Wonder, Winter

by Jim on 2011/02/19

[Jimbaux is wondering as he wanders.  Please click the link and listen to the song as you read this brief post.]

Winter is here.  It is a time of silence and death.  Cold gray skies and dark clouds yield flakes of falling  snow, blanketing the land as blankets blanket people, warming them as they take refuge from their toils.  Wander thee through the wonders of winter.

Yet for all its harshness, winter redeems.  The sins and curses of the past are covered in a most democratic fashion, setting the scene for a renewal, a new blossoming, and from the dead, cold silence can spring a renaissance.  I have mine.  Got yours?


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1 Joy February 19, 2011 at 10:53

Love this photo. Beautiful.


2 Nancy February 19, 2011 at 22:49

Hi James,

My friends and I were in Wisconsin two years ago. We wnt into a gift shop and there was a painting much like the one above. It was a longer and more curving road in the fall with the beautiful leaves in fall colors. We decided to drive back the old way and we were on the road! Since there were four of us, Lnda stopped the car and Corky and I watched for traffice from the front and the back, while the other Linda snapped pictures. It was so gorgeous.




3 Joe Nolan February 12, 2012 at 22:48

My pastor of my childhood was guilty of introducing me to be a Rail Fan. He would take me for a drive outside of Buffalo, NY. Then stop by a railroad walk down to the tracks put his ear to the rail & tell me that there would be a train come along in so many minutes and it did arrive. He also donated 3-4 books on roadroads.
Have since that time ridden on TH&B & CN to & from Prince Edward Island Canada & return.
Since I’ve been married we have travelled twice on Amtrak going across the country & return using Northern & Central US routes. Now we live very near UP tracks in La Grande which is a Power pickup & dropoff location in the Blue mountains of Oregon. We hear trains around the clock & very often held up by them.


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