Ending Where I Began

by Jim on 2018/12/31

Jimbaux asks, Can you remember when
When we used to live
Never in distress?

I hate to sound morbid, but, if I ever died by suicide, I think that I know about where it would happen.

This society is so unforgivably hostile to everyone, but especially and particularly to those with autism and those who are free thinkers.

I miss being five years old; everything seems to have been downhill from then, even if my late twenties were a big exception.

Morbidity is appropriate on this last day of 2018, as I am on the cusp of surpassing a life milestone for which society has not allowed me – as it has disallowed so many others – to better prepare; Nietzsche was so very right to lament the triumph of slave morality.

Had Henry George been more cynical, he would have said the same.

We need to do better.  We can do better.

However, we are not doing better.

We have a stupid way of organizing society.

Henry George’s granddaughter wrote the words on the pages of the subsequent images shown here.

We live in a slave society.  I am merely a canary in this coal mine.

We are owned by the few.

One of the biggest ways to identify yourself as a lying asshole is to call me a Marxist, a socialist, or a communist for what I advocate.

George’s granddaughter was more cynical; this indeed is a “clown civilization,” and Nietzsche was right about slave morality triumphing.

Wake up, people.

Yeah, happy new year, or something.




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1 pj james December 31, 2018 at 22:50

Poverty exists because we cannot satisfy the rich. Whatever road you chose may it bring you peace. Thank you.


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