Sunday Flowers and Planes

by Jim on 2011/03/21

[Jimbaux is whatever you say he is, and if he wasn’t, then why would he say he is?]

In The Paper, The News Every Day I Am . . .

Yo, whaddup, kiddies!  It’s yo’ boy Jimbaux crankin’ out a post here.  Our Sunday sermon from this angry white rapper is presented here a day late and several dollars short.

What kinds of flowers are these?

I’m Thankful For Every Fan That I Get, But I Can’t Take A . . .

Well, never mind, although I am thankful for every fan that my work gets.

Y’all need to check out Cinderita’s site.  She’s over there in Victoria, BC, a beautiful place I’ve never visited (though I’ve been to Seattle and Vancouver), and she has this project in which she will hug someone different every day this year.  More importantly, though, she is exploring the important themes of living and loving fearlessly.  If you like what you see there, please tell her that Jimbaux sent you.

It’s Just The Way I Am . . .

You know, the Cajun Porkchop should like the next two pictures.  Hopefully, not too long from now, Porkchop will be entering the world of DSLR photography, and he’ll also be hopefully giving some foamy coverage of Jimbaux’s old haunts in New Orleans.

Ain’t that neat?  Oh, speaking of, I just saw this gem on there.  Wow!

Well, that’s enough of pictures for now.

Par Tea

I find David Frum, among conservative people, to be level-headed.  His Frum Forum had this gem of an article asking how much longer the GOP would pander to the Tea Party, and the comment section is just as interesting as the article itself.

Grumpy Is As Grumpy Does

The Grumpster always gives me a good laugh, but his latest post had me laughing out loud for a long time!  I’m glad I’m not as grumpy as he is!  Let me know what you think of his latest rant and picture!

I’m specifically asking you about his rant about his latest visit to Las Vegas, but his comment on his picture that “no amount of Photoshop can cure its lack of imagination,” speaks to an important theme in photography.  Those who don’t know any better often think that obtaining possession of good camera gear and working with Photoshop will automatically make them great photographers.  Nope.  The most important tool in photography is the imagination of the photographer.  My pal Porkchop whom I mention in this post is a perfect example of that.  Those pictures of his that you see are all taken with point-and-shoot cameras; he just has a good eye!

Lenten Penance

I was talking to one of my pals yesterday, and he told me that he gave up marijuana for Lent and hopes to be in a better frame of mind about it when he resumes it.  That led me to think that I’ve inadvertently given up several things since long before Lent, including foaming.  Wow!  Jimbaux not foaming?  Believe it, dudes.

Should We Really Be Intervening In Libya?

That’s a question of which I’d like to hear some answers from some of you.  This great article comparing liberals to neoconservatives on the issue goes to show why I avoid using the excessively-convenient labels of “liberal” and “conservative” as much as possible.  That doesn’t stop people from calling me both of them.  I guess I really am whatever you say I am.

That’s all for now.


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1 Jerry March 22, 2011 at 01:32

Next time when you go to BWI go to the Aviation Park and take some pics. Its the start of a long biking and walking path and a gathering place for those who photograph aircraft.


2 rita March 22, 2011 at 02:24

Thank you so much for flogging the blog and The Year of Living Fearlessly and hugging fearlessly too. Direct your fabulous followers to 2011: The Year of Hugging Fearlessly for photos. Your flower photos are stunning.


3 Tom Becket March 22, 2011 at 10:18

The flowers look like daffodils.


4 J March 22, 2011 at 10:33

Lovely pics! Flowers blooming in spring never fail to lift my spirits


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