Misty Monday #1 At Chacahoula

by Jim on 2011/08/01

[Everyday, Jimbaux still says, you’re dead and broken!]

It was very rainy today in bayouland, and I had plenty of chores to do.  The rain forced me to stop for awhile, meaning that I found a way to get out by the track, albeit briefly.  I was hoping, as usual, of course, for the Chip Local, which would likely run after the #1 (Amtrak’s westbound Sunset Limited), and by the time I got in position for the #1, the rain had mostly stopped.  There were no passengers to pick up at Schriever today.

Here are two views taken from the exact same spot seconds apart.

Of course, this is the location featured here with some train pictures I took on Friday.  I hope you enjoyed those!  I really wanted the Chip Local, but we’ll have to settle for this today:

And that really is a wrap for today.  I didn’t have much time to stick around and wait for Chip, and it’s possible that he made it through before the #1.  Oh, well.

When Will Boehner And Obama Bring The Porkchops?

So, are y’all ready for the big financial meltdown?  It’s going to be a swell party, I tell you, full of cookoffs and such!  Make sure you’ve got some .44 ammo, okay?  Ah, yes, isn’t the old saying that people get the government they deserve true?

Site News

July was a very good month for Jimbaux’s Journal.  Thanks for all of your love and support for making the site a great success!


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1 Lee A. Gautreaux August 1, 2011 at 18:46

We sure don’t deserve the government we’ve got now! I can’t wait for November 2012 to run as many libs as I can out of town! Nice shot of #1.


2 BobE August 1, 2011 at 20:15

I’m not sure if I should admit it…..but…..the blubbering orange guy who speaks in the House is my Congressmoron.


3 EDITOR - Jimbaux August 1, 2011 at 20:23

Bob, that’s hilarious! It reminds me of the time that Obama said that he and Boehner had something in common: they’re both “people of color”!


4 Barry LeBoeuf August 1, 2011 at 21:47

How does if feel to back in South Louisiana again. We’re heading to Texas for Labor day, but won’t have time to detour down south on this trip…Also Nice to see Lafayette division pictures again….


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