With So Much Drama In the OMV

by Jim on 2020/02/20

I got out of the Office Of Motor Vehicles, and I heard horns.

I got to Delcambre and got this shot of the Abbeville Branch train heading back to New Iberia.

Well, I missed the inbound train, dammit!

Michael Bloomberg’s debate intro was last night; that guy is so crass.

I didn’t have to deal with that cigarette dude at that location this time!

I got the vehicle registration sticker today, and I’ll put it on tomorrow.

It was a police officer in Mississippi a month ago when I had that encounter who pointed out the expired tag to me!

Yeah, this is a view that I think that I haven’t done before, and it’s rather sad looking, in a way.

I like it.

Next, we are at I&V Junction, and, man, it’s just dark.

I’ll get a few views of him heading closer to New Iberia.

Yeah, this is okay, but I am about done here.

That’s cool, but that’s enough.

Peace out, everyone.


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