Resurfacing At Schriever, Big AR-TX-OK-MO-KS Trip Recap – 26 June 2007

by admin on 2017/06/26

This article is of both the one picture that I took on Tuesday 26 June 2007, the day after I returned from my big five-day KCSHS trip, and an article that is supposed to serve as a directory for that trip.  I left New Orleans via Baton Rouge on the morning of Thursday 21 June and apparently returned via Lafayette and Raceland on the night of Monday 25 June to stay with the folks.

The Previous Five Days

Here is a trip recap.

Day 1 – Alexandria Tank Cars, Oklahoma Mountains, Cows, and Trains – 21 June 2007

This starts with one view of the new tank car factory in Alexandria, Louisiana, with the remainder of the pictures in Oklahoma, showing livestock near the Arkansas border and the rest of the pictures at Heavener, with locomotives at the Kansas City Southern Railway fuel racks and an encounter with Shawn Levy.

Day 2 – Heavener, Page, Howard, Rich Mountain, West Fork, and Pittsburg – 22 June 2007

This starts with some trains in Heavener, followed by chasing a train up Rich Mountain and visiting the Rich Mountain Country Store, a few river scenes at West Fork, and then greeting the folks at the Kansas City Southern Historical Society convention in Pittsburg, Kansas that night.

Day 3 – Southeastern Kansas – Pittsburg, Frontenac, Carona, Cherokee, and Weir – 23 June 2007

This large set of nearly 100 pictures starts with some KCS activity in Pittsburg and nearby Frontenac, followed by a passenger train ride on a nearby shortline that was organized for convention goers, followed by more railroad scenes in Pittsburg, followed by scenes from the convention banquet.

Day 4 – Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas – Rocket Motor Train And More – 24 June 2007

This even larger set at right at 100 pictures is probably, even though it occurred after the convention ended, more climactic than the previous day’s pictures; it includes action railroad scenes in four US states, with one train photographed moving in three of those states, and, probably the catch of the trip, the rocket motor train that KCS ran for NASA until the space shuttle program ended, and it shows some other neat trains, like the Fort Smith Dodger.

Day 5 – Heading Home – Heavener, Page, Rich Mountain, Vandervoort, and DeQueen – 25 June 2007

After the previous day’s feast, this much smaller set made on the way home was anti-climactic, and that was okay!

The trip involved, if you include Louisiana, six states; I was briefly in the northeastern corner of Texas, but I took no pictures there.

Apparently, I returned home by staying in bayouland one night with the folks before returning to New Orleans on Tuesday, and the only way that I know that – because I really don’t remember it – is that I have one picture from that area that day; I wouldn’t have returned to New Orleans and then turned around the next day to go 55 miles to the west.


So, here is my one picture from Tuesday 26 June 2007, taken at Schriever, Louisiana.

That is Union Pacific Railroad train MNOEWX, I guess an extra MNOEW, the old manifest train (the “M”) from New Orleans (the “NO”) to the ex-SP Englewood Yard (the “EW”) in Houston.

The Next Month And Beyond

Doing all of the work to create the last five days of postings exhausted me, but the good news is that the work ahead doesn’t look as exhausting.  It was in July of 2012 that I started doing the anniversarial retrospective blogging for things other than big events like my winter-2006-2007 in Mexico; so, a large portion of the pictures that I took in the second half of 2007 have already been blogged, including the next time that I took out the camera to photograph something shareable, which was on July 15 when I was back in these parts and got some good pictures west of here.

So, I think that I’ll be able to keep up this “ten years ago today” stuff for the next nine years, which is when I’ll run out of content in the form of pictures taken after 2005!  I hope that you’ll be able to help to monetarily support – and enable – my work once I get that Patreon page set up.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture and be prepared to see more late next month; the me of late June 2007 took a break from picture-taking after that big exhausting five-day trip!



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