The NOTCo, Arabi and New Orleans, and New CeMex Cars – 28 May 2007

by admin on 2017/05/28

This set of pictures was made on Monday 28 May 2007, the day after my large and memorable set of pictures of the Super Sunday event at Bayou St. John that foretold the birth of Jimbaux’s Journal.

We start in Arabi not long after dawn (I was doing some carpentry work on a church in Arabi), where this southbound Norfolk Southern Railway local train is approaching the yard, crossing Judge Perez Drive.

Check out those KCS hopper cars; I am told that they carry baryte.

Several hours later, we’re at the NS Back Belt in New Orleans at East City Junction where a westbound train is stopped on the Southbound Mainline.

That’s the beginning of the Bernadotte Line in the foreground.

My main purpose in taking out the camera here was to photograph these new CeMex hopper cars.

And that is all.

Thank you.


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