Chip Walks His Train Across Bayou Des Allemands – 31 July 2007

by admin on 2017/07/31

These pictures were made on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 July 2007.  If you’re here only for the pictures, skip the below three paragraphs explaining this area.

“The Germans”

Des Allemands is an interesting little community, and, yes, the name of the community is the French word for “the Germans”; as you might imagine, the name came during the period of French domination of the area when Germans settled in this area, and some of the surnames from the area to this day reflect the community’s origin story.

Des Allemands is surrounded by either lakes or swamps, making it a relatively isolated community, and the parish line separating Lafourche Parish to the west with St. Charles Parish to the east runs right down Bayou Des Allemands, separating the town.  This means that students living on the western side of the bayou attend Lafourche Parish schools many miles to the west while students on the eastern side of the bayou attend St. Charles Parish schools many miles to the east; this would be difficult to explain to space aliens, since, just west of the community, there are miles of swamp with no human settlements, but kids who grow up a few hundred feet from each other have to attend different schools, some pairings of which are about 20 miles apart, traversing many miles of unpopulated swampland to get to their respective schools.

The main industries in the community are seafood, wildlife-related work, and recreation-related work.  The town has a post office, at least two bank branches, one small grocery store, a nice seafood restaurant on the western fringe of town, and a few convenience stores that also sell automobile fuel.  Likely, most of the people living in the community who don’t have full-time jobs in the community work either at one of the industries along the Mississippi River miles to the east or at one of the industries on Bayou Lafourche miles to the west.

Look, It’s Chip!

On this afternoon, as I was making my way back from Bayouland to Whoadieville, a day after I photographed The Chip Local west of here, I got ahead of this day’s train to photograph Chip walking his train across Bayou Des Allemands.

This bridge has since been rebuilt and-or replaced; the engineering firm responsible for the construction purchased one of my pictures for its promotional materials.

There was a depot across the track here.  Look at good ol’, skinny ol’ Chip walking and smiling!

I miss that guy; he made train-chasing so much more fun.

I was returning to the school-teaching profession after a year of working in the construction industry after Hurricane Katrina; in three days, you’ll see some rather special photographs here!

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