Stunted Rewhoadification

by Jim on 2019/03/30

Here Jimbaux goes again on his own, going the only road he's ever known.

Hey, good morning. Is this my rewhoadification? Is this all that there is to it, and all that there was going to be to it? Because, this ain’t it, chief.

It’s Saturday 30 March 2019, and I have chased two northbound Norfolk Southern Railway trains out of Oliver Yard in New Orleans.

This is the Lake Pontchartrain bridge on the northeastern edge of New Orleans.

I really don’t know what is up with the color correction here, but you’re getting what you pay for.

Capitalism Plus

Republicans have to explain, if Socialism is such a one-way ticket to becoming the nightmare of Venezuela, then why do all the happiest countries in the world embrace it?

Posted by Bill Maher on Friday, March 29, 2019

But that is a manifest train.

Now, here is an intermodal train on the manifest train’s tail.

That looks better, at least a little bit.

What if you unironically asking this as a "what if" question shows how shallow and assuming you were all along?What if…

Posted by Jimbaux's Journal on Friday, March 15, 2019

Let’s see how this looks in greyscale.

That is my fallback when the color is not good.

Furthermore, even if there is *not* someone behind you, if there is nobody in front of you and you're not passing…

Posted by Jimbaux's Journal on Saturday, March 9, 2019

I guess that this is not bad.

Okay, let’s head back to town.

"I believe we need to seriously question the fundamental insecurity that is caused by needing to “get a job” simply to…

Posted by Artists for Basic Income on Sunday, March 17, 2019

I proceed to the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s France Yard. South of the yard, the NOPB line reaching the yard crosses the NS’s Chalmette Branch just west of France Road and just north of the Florida Avenue Canal, and that is where I found NS’s morningly train out of Oliver Yard to Arabi.

Let me get to the northern side of the track before the train gets to the road.

I really like these old cylindrical hopper cars.

Heck, I might as well chase this thing a little way across the canal and into the Lower Ninth Ward.

I like that bridge, but this is a weird place to photograph a train.

Well, that is all for now. This wasn’t as good as what I did at the beginning of this month, but it’s presented here nonetheless.

I don’t really feel all that rewhoadified; it’s not like it was 10 years ago, or even five years ago.

Oh, well.


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