New Orleans – NOPB France Yard, NS Bernadotte Line – 4 June 2007

by admin on 2017/06/04

This set of pictures was made in New Orleans on Monday 4 June 2007.

Two Big Railroads Use A Small Railroad To Conduct Interchange

We start at the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s yard along France Road, where that railroad’s daily transfer run to the CSX Railway yard, most of which is interchange traffic from the Kansas City Southern Railway, waits for clearance to exit the yard in order to cross the Inner-Harbor Navigational Canal.

For about two years after Hurricane Katrina, the KCS sent its non-local CSX bridge traffic via the Meridian Speedway, via a connection with the Meridian & Bigbee Railroad, to the CSX (and vice-versa.)

During that time, the only traffic that KCS and CSX interchanged in New Orleans was local traffic, meaning that the transfer train was relatively small, often with only about 40 or so cars, and with one KCS locomotive.

On the part of the journey that you see here, this is an NOPB job with an NOPB crew, and NOPB adds its own CSX interchange traffic to this train.

KCS and CSX normally interchange somewhere around 100 cars in each direction every day, and, after September 2007, three months after these images was made, that practice resumed, with large, six-axle KCS road locomotives seen here.

Sometime in about 2010, another operational change was made; these transfer runs began using CSX yard locomotives.  This allowed KCS to need one fewer set of road power to send on these M-SHCX and M-CXSH trains.

Check out the interesting loads on flatcars at the beginning of the train.

If I had to guess, I’d say that these large loads originated on the NOPB, perhaps as imports from ships at the Port Of New Orleans, rather than on the KCS, but I do not know.

Check out the old Norfolk & Western hopper car!

That’s all for France Yard.

A Nocturnal Prelude To Tomorrow’s Photo Essay

Five-and-a-half hours later, it’s almost midnight, and I hear the horns for activity on the NS Bernadotte Line, the Mid-City portion of what remains of a once extensive urban branchline in New Orleans.

Below, the one loaded boxcar for the brickyard sits at the switch to the brickyard while the locomotive pulls the one empty boxcar to be pulled.

This activity spanned past midnight, with most of the pictures and action happening after midnight.  So, just like I did for St. Patrick’s Day weekend fewer than three months ago when this same midnight-spanning Bernadotte Line activity happened, when I posted the pre-midnight activity in one large post of everything else that happened that day followed by another post for the post-midnight activity, I shall do the same here, too; so, stay tuned for more Bernadotte Line action pictures tomorrow!


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Nice post – love that gray KCS power.


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