My Pain Is Your Gain . . . Or Is It?

by Jim on 2011/04/12

[Jimbaux feels betrayed . . . stuck in your ways.]

Dudes.  Howdy.  I’m tired as hell and yet unable to sleep.  Pray tell, why?  I see no logical reason for this; so, I can only ascribe it to some form of divine punishment for some sins I inherited.  If you think these two pics are lame, then my pain will also be your pain.  Hey, I’ve suffered a lifetime of others projecting their useless, toxic guilt onto me, and I’m just paying it forward, okay?  Cool.

I’m Not Dead (Not Yet)

Since it seems like it’s been forever since my last post, I figured I’d crank out something quick and random for you punks, aye a’ight?  A’ight.

Have I mentioned I’ve been busy?

New Orleans and Saskatchewan

And those two places belong together about like a clump of cow manure belongs in your bag of pretzels, but despite that, I present the two together in the same post to you now!


What we see below is the 20,000th picture taken with my camera.  It’s Labor Day 2007 in New Orleans, and I’m drenched in my own perspiration as I capture the Union Pacific Railroad’s QLIHL (Livonia, La., to Hamlet, NC) crossing Louisa Street.  The train is on CSX tracks and is less than a mile from arriving at Gentilly Yard where the UP crew will get off and a CSX crew will get onboard and switch some cuts around. 

I would advise the xenophobes among you not to pay too close attention to that second locomotive, lest I have to some some vitriolic comment that you’ll choose to post here.  Ah, yes, as Saint Jude told me on the telephone on Friday, I do indeed have a dark sense of humor.  Chalk it up to that original sin that was projected onto me for years when I was far too young to know what was hitting me.  Bah, here’s the picture.

You whoadies and foamers will note that I got this shot from one of my favorite foam hangouts in the Big Easy.  I actually do miss that particular spot.  Are you hearing me Porkchop?  Uncle Cracker?

Palliser’s Triangle

In my efforts to completely confuse you (in a way that entices you to return for more), I take you far from New Orleans but still on the North American continent to the semi-arid high plains of Saskatchewan.  My pilgrims and I had just exited the United States out of the northwestern corner of North Dakota when I snapped this picture of the southernmost reaches of Saskatchewan.  What?  You don’t see any terrorists in the picture?  Neither do I.  Anyway, this was the best that I could do from a moving vehicle.

My Saskatchewan pal Jerome – who moved to Alberta in his 20s and still lives there – should appreciate this picture, as he did my North Dakota shots from the previous post.  Y’all check out his site and tell him Jimbaux sent you, a’ight?

That’s enough pics for now.  I need to try to get to sleep so I can awaken in less than three hours and start my day.  Oh, those of you arriving at this post via Facebook may be confused by the timing, as I normally post links to the Facebook fan page several hours – or even a day – after I first publish an article.

All For Now, But More To Soon Come

I’m actually in the middle of working on a very soulful post here on Jimbaux’s Journal, a post I hope you’ll like, and it includes some of my long-awaited but never-before-seen shots from the other side of the Rio Bravo.

Introducing PBx.

For those of you interested in golf, my fellow bayou boy from back home Paul has decided to finally unveil his thoughts to the public about sports and such.  Now Jimbaux doesn’t give a hoot about golf, but Paul and I go way back.  If you like what you see at his site, make sure you tell him that Jimbaux sent you, a’ight?


This video sent to me today by a friend made me smile.

Got To Go (To Sleep, Hopefully)

It’s time for me to roll over and try to sleep again, my dear Jimbauxlings.  I hope to post more soon.  In the meantime, remember that life is not always what it seems, or something like that.



1 Dan April 12, 2011 at 08:00

I’ve been reading your post for sometime now and honestly, I don’t always know what to think of them. Your train pics are what brought me here to begin with and I think they are terrific (yes, even the black and white one). But it’s the blind man video here that made me want to reply. I kept expecting something sinister to happen but instead I saw more Hope in this two minute clip than I’ve seen in awhile. Nice piece for the Good that’s still out there!


2 EDITOR -- Jimbaux April 12, 2011 at 09:34

Dan, thanks for your participation in Jimbaux’s Journal. I actually plan to make hope a theme of an upcoming post. I’m now “wide” awake after a few hours of sleep.

Anyway, you’re not alone in your not knowing what to think of my posts! I don’t even know what to think of them myself. Oh, well. Keep well.

3 Jerome Martin April 12, 2011 at 17:21

Terrorists in Saskatchewan? You shouldn’t worry about that: and we’re not worried about terrorists coming in from North Dakota or Montana. BTW, my rancher friends who live near the US – Canada border say they can see the drones go over every day. Thus far all the drones have seen in terms of illegal crossings from the north or the south are coyotes and pronghorns (known locally as antelope). Canada geese, of course, have diplomatic immunity.

4 Doc Donaldson April 12, 2011 at 22:00

Man, that original sin thing is tough! Eleven years of repetition to a kid is hard to shake in adulthood.
If you don’t think there are terrorists coming from Canada, why do the US border people treat every american like crap coming across the Ambasador bridge from Windsor to Detroit. There have to be a lot of terrorists trying to come across there. How else would you explain the attitude of our protecting and serving border guards? I always thought those people couldn’t pass the physical, mental, or emotional tests to be real police. But then, I have strange ideas.
Doc Donaldson

5 Rita April 14, 2011 at 16:05

I love the Weyburn sign post photo, and I have to agree..someetimes I don’t know what to make of your posts…so I just admire the photos, and wonder what’s going on in your head when you take them.

6 EDITOR -- Jimbaux April 14, 2011 at 16:09

As the character of George S. Patton says in the movie Patton, “it isn’t important that they know; it’s only important that I know.” 🙂

7 Vivian Medina April 20, 2011 at 14:11

I miss you Mr. Robichaux….and I feel your pain

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