Random Friday Shot

by Jim on 2011/02/25

[Jimbaux is not sure if he wants a “Southern Girl” or some other kind of girl.]

Let Go, Try Each Other On, See If You Fit

Bonjour, mes amis!  If you’re looking for an open book, look no further, for I am yours.  (What?  You didn’t click on the above link and start playing the song?)  It’s your pal Jimbaux here, putting out a brief post on this Friday morning with more local stuff.

I took this picture of what has long been one of my favorite architectural sites in this area two weeks ago today while on the way to work; so, the Friday aspect of the post is appropriate.

We’re right at the crack of dawn, my friends, and the lighting is weird here.  I had to jack around in levels to get it to even look this good, “good” being a relative term here.

You’re An Exception To The Rule

There’s actually another problem with this shot that’s much more easily correctable as it is completely unrelated to color, and the only reason I didn’t do it is that this is a rush job.  Can you spot what non-color problem this picture has?  I’ll give you a hint: fixing it would have only taken 1°.

So Come Outside And Walk With Me

In the meantime, remember to do anything that turns you up and sets you free.  If you are unable to do that, you are a slave to fear.  I should know.  Open your eyes.  I finally did.  Word.

I thank you for being a bonafide rarity.

All for now, mes amis.  Merci.



1 Jerry February 25, 2011 at 06:34

You need to let people know where these shots are taken in case they do not recognize scenes from DC. That is where this is correct???

2 EDITOR - Jimbaux February 25, 2011 at 11:22

Jerry, it’s funny, becuase you probably remember in my previous life when I was so anal about making sure I lableled each picture at X location and Y date, etc, (and anal about plenty of other stuff too!) I care so much less about that stuff now. However, having said that, although there is something of a ‘dude, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you’ aspect about how I didn’t specify the location in my writing, plenty of information about my picutres can be found by simply holding your mouse over the picture. It should show you the filename; if it doesn’t, just click on the picture itself. Now do you see where the picture is taken? 😉

3 Jerry February 25, 2011 at 06:42

Hey if you are in DC would you please hand deliver a letter to my representative and senator concerning how the IRS is delaying settling their claim I am not paying my fair share of taxes. I was selected for an audit because they did not believe I had to pay the amount I have to pay for spousal support. This started in October. As you know I am overseas and the X just happen to mention I was being audited and I had to show proof of support. After sending in the court stamped papers and waiting a month per their instructions I call back and they have not reviewed what I sent in then said I need to send copies of cancelled checks. Chaching, my tax bill rose from $4000 to over $5000, chaching now I had to pay $60 to the bank for copies of the checks. Chaching, now I have to pay shipping from the Philippines to the US. Another month pasts again and chaching now the tax bill is over $6000. Then they question what is on the list that a judge has ordered me to pay for. I know this is not the place for this but I wanted to share with others my experience with the IRS. I am in the US maybe 2 weeks out of a year and pay just like I am there and I get this BS. Anyway I am not alone because EVERYONE I have spoken with is going through the same stuff. False charges in an effort to beat you down to pay something. Enough with the Chachings.

4 Jerry February 25, 2011 at 06:43

Five months later and its still an open case.

5 EDITOR - Jimbaux February 25, 2011 at 11:23

Jerry, just give your ex-wife my e-mail address, but I don’t want to get involved other than being a courier for a physical letter.

6 John Robichaux February 25, 2011 at 06:43

Often called “The Other Washington Monument” but looks more like the “Lighthouse of Alexandria.” Now, is that Alexandria, Egypt or Alexandria, Virginia?
I love morning light.

7 Tom Becket February 25, 2011 at 11:09

That is the George Washington Masonic Memorial. Take the tour, lots of information about the building and the Masons/Shriners. It’s adjacent to the Alexandria Amtrak station, which also serves the VRE. Somewhere I have a shot of the northbound Crescent I took in the morning from the WMATA station(next to the Amtrak station) with the memorial in the background. That was about 1994 or so. Good freight action there as well, primarily CSX-it was more fun when it was the SOU/C&O/RF&P, but I’m aging myself. King St, where the station is located, has some good places to eat.

8 EDITOR - Jimbaux February 26, 2011 at 08:05

Man, even a post that has nothing to do with trains gets a foamy reply! 😉 I love it!

Seriously, thanks. Oh, and I knew what the building was and have been knowing it for several years. I’ve never been inside of it, though.

9 Tom Becket February 28, 2011 at 14:35

I was there back in the mid 80’s on one of multiple trips to the DC area(I lived in NY City then), and it was possible to take a tour of the building. I don’t know if that is still the case. It was given by a Shriner, and was pretty comprehensive as I recall-they talk a lot about the Masons, and their work, as well as about George Washington, who was a Mason. It’s as attractive a building inside as out, well worth the time spent to go see it, even if you’re not a Mason or a Shrine member. If you have an interest in Washington, you’re also within about 30 minutes of Mt Vernon, which is also worth the going to see.

Hard to resist the foamy replies(good phrase, I’ll have to drop that once in a while) when I know you have an interest. The memorial is SO close to the tracks you really can’t ignore it. Alexandria IS a good place to watch trains, and has a pretty station. Duke St, which passes over the railroad south of the station, is a great place to shoot pictures from. Just imagine it with Southern E’s rolling under with the Crescent…..

10 Bill February 25, 2011 at 11:50

Other thatn the tops of buildings, one of the best views of this is from the King St. Station on the MetroRail Blus line.

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