KCS White Power And The Bayou Boogaloo – 26 May 2007

by admin on 2017/05/26

These pictures were taken on Saturday 26 May 2007.

We start at the Kansas City Southern Railway yard in Metairie, where we see some white power.

The white power scheme was replaced by the grey scheme sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s, the Heritage paint scheme was being introduced at the time that this picture was taken, and there were few white units left; a decade later, there are none.

That’s all for the railroad-related content today.

Now, it’s time to head out to the Bayou Boogaloo.

At the time, I lived within walking distance of this event, and some neighbors invited me to accompany them, or something like that; I don’t actually remember.

It’s time for some food.

I don’t remember what I ate or drank.

This row of houses is one of my favorite New Orleans scenes.

Here is a picture of a friend’s child.

Here’s the lineup of acts.

She was selling some kinds of artwork.

She also lived near me.

‘Twas a nice day out at the bayou.

This is a common scene here.

Okay, this is all for today.

Thanks.  Stay tuned for a really large post tomorrow.


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1 David H. Bingham May 28, 2017 at 13:23

Really liked the white KCS locomotives, looked better than the Gray paint scheme.


2 david vartanoff May 29, 2017 at 00:57

Some interesting stuff. You seem to be on a retrospective and contemplative journey of lae. A good thing I hope.
Be well.


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