feeds 5,000 for a month… to what end? salve its conscience?? HARDLY…

just ‘make a seperate pece’ and live your life with what honor you can define…
Peace, brother… HNB


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