Onions, Metal, Sweat, Rain, and Cold

by Jim on 2014/11/13

[Jimbaux knows that it is hard to take a photograph in a cold November rain.]

Here are pictures from two days in one article, all because the pictures from the first day don’t deserve their own article, and I’m blogging far more lately than I had thought I would be doing.

Please do not forget that you see only what only you see; I’d like to read your comments on that article.

On Wednesday 12 November, I stopped by Gouldsboro Yard in Gretna to sit in my truck and eat something.  While I was sitting there, I was approached rather quickly by someone whose intentions were not clear and who then was on the receiving end of my lens.

He approached me from a good distance at a good speed, and appeared to be trying to get my attention.

I was halfway tempted to attempt to take him home.

It was really cold.  I started to feel – and smell – metallic.

Later, I am at Bud’s Broiler on City Park Avenue.

I then started to feel – and smell – oniony.

Then I hung out with the Feather.

Then I tried to sleep, but I was sweating on this cold night; metal, onions, and sweat together form a bizarre scent.

Then, the rains came.

Then, Thursday came.

Then, a cold, sweaty, oniony, metallic Jimbaux came to the track, and he saw this.

We are on the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s little branchline up the western side of the Inner-Harbor Navigational Canal, and this little train is waiting for some CSX action on the CSX mainline in front of it to clear so that it can go back home to France Yard.

That’s the Danziger Bridge of US Highway 90 in the background.

There is something wrong and unsettling here, but I have real-world responsibilities to which I must attend, and so I need to get out of here.

Then, the dryness came.

Thanks to a steroidal injection in my lower spine last week, I was able to get out tonight with the tripod to get some shots of the (former) SD40-2s that I have been seeing at Avondale Yard.  I need to shave, and I smell like metal (and onions, sweat, and rain), but maybe I will not yet be shaving with SD40-2 metal.  First, though, I tried a hand-held shot.

Yes, that doesn’t work that well, but this is a good chance to describe that we are seeing UP 1836 and UP 1832 in fresh UP paint.

Now, it is time for the tripod.

That’s all.  Good night.



1 Steve Boyko December 11, 2014 at 20:49

That’s quite a burger!

Nice tripod shot of the yard.

2 bob December 19, 2014 at 13:39

I hope the steroid shot relief lasts a good long while.

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