Amtrak’s Northbound CRESCENT Leaves New Orleans – 29 July 2007

by admin on 2017/07/29

After our photographically insipid week of two posts each of two pictures of KCS trains in the same spot, here are two slightly more pleasing images of Amtrak’s northbound Crescent in New Orleans.

Let’s look the other way, as it leaves.

It was time for me, after a year of working in the construction industry in this post-Katrina world, to return to the school-teaching profession.  So, I would over the next two days, head back to Le Jardin to grab a few things, and I got pictures on both of those days; the pictures that I’d take the next day are already blogged, having been published in 2012, and you’ll see the pictures from the day after that in two days.

Also, five years to the day after these images were made, and in another stage of life, I made a different and memorable set of pictures in New Orleans.



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