Cherry Blossom Saturday – Part 1 of 2

by Jim on 2011/03/27

[Jimbaux thinks.]

Holy crap!  Boy, I’m I ever busy!  It seems like forever since I’ve made a post here.  It hasn’t, but it’s been a week since I’ve updated Jimbaux’s Journal.  We may soon learn if it’s true that the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

I Know Why I Did It!  I Know Why I Did It!

Don’t you hate it when you do messed up stuff and only realize later why you did it?  I do, but gaining self-awareness is good.  Like most teachers, I’ve dealt with students who have done something wrong and then asked, “why did you do that?” to the student, only to get an “I don’t know response.”  Well, you know what?  When a kid tells you he doesn’t know why he did it, he’s telling the truth!  Such has been the case with Jimbaux in the time in which he lacked self-awareness.

Why are we talking about this?  Let’s move along.

Cherry Blossoms

Ah, yes, I went out to the Tidal Basin and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday and met up with my pal Bernie there.  Here are some shots.

I apologize now for the relatively lame writing in this post.  I’m inspired, but I’m also tired, and, for the night, I’ll soon be expired.

The above and below shots are of the same subject and serve together as a lesson in in focus.  You ought to recognize the white building in the background.

Did I mention that I’m tired?  I thought so.

You know what sucks?  When you want to do the right thing but can’t due to reasons you just don’t understand and/or fears you cannot understand or manage.  That was not a complete sentence, but I really don’t care.

I think that I also mentioned that I’m busy as all-hell.  All-hell?  Isn’t that the name of the phone company in the Upper MidWest?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and greeting plenty of people from North Dakota in the last few days, making me think I should put some more of my North Dakota shots up here.  I’d love to return to that place.

But why do I need to go to North Dakota?  When am I ever going to learn that the greenest grass is under my feet?  What’s it going to take?

Here, you see a moment that will never be again, but always will be thanks to this picture.

I truly love the Jefferson Memorial.  Thomas Jefferson was a most fascinating human being.

Seen below in the distance is a Yellow Line train crossing the Potomac River.

Can you believe I haven’t been foaming since January 19?  Have I crossed the line from the sublime to the ridiculous?  I don’t have a clue, honestly.  Maybe it doesn’t matter, not at all, not ever.

What does it all mean?  How about you share your thoughts in the comments section?!?!  That wasn’t a complete sentence either, but I think I already mentioned that I don’t care, didn’t I?  I do, however, care at least some about your thoughts.  Share them, whatever they are, below.

To The Shores Of Tripoli

No, the Marines are not getting involved, but I read this piece and it gave me peace about the US participation in Libya right now.  After reading that, I’m less skeptical and critical of it than I was before.  Apparently, our President is supposed to address us about this very soon.  Please, Mr. President, don’t say, “Mission Accomplished.”



1 Rita March 27, 2011 at 23:28

I can’t help but feel, each time I read something you’ve written, that you’re leaving out so much of who you are…

I can’t wait to “meet” the real James.

Thanks for making sure I saw this. Your photos are beautiful. I especially love the blossoms and the Washington monument.


2 Howard Bingham March 29, 2011 at 02:33

Sure wish I could have been along for the trip, absorb the aroma, enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, 2011 is going to be a HOT one for those of us in the SW..!

Howard Bingham

3 Molly March 30, 2011 at 12:51

Hello again from some North Dakotans 🙂 Would love to see those pictures from North Dakota!

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