NS Bernadotte Line And UP Train QLINSL – 5 June 2007

by admin on 2017/06/05

Sometimes, it’s good to have trouble falling asleep, and the night of Monday 4 June 2007 was one of those nights.  You have already seen the pictures taken that day, with the indication that the action would continue after midnight, and here are the pictures of that action of service on what remains of the Bernadotte Line in Mid-City, New Orleans, with Masonry Products, the one remaining customer, receiving one loaded boxcar and relinquishing one empty boxcar.

Here come the locomotive and the empty boxcar, from the track at the right of the parked loaded boxcar.

Now, the locomotive and the empty boxcar move past the switch.

That’s one of my favorite views right there.  Now, its work here done, the train leaves to return to the NS Back Belt mainline and back to Oliver Yard.

Before the train gets back onto the Back Belt mainline, it must stop at East City Junction to wait on another train.

The other train has yet to arrive.

Here it is, at right, Union Pacific Railroad train QLINSL, about three or four miles from stopping to let an NS road crew take over, passes at 01:37.

When he saw this picture, The Mid-City Marine, displaced in Georgia since Hurricane Katrina, wrote to me with a mix of joy in frustration, saying that I had managed to catch the shot that he had wanted for years to get but never got in all his years of living nearby.

Five years ago later that afternoon, I’d get some images of other bodies in motion, the Transit Of Venus.

Soon, the Bernadotte Line train will get a signal that allows it to depart behind the QLINSL.

And, there it goes!

Good night, or good morning!


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