by Jim on 2011/07/28

[Jimbaux is home, but just for now.]


Thanks to everyone who wrote to me about the last homecoming post.  In just a few hours, the page had 11 comments, and I’ve gotten many private messages about it too.  I’m going to make a compilation post about it soon, and I’ll express more gratitude about it then.

Here are some pictures I took Monday afternoon.

The Monday Chip Local

My choice for my first train picture in bayouland in six months was specifically chosen due to its being my favorite train on this line, and my favorite non-winter-sunny place to shoot it.  Here we are 60 miles west of New Orleans as UP’s Morgan City Local, featured in the very first post on this site, blasts through the hamlet of Chacahoula, Louisiana, under a light rain falling on the Sunset Route of the Southern Pacific Railway.

I didn’t like how the dark hopper cars affected the shot.  I really like this train when it’s just a few orangish bulkhead flat cars, but that’s not how it was today.

I also like when it isn’t long-hood forward here, but at least I got to shoot it, right?

Rekindling Other Old Traditions

A few hours later, I got together with my head nilla back home for a reunion and a rekindling of old traditions.

Ah, Guinness!  The Jimbaux family rule is that if one can see through the beer, it’s too light to be worth drinking, though this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule to which I always adhere.

This is even more of a personal victory than it appears, as I was essentially prohibited (by myself) from drinking alcohol for much of the last year, but no more!

For all I dislike about it, it’s good to be home for a little while.



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