The Post-Katrina KCS-to-CSX Transfer Run In New Orleans – 12 August 2007

by admin on 2017/08/12

These pictures were made on the afternoon of Sunday 12 August 2007.  Perhaps I followed my routine of coming out of the gym and maybe going to Raising Cane’s (yeah, I know) and then, on the way back to the crib in Mid-City, passed the KCS to see what was happening, at which time I laid eyes on this parked job waiting to head to the NOPB.

That was the top-of-the-truck view; here’s the ground-level view.

It makes a difference, especially with how much of the New Orleans skyline you can see, doesn’t it?

People often express confusion about why I stand atop the truck to take pictures, and I ought to do more examples of comparisons like that.  It makes a difference, really.

Anyway, this is the Kansas City Southern Railway yard in Metairie, Louisiana, just west of the New Orleans city limits, and this train is the daily “abbreviated 53″ train preparing to head to the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s Cotton Warehouse Yard and then on to CSX’s Gentilly Yard, back in the two years after Hurricane Katrina when KCS and CSX were sending all but their non-local traffic through Meridian; so, this “abbreviated” transfer run would have contained only local interchange between those two railroads.

Yes, I know that I’m supposed to spell out all of the names at first use in the article and then use initials afterward, but I wanted to do it different this time so I could start the story more naturally, okay?

This is the yard automobile that brings the crew to the train.

Soon, the train would move, and, 38 minutes later, we’re at Walnut Street in New Orleans, and that’s the US Army Corps of Engineers building at left.

Those big power poles screw up what would be a much better shot here.

Here’s a cropped view of the above image.

You do what you can here.

I generally don’t like these kinds of wide-angle “wedge” shots with the optical axis much closer to being parallel to the track than perpendicular to the track, but, given the constraints posed by the big poles, this is the best that you can do here, and it works okay for a train with one locomotive.

That’s good.

I like those locomotives.

Let’s get one last shot and go home.

I’ll see you right back at the KCS yard in 10 days!


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1 Thad H. Carter August 12, 2017 at 06:41

Thank you. I like that private car.
Thad H. Carter


2 Steve Boyko August 12, 2017 at 07:33

That wide shot of 2800 is very nice!


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