An Unexpected Sunday Sermon

by Jim on 2012/07/29

[You save Jimbaux from all that he is.]

The End Is Near, In The Thick Of It

Don’t you hate when you have so much to say but can’t or don’t say it?  I had so much to say to go along with this now-week-old Sunday Sermon, but I’ve forgotten plenty of it and don’t really feel like writing the rest.  Oh, well.

To Need No One’s Help, To Need Only You

(What, you’re not listening to today’s song?)  Just when I essentially get caught up on my backlog of recent stuff, I add to it, and I’m now of the bedgrudged (or maybe begrudging) opinion that I should no longer make attempts to clear out the recent backlog of pictures by processing them and posting them here on Jimbaux’s Journal.  It’s just taking far too much of my precious time, what little of it isn’t consumed by other responsibilities, and I’m far behind on so many other of projects and life goals.  I hope that you like what you see and learn here since then, especially the smiling Chip picture from Wednesday, but don’t be surprised if things slow down here (as they actually already have, since this is the first post in two weeks.)

Unexpected . . .

Despite what I had hinted at the beginning of that weekend, I actually was able to get out briefly on the morning of Sunday 22 July.  Most of the other plans and responsibilities that I had fell through.  What else is there to do than go to Alvar Street and shoot CSX’s Y305 returning home with the CN transfer from CN Mays Yard?

Are you getting tired of this yet?  If you are, maybe the opportunity of which I took advantage of shooting from the other side of the track due to the high-cirrus clouds will allay that jadedness.  Is this better?

Well, it’s different, and different is good.  The dodge tool came in handy here, as it did in the following two shots as we widen our view as he gets closer.

How’s that?  Do you still think that I’m on the wrong side of the track?  If not, aren’t high clouds a great thing??

I knew that the KLBNO was right behind this train, and I therefore elected to stick around instead of getting out of the heat and going home.  There was a CSX yard crew aboard the KLBNO (I believe due to a swap with a UP crew at Marconi), and the Y305 crew radioed to the crew behind it about the “cameraman” at Alvar Street, saying that he didn’t know if the cameraman worked for CSX or WWL or whatever.  The crew on the KLBNO said he’d make sure that he’d “brush ‘em” for the camera.  Yeah, okay.

Well, perhaps the air conditioner was broken in the lead locomotive.  Anyway, let’s continue on our recent discussion on how changes in perspective can allow us to see new things, as is the case below.

Whatever.  Let’s run back to the other direction to get one more shot before getting out of here.

Union Pacific train KLBNO is a maritime (i.e., international) intermodal train originating at the Port of Long Beach in southern California, making a setout at Avondale (about 12 miles southwest of here), and being interchanged to the CSX in New Orleans with the containers bound for Atlanta.

Here’s what the overgrown roads and overpasses of New Orleans look like as we leave NS Oliver Yard.

Oh, you might have seen Kurt’s pictures of the old KCS 42 round-ended passenger car and an accompanying critter locomotive from Gloster, Mississippi, to Pete Messina’s passenger car repair facility in the old KCS locomotive house.  Here’s a shot that I took of the critter sitting on the old TOFC track.

And below is a wider view showing the north leg of the wye in the foreground.

That’s really all there is to this Sunday sermon.  Oh, well, actually, at around 14:00, I went to lunch with Saint Jude at Reginelli’s on State Street and Magazine, and I got this one shot before.  It is Sunday, afterall, an artificial creation, but an institution nonetheless.

You know, though not being much of a prayer person, the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi is my second favorite prayer.

Well, really, that’s enough for now.  Maybe I’ll have more to say later.

Thanks.  Go in peace, or something.



1 Ray Duplechain July 29, 2012 at 17:35

I enjoy your Sunday sermons and locations…. every once in a while I get an “avoir une envie” to see an SP photo.
Good Sunday closing…

2 Nathan Kaufman July 29, 2012 at 21:26

Sometimes I go out on my day of rest as well. I actually have been not resting and working on moving to a new apartment. But to break up the heavy labor and help brighten my mood, I have a story.

So, a friend saw a train loaded with military equipment, stopped right next to a busy road for some odd reason. He was out taking pictures and actually said he got a wave from the crew and a couple horn honks when it started moving again. About that time, I found a stopping place in my moving and unpacking process to go out and see what kind of cool military stuff could be on the train.

So I found a spot up the road and sat under a shady tree as the military train crept north. Lots of transport type vehicles on the train, nothing cool like tanks or anything, but it’s definitely a different sight from a foaming perspective, and given Texas A&M’s military ties, also cool for any Corps of Cadets members who were in town (probably not many, school is still a month away).

Here it is passing the General Administration building in College Station, Texas:

Here’s some loads:

Wider view, showing off lots of different stuff. The different vehicle types in this one were common throughout the train:

And then the cool stuff, some trailer mounted cannons:

So, I guess that makes this a Sabbath Sermon?

Anywho, I enjoy the posts as always. Just thought you’d be interested in the military stuff very visible that anyone could see if they looked. Luckily a friend did and tipped me off. Also, I passed the word along and got back the train was SBTHR 26, a customer special from Beaumont, TX to Herlong, CA (site of an army base). UP has run several of these trains, not sure where the equipment comes from though (Iraq or Afghanistan, or some other place where the US has a large military presence).

Nathan Kaufman

3 EDITOR - Jimbaux July 29, 2012 at 21:52

Nathan, it looks like you did it again! You can’t leave pictures in the comments section, only links! Try again! Thanks in advance for sharing whatever it is!

4 Curt July 30, 2012 at 00:13

Good ole St. Francis is a favorite of mine as well.

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