Heavener, Page, Howard, Rich Mountain, West Fork, and Pittsburg – 22 June 2007

by admin on 2017/06/22

After yesterday’s trip from New Orleans to Heavener, it was time, on Friday 22 June 2007, to make the journey northward to Pittsburg after getting some pictures on Rich Mountain.

The pictures for the day start north of Heavener Yard along the double mainlines where the trees between the old highway and the tracks had recently been cleared, as I discovered when I was last here four months before, opening up some new shot opportunities.

There is nothing in the picture evidence from today that suggests that this was the first time I realized that part of the reason that the trees were cleared here was so that fuel trucks could access the locomotives of a stopped train wherever they were stopped (with the locomotives on the other end of the train at the fuel racks), but that realization did happen before this trip ended.

This is a parked northbound train M-SHKC (Manifest – Shreveport to Kansas City.)

I really do like the view that opened up here!  Five minutes later, we are at the South Howe Hill to photograph this train moving.

I like this place!

And, now, the M-SHKC is coming around the curve, getting close to the sweet spot.

Here it is, yes, I like this.

After this, we returned to the yard, after which it was time to chase a grain train up Rich Mountain.

Here, 33 minutes and almost as many miles after the prior picture, is southbound KCS train G-KCUN, loaded with (presumably) corn heading to a Tyson chicken plant in Union, Mississippi.

He’s in the siding at Page, and he’s meeting a northbound empty coal train that is holding the mainline, as seen in this view looking in the other direction from the same spot.

And, now, the rear-end locomotives on the loaded grain train climbing the hill pass the front end of the coal train.

It’s an interesting sight.

What’s the coal train waiting on now?

Oh.  It’s waiting on a hi-rail truck to get into the siding.  Here’s the hi-rail truck in the siding.

Okay, now, with the lights on, the coal train moves.

And, three minutes later, here is its rear end, seen from the same spot, looking in the other direction.

Now, it’s time to resume the chase of the grain train up the mountain, and, 19 minutes later, after crossing from Oklahoma in Arkansas, here is a view of him at Howard.

Twelve minutes later, this is the scene at Rich Mountain, as the train is just a few hundred feet from the crest of the grade.

I love this place.

Now that the train is passed, now that we’re not going to chase it, and now that there isn’t another train to chase, it’s time to go across the highway to the Rich Mountain Country Store and see Chase!

I’m going to go inside to get munchies, but let’s pet the dog first!

I like Chase.  It was fun to visit him several times on several trips.

And Steve, the owner of this establishment, must come outside and say hello!

After a brief visit, it was time to head north, and I can’t remember if the route was to go north from here and stay in Arkansas on Highway 71 or if it was to go back through Heavener and stay on Highway 59, but, eventually, Fort Smith was passed.

A little bit more than two hours after leaving Rich Mountain, a stop was made at a place called West Fork.

Jumping in a river can be fun.

I wanted to join the fun.

But there’s no time for that, or such is the excuse I gave myself.

Oh, well.  Let’s go to southeastern Kansas via southwestern Missouri.

Almost seven hours later, it’s time to get together in Pittsburg for the convention!

This was a good time.  For the slide show, I showed pictures of KCSdeMéxico action that I took six months before.

And Steve was a great host.

He’s a great guy, and, the summer before, when we were gathered at that year’s convention in Shreveport, I lobbied hard for him to host the convention in Pittsburg the following year, and, one year later, here we are!

Below are seen Dr. Austerman and some Baileys.

Thanks for the memories.

Well, things are getting wound down for the evening.

We’d have a big day tomorrow, with far more pictures than the amount that you’ve seen here.

Stay tuned!


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1 Charlie Kilbourne June 22, 2017 at 13:08

Jim, I really felt like I had been with you on this trip … that was well done.


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