Four Days On The MudBug Sub

by admin on 2012/03/23

[Jimbaux is breaking his own vows, knowing he'll go down in flames.]

When No One Can Hear Me . . .

What’s good, lil peeps?  How are y’all Jimbauxlings doing?  I’ve got four days worth of bayouland pictures for y’all this time; I hope that you enjoy!

Monday, A Bad Start To The Week . . .

We’re not off to a very good start here.  The sun had essentially set on me on Monday by the time UP’s eastbound Z-train arrived in Schriever.  Here’s the MNSEW crawling out of the siding just after meeting the Z-train.

Yeah, I know, this shot sucks, but as with many things, it gets better, okay?

Tuesday Rain, And Auto Rack Train . . .

See, here’s the deal, peeps.  Not only is the eastbound Z-train now on the Lafayette Sub for some reason, but it often also has auto racks, which are apparently picked up in San Antonio from the new Toyota plant just south of there in San Jose.  Well, anyway, for the first time, I see a westbound unit empty auto rack train from the CSX on its way to San Jose.  Here’s the ANOSJR at Chacahoula:

Yes, it looks like an auto-rack train, though it’s another relatively lame (i.e., not nearly my best) picture.  I guess in this case, the story behind the picture is far better than the picture itself.  Oh, well.

There’s Got To Be Something More . . .

And, thankfully, there is!  (You’re not listening to today’s song?)  The Louisiana & Delta Railway’s Schriever job with 21 cars was right behind the ANOSJR, and just after the intense rain slacked off, I got this shot of it.

Yeah, carbon black cars don’t render well in an already dark and cloudy area.  Oh, well.

Wednesday Pain, And No Train . . .

The small community of Stephensville had some foul weather on Wednesday morning.

Stephensville is in the southern sector of St. Martin Parish near Lake Palourde and the Atchafalaya River.

Plenty more rain came in the afternoon.

Thursday Z-Train, And No More Pain . . .

Here’s a short, westbound Z-train coming through Berwick without any Tropicana refrigerator cars on Thursday.

Yes, the shot is a bit backlit, but I still think that it’s presentable!

I Be On Front Street, But I Don’t Be Frontin’

Hell, no.  I ain’t frontin’.  (I ain’t even perpetra’in.)  I am on Front Street in Morgan City, though, as the L&D job comes through eastbound.

You frontin’, son?  You frontin’, son?

A little while later, we’re at Boeuf watching him switch North Boeuf.  What’s up with these big blue SMW boxcars that have suddenly appeared around here, and in great numbers?

Y’all might remember my similar pictures of the Union Pacific local in August at this location.

Well, now it’s time for something a little different, and I have it for you at Chacahoula.  Here are some wildlife and swamp pictures, and, no, I still I ain’t frontin’!

I saw an egret sitting just above the water, and I wanted to get a shot of that, but it started flying away before I could get that picture.

Well, the reflections in both of these shots make them cool, I suppose.

Here’s one more shot at Chacahoula.

Well, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little diversion among diversions.  That’s the end of the pictures for today.  Thanks for checking them out.

Cpl. Frank Buckles, One Year Later . . .

It’s a little bit more than one year since the last American military veteran of World War I was laid to rest, and I had meant to repost the article with my own pictures from his burial last year.  I finally got around to reposting it last night.  It’s a little something different than what you are accustomed to seeing on Jimbaux’s Journal.  Enjoy.



1 Joey Thibodaux March 23, 2012 at 09:08

I enjoy the pictures from the Lafayette Sub. Have you taken any from the Berwick or Morgan City flood wall when a train is crossing? How about the Bayou Ramos bridge area? SP had a famous picture from the 70′s that was taken at that bridge.

2 John March 23, 2012 at 10:23

These are among the most interesting of your train shots. They are atmospheric and with the beautiful wildlife photos make a great montage.

3 raydupe March 23, 2012 at 20:24

Sometime your photos make me “home sick”, good memories along the ML&T.

4 Thomas Beckett April 12, 2012 at 09:36

Well, NS units in the rain…..where have I seen THAT before?!?!?!? Interesting note, both are former Conrail units-the number boards in the nose, and not above the windshields are the giveaway there, in case the 8300 and 8400 numbers did not clue you in.

That’s a pretty good range of action there-three class 1′s and a short line. I liked the bird shot. They can be a challenge, as wildlife is so unpredictable, and is often spooked if you approach, even from a distance. When you get the shot, it’s worth the effort!!

5 Angeline March 22, 2014 at 12:50

Nice pictures. I had to search Google for the egret, I had never heard of it before. I don’t think we have egrets in Northern Ontario (that I’m aware of), although we do have herons. They are beautiful birds.

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